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The Ultimate Guns Pack

Guns, Guns and More Guns! Get Frag-Happy with the UGP!

This project was created to give the JK community some of the more popular levels in one 'gob' or single pack. The logic behind this is based on a disliking of downloading tons of files or having to completely quit a game just to start a new level.

Who decided which levels made it into the pack? We did! The JKMAG members voted on the most popular levels from the old Level Profiles list and that was how the pack was compiled. The man responsible for the work of actually putting the pack together is Cruel Phate.

Not only are these the best levels all together in one pack, Pele's brilliant anti-cheat patch is also built in! So, you don't have to worry about those pesky cheaters ruining your game!

All in all, this is a great pack to use. Many thanks must go to all the authors responsible for creating these fantastic levels and allowing us to combine them, to Pele for his anti-cheat patch, and not least to Cruel Phate for putting the hard work in to combine it all. Now, what are you waiting for? Download the pack and go play! And don't forget to broadcast your games to JKMAG members via ICQ! Enjoy!

Download UGP

Cruel Phate's BMP Message Board

Cruel Phate's Clan, Destiny of the Jedi (DJ)

Level List and Author Credits:

Jonas Falls - Author: =wjg=DeathBunny
Jonas Falls

Airframe - Author: Malte Weiss

Sacrificial Basin - Author: UNKNOWN
Sacrificial Basin

The Chute - Author: David N Glassel
The Chute

Frag Factory - Author: CogKing
Frag Factory

Deathstar - Author: Nick, of the Skinners

Hall of Sabers - Author: Mangore Kiramin
Hall of Sabers
Cardia 2 - Author: Jeff Walters
Cardia 2
Lord of the Tower - Author: Dak Janson
Lord of the Tower
Ord Trasi - Author: Dan Rubado
Ord Trasi
Assassins Training Ground - Author: Ramon Galvan
Assassins Training Ground
Imperial City Sewers - Author: Red, of the Skinners
Imperial City Sewers
Star Level - Author: Glenn Driscoll
Star Level

Author of the Anti-Cheat Patch: - Pele

The UGP is freeware. It was produced for the community, not for credit. No one has made any money from this project.

The copyrights to the levels themselves are owned by their respective authors; our right to use them within the pack has been granted by them. Alteration, misuse or appropriation of the levels or their authorship, or of the combined pack itself is expressly forbidden. You have been warned.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Cruel Phate