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Graphic by Chyren

The Lightsaber, True Weapon of a Jedi

This is our first Saber pack for the basic Jedi Knight engine. The only weapon available in any of these levels is the lightsaber. We have done our best to arrange the levels into clusters suited to similar gameplay (NF vs FF, 2 vs 6 ppl etc). Just put this file into your \Episode subdirectory of wherever you have JK installed. If you play exclusively within JKMAG it is now rather safe to delete your copy of the individual levels below, unless you prefer having shields in your saber levels---you will not find any shield recharges in this pack!

Any original readmes located by Torplex Tark when he combined these levels are included within the gob itself.

So what are you reading this for? Download the pack and play! And don't forget to broadcast your games to JKMAG members via ICQ! Enjoy!

Download USP


Some people have experienced difficulty downloading the file from here due to 'time out' problems with the server. This creates a corrupted file that will not unzip properly because it is not complete.
We stress that this only happens to some people.

While we try to fix this problem, there is a solution.

Go to this site and download 'GetRight'
This program allows you to restart and resume downloads even if the transfer has been broken. It's a great utility, and you should have it anyway! Oh, and it's free!

Level List and Author Credits:

Landing PadJacob Widner
Battleground JediLEC
The Pit 2Danger Mouse
Saber CanyonUA_Mike
Brothers of the Sith LairLEC
Jedi Tower CoreLEC
Element's Training GroundElement Psychic
Olumhumbrite TowerZafrod
Saber StarGlennD
Jedi MoundLEC

The USP is freeware. It was produced for the community, not for credit. No one has made any money from this project.

The pack is copyright 1998 Torplex Tark and JKMAG. Copyrights to the levels themselves are owned by their respective authors; our right to use them within the pack has been granted by them. Alteration, misuse or appropriation of the levels, their authorship, or of the combined pack itself is expressly forbidden. You have been warned.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Chyren