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This is the MOTS Star Trek Total Conversion, by David "Vision Guy" Maino. It has many great features such as a Tricorder, Visor, Photon Torpedo Launcher, Phaser Rifle, Teleporter, and much more! To run this TC, simply double click on the StarTrek.bat file in your MOTS directory (after installation of .exe file, download below) It might be easier to make a shortcut to this .bat file on your desktop. Star Trek TC is for MOTS ONLY! There is no Star Trek TC for Jediknight at this time.
Note: This is version 2! more versions are expected to come

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Installation Instruction:

Double click on the startrek2.exe that you just downloaded.

If you installed Mysteries of the Sith to the default directory it is already up there. If not type in the path of your MOTS directory. Then click "unzip." After you have selected the CORRECT path to MOTS and have clicked unzip the .EXE will do all of the installing for you.
After that is done, go to your MOTS directory and double click on the STARTREK.BAT file, this is what will start the Star Trek TC. The game should start up and you are done installing. Just make sure you assign keys for the different weapons.

NOTE: You have to double click on the .BAT file each time you wish to play with the Star Trek TC. This will start up MOTS for you. To make things easier make a shortcut on your desktop to the startrek.bat file.

Star Trek Conversion Credits:

  • Transporter is baser on Michael Koger's Force Teleport patch
  • Stunner is based on Gustavo Samour's stunner patch
  • Visor Scan is based on Halowan Labs' IR Goggle mod
  • Tricorder is based upon Manowar team's Seeing mod
  • The Spock skin was created by Nick Drjuchin
  • The Kirk Skin was created by Tazz
  • Picard skin taken from BFP

    David Maino would like to send his personal thanks to
    _K_dub and ID_Clanlord for "helping out with a TON with testing... thanks guys"

    The creator of this TC:

    David Maino (aka 'Vis') did the compiling, COG editing, wav mixing, and various other things for this patch. He also made the borg drone skin:

    JKMAG would like to thank:

  • David Maino for making this awesome TC!
  • Azlon for making the ST TC .bat file
  • Kleinacus for making the .exe file

    NOTE: There are no levels for this patch yet. If you would like to make some Star Trek levels, JKMAG and David Maino would welcome you to make them, and encourage you to do so. Thank you

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