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Welcome to the JKMAG News Page Archives Section 2: 
 [Jedi Knight Multiplayer Add-on Group]

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Editor in Chief: Zeus ABJ
Assistant Reporter: DarkStrike
 Staff Writer: SuperBat

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Friday - January 29, 1999 - I'm not alone anymore!!!

The Ultraman Cometh...

My new staff member has arrived at last true believers! I'd like to extend a heartfelt welcome to UltraTommy, a JKMAG member who will also be taking over the Levels page for its former master turned JKMAG webmaster Chyren! I expect that work on the levels page will consume a great deal of Ultra's time, but he (like Superbat who left us recently) will periodically send us some news features, editorials, & keep me posted on the happenings of the Star Wars online gaming community. This will hopefully allow me to better perform my news duties here & not neglect my school work! I don't mind telling you, its been hard lately with Superbat gone & Darkstrike out of pocket (he hasn't quit, we are having technical issues with ICQ & are presently unable to communicate). I have added Tommy to the staff, & his name does now appear in the links bar on the left under "contact us," however his Email link is not active yet. We are working on setting him up an account. If you want to get in touch with Tommy regarding his work here, Email me & I'll forward your message to him. His Email should be up & running by my next post. So welcome to the crew Tommy! Glad to have ya aboard. His debut article is next, ENJOY!

CGF Masters of the Force Tourney

The Coalition of Galactic Fleets is holding a JK tournament that's really
worth looking into (ie. PRIZES!)  They are taking signups through February 1st
and the tourney will be held as soon as the CGF can get it organized (It
should be around March 1 to March 31).  It looks like a pretty cool deal,
they're giving away a Diamond Viper V550 video card to the winner, and free
games to the runners up.  The only drawback is that there's a few rules

1) You may use NO user created addons - no skins, custom sabers, NOTHING.  So
anyone who is planning on joining, you must make sure not to use that badass
Superman skin from BFP2!

2) You must join the CGF.  It's free to join, you just have to take 10 minutes
to fill out a form is all.

The tourney is a single elimination tournament, so make sure that your
computer doesn't crash during the game.  And there is no allowance for laggy
games, either.
Go forth Jedi, those prizes are sweet.

Universal Clan Awards & affiliates down for server move...

Here's an Email from Sir totmachen regarding the status of Universal Clan Awards (UCA). They're having trouble with their host server it seems. Read for details:

I am on the staff of the Universal Clan Awards and  I want to inform you that the UCA will be down for a few weeks.  This includes any sites it hosts.  We have lost contact with our host, Sentris.  They won't reply to our calls or emails, so there is nothing we can do.  We will be moving to our own server, but we have to get it first.  It will take awhile, 3 weeks is a rough estimate, but it isn't for sure.  So, please bear with us and we will be back soon better than ever.

Ok, that's that part.  I also want to say that I will be working on the members list a lot and am gonna turn it into cgi.  I told DarkStrike and Chyren about this and they told me go ahead.  Just wanted to fill ya in about that.  I also read that you are looking for a news reporter.  I surf the net every night, and usually find some interesting things about JK or Star Wars.  So, I would be able to help ya out if ya need it.  Ummm, that's all I can think of for now, so later!


Good luck guys! Hope you get back up & running soon!

JKMAG level testers needed...

Tommy tells me that some of his upcoming projects could use a bit of help from all you idle JKMAG members out there. Level testers will be needed soon & Ultra is planning a big recruitment drive. here are his thoughts on the subject:

The biggest problem with getting levels onto the levels page is getting people
to play test them so that we know they are quality, fun levels that live up to
JKMAG standards.  I need people to volunteer to meet online once a week to
test levels so that I can decide whether or not to put them up on the page.  I
will E-Mail prospective levels to the volunteers and then we will meet at
certain times to play and then discuss what we thought of the level.


If you want to help out with level testing & get on the inside track with the latest JK & MotS levels BEFORE they are posted for general download, head over to our News Submissions email & sign up.

Till' next time, "May the Force be with you!"

Monday January 25, 1999 - Prequel News is everywhere! 

Vanity Fair gets the Goods on Episode One!

Keep your eyes peeled for this one folks! The February 1999 issue of Vanity Fair Magazine is a MUST HAVE for any Star Wars fan. In addition to a lengthy, in-depth article with george Lucas, it also features some really sweet full page photos from the movie! The issue comes polybagged & has a gatefold cover that features the cast of Episode One: The Phantom Menace. DON'T MISS IT!

New Level Pack for Infiltrate now available!

I may be a little behind on this one, but its news to me, so here it is. The Infiltrate Level pack # 2 has been released! For those of you who don't know, Infiltrate is an excellent multiplayer add-on for jedi Knight that was the brain child of the now classic Dark Forces & JK editing group, JK Gangstas. If you don't have it, you can get Infiltrate from our download links in the blue bar on the left of the screen. For the level pack, you can head over to Hyperview for the review, or skip it & download here.

More on the Pokemon TC...

Got another Email from Galvatron regarding his Pokemon TC, here's the latest:

Pokémon for MotS is here, well at lest the BETA. You can get it at New Cybertron, only thing is that you have to sign up for the Pokemon League. The League is not a clan  more like the UCT, all Pokémon Trainers will be able to fight the 8 Gym
Leaders, the Elite 4 and a Pokémon Master. Also A a few other minor trainers, such as Jessie and James of Team Rocket.
The nicest part is that the TC is for Both Jedi Knight and MotS and is Single and Multiplayer. so far the only BETA we have
is Blue (MotS). Also when ever you are on the Zone and want so info on the TC or a Pokémon Fight look for The letters
PKML before a AM name to get a Crew member. There is also a little code for it:
PKML_G = Gym Leader
PKML_TR = Team Rocket
PKML_E4 = Elite 4
PKML_ = Pokémon Master
But beware there is 1 known fake Pokémon League Crew, PKML_SandSlash this IS NOT a PKML member.........

A new site for the MAG, The Chu'unthor Academy, a New School for the JK/MotS players/editors. its gonna teach as much
as we can even Sabers :) the site still needs some work though......

Well that's all for today, Till all are one, May the force be with you, Team Rockets blasting off again, etc. etc.

 For the Pokemon beta or to check out the latest JK or MotS creation form Galvy & co., head to New Cybertron.

JKPatch cometh!

Ever wish it were easier to get the really GOOD JK & MotS add-ons that are out there? Like maybe if there was a place that offered only the BEST stuff for these games? Well guess what, JKMAG's latest affiliate, JKPatch (or TegSkywalker's Patch Warehouse) is just such a place! From Infiltrate to Halowan4 it has it all! Click here to pay them a visit & tell TegSkywalker that ZeusABJ sent ya!

The Wrap-up...

That's all for now. I kept it brief this time cause I really want folks to read my Jan. 21st post about Hyperview & Manowar 3. If you have the time, please, scroll down & check it out. Let me know if you agree/disagree. Also don't forget I am still accepting logos for the News & Archives pages, scroll down for the full story & to submit a logo. I'll probably announce the winner in about 2 weeks. Plus I'm still lookin for someone to give me a little assistance here with keeping on top of the latest Star Wars gaming news. If you'd like to write a few articles, please, click here & tell me about it. Till next time, 
May the Force be with you!

Thursday January 21, 1999 - Manowar 3: Rated poorly by Hyperview?!!

DISCLAIMER: The following is an Editorial piece By Zeus ABJ & the creator of Manowar 3, Azlon. This piece reflects the opinions of these two individuals in regards to a negative Hyperview opinion poll aimed at Manowar 3. In no way does this Editorial reflect the overall feelings & opinions of JKMAG as a whole at this time.

The Hyperview Manowar 3 opinion Poll...

I just want to start this thing off by saying I've always been fond of Hyperview. I thought that their reviews were done in a very professional & thorough way. I have frequently posed links here to Hyperview for add-ons that were available elsewhere, simply because i liked Hyperview's style. However, the bottom line is this: Azlon and I are mad as hell about Hyperview's results they posted regarding Manowar 3. We feel the reasons for our anger are quite relevant, that the poll Hyperview is taking is VERY opinionated, and that it will ultimately result in a review of Manowar 3 that is both unfair & unjustified. Why do we say this? The basis of this poll is that several alleged reviewers at Hyperview achieved IMPOSSIBLY LOW fps when running Manowar 3 on pentium II systems that were more than adequate for the mod. To illustrate my point here is an excerpt from Dethlord's Email to Azlon (a copy is below) detailing Hyperview's so called "test" of Manowar 3: "One our reviewers has a PII-233, and he reported .02 to .5fps the whole time.  On the lowest res.  With screen size 3."COME ON DETHLORD! Let's be realistic! You would have to actually be TRYING to achieve speeds this low on any decent Pentium II system! Unless your reviewer decided to invest in one of those new $499 PCs in our opinion there is something seriously wrong with his PC! I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is on this one too. I have access to a total of 5 PCs, all of which have varying chipsets & hardware. The systems range from the best being my personal Pentium II-333/VooDoo 2 system, to medium, Dad's AMD-K6 233 system with no 3D acceleration, to the worst, my Brother-in-law's ancient Pentium 166 computer with no 3D acceleration. I was able to run Manowar 3 at higher frame rates on ALL of these computers WITH A FULL SCREEN SIZE. I admit, results were poor on my Brother-in-law's PC, but with the screen size at maximum and a highly pixelated 640 x 480 resolution, I still got better frames than this supposed Pentium II system of Hyperview's. I back Azlon 100% on this issue & urge the rest of the Jedi Knight online community to do the same.


Azlon's response to Hyperview:

I wrote to the Dethlord who put up the poll on Hyperview and told him people need to read the
Manowar 3. doc. I wrote about how Gravity pushes the limits of the Mots engine, your PC and I recommended a 200P or more. It seems like that didn't make a difference to him. Even after that and he knows the reason for it he
places nothing on his site about why. Only one thing here makes sense: One-Sided Journalism! Perhaps I should have wrote 3dfx needed too? Dethlord writes back to me saying: "One of our reviewers has a PII-233, and he
reported .02 to .5 fps the whole time."  On the lowest res.  With screen size 3. Really?!! A PII-233 even in software mode not able to get more than 2 to 5 frames per second?!! Man I think it's time to get a new computer!

This is what's in the Manowar 3. doc:


***NOTICE Asteroid Outpost “Gravity” Level included with Manowar 3 runs best on P200 or above.
I have tested this level on a P166 although it wasn't too bad it did have some slow downs. This level really pushes the limits of the Mots engine and your PC.

What really upsets me about this is that Kurt and I take 7 months of our spare time to ensure that Manowar 3 will be as good as possible and play well with most levels. Manowar 3 plays well with every LucasArts level in Mots including those that have been converted from Jedi Knight to MotS and most of the current user made levels but does Hyperview state that... No! They ignore that fact and when presented with the facts they do not report it!  Anyone new to the Jedi Knight gaming community will see that and say, "Man! I don't want to get that lag ridden mod," and miss out on one of the best mods ever done for any game period! Come on! What's the problem if it's just the people that do not like Manowar 3 come out and say it straight, that I can take! However, one-sided journalism can be bad for the entire Jedi Knight gaming community, as well as the sites who support it.



Below are copies of the correspondence between Azlon (blue) & Dethlord (red):

I couldn't help but notice your current poll about lag in Manowar 3.  That's fine but unless people read the Manowar 3 . doc they wont know why. I quote form Manowar 3. doc :
***NOTICE Asteroid Outpost “Gravity” Level included with Manowar 3 runs best on P200 or above.
I have tested this level on a P166 although it wasn't too bad it did have some slow downs. This level really pushes the limits of the Mots engine and your PC.

Dethlord's reply:

That's interesting. However, the lag some people have been getting is way beyond that.  One our reviewers has a PII-233, and he reported .02 to .5fps the whole time.  On the lowest res.  With screen size 3.  Anyway, maybe
it was just a problem with his computer.  We've had situations before where one person gets extreme lag and no one else has any problem, or vice versa. Anyway, the whole reason I put that poll up was because I was curious as to how people fared in that level.  It'll be interesting to see what the results are.  I'm aware that it should work OK on faster systems, but Ijust wanted to see what results people were getting.



More on the Predator Total Conversion for Jedi Knight...

I received several Emails from the creator of the Predator total conversion, Kell Dragon, regarding my last post about his TC. Dash (or maybe it was me) made a slight error in saying that this TC was an Aliens vs Predator TC last post. That is incorrect! It is, in fact, just a Predator TC. Here's the latest from Kell Dragon on this TC:

I am making one new skin, (that shows) what happens to the predator when he uses his cloaking device in water, with the electricity half cloaked , and animated mats, and till' you shut it off you look like that cause the cloaking device just got screwed and no longer
works till you die !!!!!!! remember what happened to the predator in predator
one, exactly what I mean about cloaking !!!! and each skin will have his own
half cloaked version.

-Kell Dragon

Here is a pic of the newest skin. Kell Dragon tells me that this will be the character whose role gamers will assume in the TC. Plot twists for the conversion involve duking it out with a number of terrorists on the small island your ship has landed on, being captured by the government & stripped of all your weapons, escaping the government boys, and locating a secret colony of Predators based in Los Angeles apartment complex. Heh, talk about your Twilight Zoneish storyline! Lets hope the TC lives up to Kell Dragon's claims! 

YES!!! The News & Archives Logo contest is still on!

YES! I am still accepting logo entries. Although I have already posed a new logo, which is a fine piece of work done for us by Ryan Schwartz's 3Design, nothing is final yet! With all the hustle and bustle we had from the release of Manowar 3 the logo contest kinda got put on hold & I was just itching to put up something new. However, things are back on track now & the rules have slackened up a bit. You no longer have to make a logo using the Dark Superman skin. It's just my personal skin of choice when I play & I was hoping to get a logo with that skin on it. So rather than stifle the creative genius of all you logoists out there, I'll accept anything with a Star Wars theme. All I ask is that you have doubles of the logos you make with the words JKMAG NEWS on one & ARCHIVES on the other one, or something that tells folks that they are viewing News & Archived pages. As I said in my previous posts, the creator(s) of the winning entries will receive full credit for their work & I will post a special article about the winner(s).Also check out our Archives section as well for another fine logo from the 3Design team!
Send in any entries you have by clicking here.

Hey all you Babylon 5 fans, check this out...
By-Zeus's Gamespot, a site devoted to computer gaming, has a pretty nifty exclusive on a new space combat simulator based on the popular sci-fi series Babylon 5. According to the article the game's story will take place between the last B5 movie, "Babylon 5: A Call to Arms" & the eagerly anticipated B5 spin off series, "Babylon 5: Crusade." The game's story was written by the series creator, J. Michael Straczynski, & is under his personal supervision to ensure accuracy. The game will also feature new footage from the cast of Babylon 5 & various new ships that were created on the drawing boards, but never used in the series. There are also several breath-taking screenshots of the various ships in Gamespot's article. The game is due out the 3rd quarter of this year. Click here to check it out!

From the JKMAG Email bag...

The very next day after Manowar 3 launched I began receiving tons of Email from many newcomers & a few old friends who hadn't been by the MAG in a while. Many were the usual stuff like "GREAT NEW LOOK!" or "ZEUS OLD PAL, HOW YA BEEN?!" then there was my personal favorite, "YOU GUYS SUCK & I HATE YOU ALL!!!" Yet, amidst all this warmth & good cheer, I ran across several Emails that I felt posed some valid issues that needed to be addressed here at the News page. That's why from now on whenever I receive some Email of this type I will print it here & open up the submissions box for responses from you guys, our readers. You may be able to provide the answer to a question someone has, or you may just wanna bitch someone out for saying something stupid. It doesn't matter what your reasons may be! These will just be issues I feel are worthy enough to deserve your attention & response. Today I have three Emails, & I have with held the addresses of these people (for obvious reasons). 
If you wish to respond to any of them, send a reply to my submissions box.

Hey, I just stopped by your page and noticed the old update on a Pokemon TC.
I thought finally, I had that idea a while back and now its in progress.
Before that though, I stumbled upon the idea for a Dragon Ball Z TC.  If you
don't know what that is, its a show, currently on Toonami that is very close to
JK in many respects.  The alien warriors in this show use powers to battle to
the death.  Mostly energy beams are used but some other cool things could be
incorporated as well.  I don't do too much editing myself, only cogging and
skins, but I was wondering If you could post a message on your site to
organize some people to get this TC together.  I would hand the project (my
ideas and demo skins and cogs) to someone else or direct it if no one wanted
to.  I just think this TC would kick @$$ if some people became interested.


PS: If you want the demo skin I recently made (Picallo) then e-mail me and its

Sounds like a sweet idea to me. Anyone interested in this, feel free to contact me & I'll be glad to connect you to this guy. 


Howdy.  I just sent in my Join Form but haven't gotten a reply back
yet.  I was wondering if I could add a skin or two to the BFP2.1 pack.
Or is it something where you have a contest and pick the best ones or
something like that?  Anyway tell me if it's possible.

Joshua Clarke 

About the join form: Several of our staff members are in school & as a result membership processing has been slow. Just be patient & hopefully everything will get taken care of. As for the BFP2.1, our man Tazz is handling that chore & as I said in previous posts, you can send any skins you want him to consider for the pack to


To be in JKMAG I supposedly have got to have BFP2, but Manowar 2 or 3 Models
Dat CONFLICTS with Manowars Models Dat! Can't someone, like when BFP2 gets
updated, combine the two Models Dats together so us manowar players could use
BFP2 skins with Manowar 2/3? I've done this already myself at home for use
at home on my two computers but I can't use it online if no-one else has
it! Anyway, I'm gonna go try out Manowar 3 i've just D-loaded. Think about the
Skins, or find out, PLEASE.

Known as ShinReppa on JKMAG!!
Later, Ryureppa!

Interesting idea. I was one of the first people to download a patch for MotS a guy at Jedi Knight Outpost (whatever happened to those guys anyway?) made that allowed ALL the BFP2 skins to be used regardless of the class you chose to play as. Maybe someone out there will create a similar patch for Manowar 3. However I would like to add that Azlon created some of the Manowar 3 skins especially for their respective classes. While I'm sure he wouldn't care if the patch described above were created, I just wanted to make everyone aware that Manowar 3 was not created with the BFP2 in mind. Why not, you may ask? Well, although around here we're kinda fond of the BFP2, there are others out there who prefer other skinpacks. To make Manowar 3 have BFP support would be unfair to these people & Azlon knows this. 

That's all for this post! See ya round the Net! & "May the Force be with you! 

Saturday January 16, 1999 - The moment of truth has arrived...

Manowar 3: The wait is over!

Our Manowar 3 download link has officially gone active! As promised JKMAG has delivered Manowar 3 to you the JK online community FIRST & on SCHEDULE! Its all just a part of our commitment as the JEDI KNIGHT MULTIPLAYER ADD-ON GROUP to bring you THE BEST add-ons out there for Jedi Knight & Mysteries of the Sith. Feel free to visit all our new Manowar 3 pages & look for us online! We'll be glad to get some serious deathmatches going! Mandalorian style! If you're too lazy to look for the Manowar 3 Link in the blue bar on the left, just click here!

Cyber Assassins TC enters beta testing stages...

It seems that in all the Manowar 3 hustle & bustle around here we forgot to keep you posted on developments concerning JKMAG's own personal editing guild, JEDIT & their upcoming Cyber Assassins TC. Not to worry! JEDIT head Nimrod is keeping us on our toes. Here's the latest from him about Cyber Assassins:

The Cyber Assassin TC looks great.  The JEDIT staff is currently putting it together, and there IS a working beta.  It has some great weapons like the Laser Rifle, Seeker Charges, and the wrist mounted viro-blades.  Force powers have been replaced with cybernetics that you can use to enhance your death dealing cybernetic warrior.  Some of these include visual enhancements, personal force fields, and torso mounted weapons.  All weapons and cybernetics have been balanced so that no single weapon is too powerful.  There will be no dominate weapon (like the conc. rifle), and every weapon has a weakness.  For example, the fire particle cannon does a LOT of damage, but it has a very short range.  The sniper rifle can kill in one shot, but it requires skill and time to aim it correctly.  Strategy will also be a major issue in CA.  One weapon, the seeker charge, is very unique in that it follows it's target, and then blows up when in proximity to it.  These charges do little damage, but they can send their opponent flying off of a cliff.  Accompanied with a fast firing rate, you can send a half dozen of these charges at your opponent, and watch him get blasted to his death.  Items like the phase shifter and the shape shifter will require stealth to use properly, and can come in handy when you want to sneak up on your opponent.  One major change is that the famous light saber will not be seen in this TC.  It has been replaced by the tactical missile launcher, which fires remote control baby nukes.  However, the first two weapon slots (the wrist mounted viro-blades and the wrist mounted shockers) are both excellent close combat weapons, and will easily replace the light saber in close combat popularity.  Many of the cybernetics can be used in conjunction with the weapons.  For example, you can use the cybernetic leg enhances to run into your opponent at super fast speeds, and with your viro- blades armed, you can easily cut your opponent to shreds.  Force masters will find it easy to make the conversion between force powers and cybernetics.  Each cybernetic has been closely matched to it's force counterpart as closely as possible.  And even though force grip has been replaced by the cybernetic shape shift, the execution is quite the same (using a reticule).  We have been working on this TC since June of 1998, but all of the time and work put into it will ensure that it is one of the greatest TCs ever.


Aliens vs Predator TC in the works...

My old pal Dash & a few friends are hard at work on another TC for Jedi Knight it seems. many of you may recall that Dash originally founded the editing group Maw Installation with the intention of creating a Starship Trooper TC which I wrote the story for. Well this time he has more help & the TC looks really promising. He's sent me some really impressive screenshots & has promised to keep me posted on its development. Due to time constraints for our Manowar 3 deadline I can't get those pics posted this time, but I'll have something more in depth next post.

Just a little announcement from DarkStrike:

                 Hey everyone!!

                 I am sorry to say that I am a bit too busy to do all the things I was
                 working on before school started again. I AM still going to work on
                 this stuff, but it won't be up next week. See now I have track
                 practice for 4 hours after school ends, then homework, then
                 everything else. 

                 I am gonna keep up with the forwarding on the members page
                 because it's not that time consuming, and screening them doesn't take
                 THAT long...

                 Also, I don't have time to do this, and I don't think the point here really
                 got across to everyone in Zeus's news post but we have a new Staff
                 Member!!! His nickname is Sir totmachen, and he is currently doing all
                 member page updates. I am going to redirect him to Chyren for
                 uploading the page because I just lost my FTP prog and it's gonna
                 take a bit till I can do this again. I am just wondering, but I said when
                 he started I would have him on the staff page soon...I'll do it but I feel
                 kinda bad cos I SAID I would put him up right away, then got
                 swamped with other things, BTW if any of you have 10 minutes to spare
                 and the pass to upload just sign him up...his email is
 , and his ICQ is 11303047. Sorry about this

                 Thanks everyone!!! and remember, I AM NOT QUITTING!!! just slowing
                 down know....



The return of E-reality...

Here's a copy of a letter DS scored regarding the return of E-reality:

E-reality Returns

After another frustrating period of downtime, E-reality is finally back up and running. We are now on yet another new host, and hopefully this time things will be reliable and stable so we can get back to the job of making good Web sites. 
I feel that after these very rocky six months or so, we owe our visitors a more detailed explanation of the difficulties. So here is a brief account for those of you who are interested. Back at the end of May, when we existed as "Tola's Gaming Outpost", Simple.Net, our host at the time, informed us that we were a high resource user (using a large amount of disk space and bandwidth) and to continue with them we would have to pay an extra $200/month. Not being the wealthiest Webmaster, I had to look for other hosting alternatives. We signed on with CI Host as our new host, and at the same time changed our name to "e-reality" and began to expand and improve the network. Unfortunately, in the coming months we found that CI Host was not only unable or unwilling to support our bandwidth levels, but they failed miserably in almost every way, from customer service to technical aspects. Just one example is that our account was rendered unreachable for days or weeks on several occasions through a mixture of technical blunders, lack of communication, and ineptness. When we finally broke free from CI Host (not without some lost files and such), we signed on with, a host that promised "unlimited bandwidth" just as CI Host and Simple.Net had. Within a month or so of moving to however, we received an e-mail stating that our bandwidth had exceeded their reasonable bandwidth use limit (which of course was news to us that they even had a limit) and our account had promptly been canceled. This was the reason for the "access denied" error message you have been receiving since early December. We were not given a chance to reduce our bandwidth or at least to put a notice about the situation up in place of our sites. So this brings us to today, when we have opened an account with We sincerely hope that this will be the end of our Web hosting nightmares and that we will be able to get back to providing you, the visitors, with quality content. 

I do not mean this account as an angry rant or a plea for sympathy. But since many people have been wondering what exactly happened to us, I felt that it was time to let everyone know the whole story. I also do not want to unfairly criticize our previous hosts. Simple.Net remains a reliable host that we still use for selected parts of our network, and was good overall except for the issues involved in our termination. CI Host is the one host that I feel should not be in the business at all. Our relationship with them cost us large amounts of time, money, and lost us a lot of visitors. 

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone once again for sticking with us through these hard times. We have learned from these experiences and we will do the best we can to make sure we provide reliable quality sites into the future. Over these next few days, we will be setting everything up on our new host, so please bear with us if things don't work perfectly just yet. 

Thank you, 

Tola Dalton
Head Webmaster of e-reality 

A couple of News Briefs...

JediBall Update

The JediBall ( site has updated their site with a new texture contest. The rules are as follows:

With the upcoming release of Jedi Ball v 2.0, I am revamping the original Arena level. So for this, I am asking for "advertisement" textures. It must be Jedi Knight related, and can promote your website or your current projects. It must be 128 * 256 pixels, and contain no nudity and only mild profanity. [As in not everything can be swear words] Make sure all textures are 100% compatible with the default colormap. I will be accepting many entries, and accept the textures based on first come first serve basis. This is a great way to promote your work and be part of one of the most innovative JK mods out there! Send entries to 00Mikey.

Exclusive Pentium III Review

Thresh's FiringSquad ( has scored an exclusive review of the yet-unreleased Pentium III (Katmai) 500 MHz Processor from Intel, announced this Monday. Here is a clip:

The review covers in depth the impact of the Pentium III's new "KNI" chipset, with interviews and quotes from prominent multimedia and game development companies, such as Outrage, Infogrames, and John Carmack of id Software. Also covered are performance benefits over the current Pentium II line of processors, and up-and-coming competition from the likes of the AMD K6-3 and K7.

That's all for now! Enjoy Manowar 3 & "May the Force be with you!"


Thursday January 14, 1999 - The time is so very near.... 


Yeah, you read it right people, Manowar 3 is officially finished! All that's left now is the red tape of making it available for download. I received my "test run" first copy just before midnight Wednesday night directly from Azlon himself. I gave it a quick run through & my comments are detailed in the post below. All that remains for us is to get a download page up & running and get the thing uploaded to the server. If I am unable to reach our webmaster (Chyren) in time to send the upload copy we may not be able to make our deadline for Saturday, but that seems highly unlikely. Barring some unforeseen disaster (computer crashes, the end of civilization as we know it, etc.) It'll be ready to download Saturday evening at the latest!

Manowar 3: My Impressions...

First of all I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the finest Total conversion for MotS (or JK for that matter) I have ever seen. It is a tremendous leap beyond Manowar 2 in the respect that Azlon & co. took a real professional approach to this the latest incarnation of their Manowar series. When you first run the thing you almost swear to yourself that this is something Lucasarts would have released! I literally had to stop & remember that this was done by a handful of skilled individuals, who were simply editing MotS in their spare time! The setup backgrounds are EXCELLENT! There's one background pic of Boba Fett you just have to see to believe. Install was a snap too, Azlon's documentation is very well done & way easier to follow that his somewhat garbled text from Manowar 2.

The TC comes with 4 levels all designed by Kurt Schulenburg. It is one level that shines the brightest of the bunch as far as gameplay goes. The .goo file is named "Gravity" but it is listed as something like "Mandalorians in Space" in the in-game play list & this level plays like Escherworld on acid! You can leap & soar due to a lack of gravity, BUT like real space leaping too high will propel you into space! A Jet pack & Grapple hook are essential to avoid becoming space fodder for your enemies. One of my personal favorite aspects of this level is a large round asteroid that is suspended in space. because of the bizarre gravity, you can literally run around the asteroid (top & bottom) like a fly on an orange! This is just pure fun, believe me!

I briefly looked at a few of the other levels, but wasn't able to delve too deeply into them because of time constraints. However, I did try out all the new gadgets & the Spycam is by far the best of the bunch. Using it is like using a wicked version of Force seeing. It really adds to the gameplay. I also tried out the new class system & was pleased with the way Azlon Balanced things out with weapons & gadgetry load out for each one. Heh, and yes, the new Jedi Luke skin is all that & more!

Well that's just a brief overview of the thing. I'll be playing it again tomorrow, right now its almost 2 am & I'm ready to sleep! Once I've played it some more I'll add to this. Till then check out our screenshots page via the link in the blue bar on the left side of this page. Until next time, May the Force be with you!

Sunday January 10, 1999 - NewManowar 3 news, probably the best ever!!!

Manowar 3: Only Days away?


Got another Email from Azlon yesterday regarding Manowar 3! You're gonna love this one, I sure did!

We are within a week or so, or [maybe] even days of releasing Manowar 3.The zip 
will be around 5 megs more or less. I would like you to have a chance to try it out
before the community as a whole, that way you can kinda sound out about it
with your opinon on the JKMAG news site to get the rest of the JK community
prepared for it :). I'm waiting for Kurt to finish a few more adjustments to
his last level "Gravity," then I can send it to you. Then after a day or so you 
can release it a day or so first on JKMAG and then I'll upload it to other
JK sites. I also want to be sure to stress the importance of reading the Manowar 3
text files [readme's] too.


You read it right baby! Not only will I get the honor of being the first person to play Manowar 3 JKMAG will be the FIRST place that it will be available for download at! You may have notices that I have a new section over on my links bar at the left for Manowar 3. One link is for a new page I constructed that is a collection of all the Manowar 3 Screens I have posted here. To sorta celebrate the occasion. BTW the download link is INACTIVE! So don't waste your time clicking it! I'll have a REALLY big news splash posted when it goes active so EVERYBODY will know when Manowar 3 is available. And no I won't let you have a copy of my version, so don't bother asking. My version will be a test run of the TC and is not intended for distribution, so sorry I'm not allowed to give it out. 

Dark Eagle Speaks out...

This time I have you DE! Eagle once told me that he "hardly ever" reads my stuff here, yet every time I mention his name, I get a "nice" little Email from him. This one arrived the same day I posted my little article about VOTJ (Valley of the Jedi) last time.

Yes, I like the color CRIMSON, that is the name of it.  But many like that color!
Actually, DooM created the format.  But I like it.  Unfortunately, DooM cannot stick with
any format and be satisfied, so he says he wants to create another one.  He's already
beginning on it.  So the blood red will be gone soon probably, and my therapist can
finally take a vacation.  That is to say of course, if people will stop criticizing the
things I like/do every time they don't have news :).

he he
Cya Zeus!

So you heard it here first! VOTJ is getting a new format soon. Heh, You can bet your buttocks I'll be the first one to post the URL when they do ;o)!

Want to Visit the Most Annoying Site in the World?

Our webmaster Chyren sent me this as a gag, so here's the link: However! Be warned: IF YOU DO CHOOSE TO CLICK THIS URL, YOU WILL GET PISSED OFF, TRUST ME! Don't worry though, it isn't endless ;oP (you'll understand if you have the guts to click the URL!).

"Sigh," Only Six Star Wars movies...

The following is a copy of an article I read at the Sci-Fi Wire -- The News Service of the Sci-Fi Channel:

Star Wars creator George Lucas said he won't be making any more movies in his epic space adventure film series after the  completion of the new trilogy in 2005, according to CNN. Lucas spilled the beans in  the Jan. 4 issue of Vanity Fair, which quoted him as saying "I never had a story for the sequels, for the later ones." 

Fans and filmmakers alike have long believed that Lucas planned to create nine movies set in the Star Wars universe, to be filmed as three separate trilogies. However, the 55-year-old director said he will be too old  by the time the sixth film is finished to attempt any more. 

The first of the new films, Star Wars - Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, will hit theaters on May 21. It will be followed by two sequels that will be released in 2002 and 2005.

What a bummer huh? I always hoped Lucas would at least attempt the last 3...Oh well, some folks swore we'd never even see the Phantom Menace take form. So I guess you never know what might happen!

Wednesday January 6, 1999 - Sorry guys!

No News Today!

No this isn't really a news post today, things are kinda slow right now, so I decided to use the time to fix some bugs on this page. I fixed the three button links at the top of the page to ICQ, JKMAG & (I hope! ;o]). I also fixed our little ad banner & repositioned it as well. Heh, I wanted our logo first, call it arrogant pride I guess!

MotS single player add-on mission #2...

Although I didn't dig up any "real" news, I do have a little something for you guys! Yet another Single player mission for your gaming pleasure! This one's a Mysteries of the Sith level. This 1.4 MB level received a 4 star rating from Hyperview. It is called "The Emperor's Purges." Here's an excerpt from reviewer Tim Jones's review.

        Firstly, Emperor's Purges is an extremely original level. Instead of playing Kyle or Mara, you are Vader, sent on a mission to a space station to destroy the remaining two light Jedi's that have been hiding on board. There is also a squad (or ten) of Stormtroopers to help you. In this way it's not too dissimilar to the first MOTS level in the rebel base: here the Stormtroopers help you fight against the rebels. This is very well implemented and provides a great atmosphere: you are the  Dark Lord! The one problem is that the troopers are either a) very thick or b) very loyal: you can go around killing them without consequence. I'd have liked to see a new cog where killing one of them removes your  force power for a few seconds, like in that MOTS level. Here, however, being short of ammo isn't a problem as you can just chop up a few of your allies and grab theirs… 

Click here to download.

The Sickly Red of VOTJ...

Since there is no news, heh, I guess I'll have to come up with something interesting to post. Lets see...hmmmmmm...hee hee, how about another round of good old Eagle bashing! Many of you old school JKMAGers will remember my News Page predecessor, Dark Eagle who left JKMAG some time ago to work for another Star Wars site. Well, has anybody been to Dark Eagle's site (Superbat works there too), VOTJ: The Valley of the Jedi Tower lately? If you haven't, I URGE you to go there now, then come back & finish reading this. The link is above, I'll give you a sec.

Hmmmm de dum dum.......................

You back now? OKAY! Now does he appear to have a REALLY unhealthy fascination with the color Blood Red??!! No offense Eagle & Superbat, but you guys keep this up & we'll have to notify your therapists! Hee hee, I just KNOW I'll get a nice email from Eagle about that one! Ahh well, sorry man! I just couldn't resist! Love ya DE!
May the Force be with you!

Monday January 4, 1999 - Y2K is only a year away!

Take My Total Conversion... PLEASE!

I received this Email yesterday from Dash, former head of the now defunct editing group Maw Installation  (I believe Maw is no longer in existence, but don't hold me to that):

Hey Zeus - Since you are big with the news, tell everyone I wish to, with your permission =), to pass the story line of the Starship Troopers Total Conversion on to someone who wishes to continue with it.  I can provide whoever takes it on with what I have done already.  ICQ: 2241536 or
Thanx Zeus =)

The fate of this Conversion kinda holds a special place in my heart because I wrote the story for it! If you are interested talk to Dash. I played the beta & he has a pretty good bit of it done. Here is the story I wrote if it helps any of you budding editors decide to take the job:

Starship Troopers Jedi Knight TC (By Zeus/Dash: Revised Version 1.1)

Player- Force Corps operative code name: TRAX
        Real name: CLASSIFIED

Setting- Klendathu


     It has been five years since that first offensive on Klendathu. That bloody hour was the worst casualty of war in recorded human history.  One hundred thousand marines were dead in one hour. One would think that such a foolhardy attempt would never be tried again.  Yet now, instead of 15 separate M.I. squads, Earth has now adopted a policy of sending in only one (1) Trooper...

Brief History of the last 5 years-

     The past 5 years have meant radical changes for the psychic division of the military. The Klendathu offensive proved that there would be a need for those few who possess psychic abilities to be included in all further conflicts with the bugs. The military quickly struck a pact with a few influential congressmen. With additional funding and government sanctioned experimentation on all human beings possessing psychic potential, the military was able to rapidly advance these psychic abilities that only a few possess. These psychics, under Federal Service, were designated FORCE CORPS. 
FORCE CORPS easily became the most powerful offensive unit in history. FORCE CORPS has been critical in winning nearly every major victory for earth in the last two years since its creation. Yet all of this military advancement came with a hefty price tag attached. A kind of "racism" arose among the human population soon after recorded broadcasts of FORCE CORPS first few offensive maneuvers found their way to the six o'clock news. Witnessing first hand accounts of FORCE CORPS strikes beamed back from the heat of battle allowed humanity to finally realize the unholy terror it had released. Men & women who were capable of tearing a bug in two, just by thinking about it... As far as the people of earth were concerned, it was simply more raw power than any one person should possess! 
With the bugs being driven back at an alarming rate by the Corps, panic began to sweep the earth. Demonstrations were held riots broke out, and far away, on Klendathu, FORCE CORPS fought valiantly for the lives of the very same people who were now in the process of betraying them. There were discussions conducted in quiet rooms & behind closed doors. A single question was ever present in all meetings of these, the "ungifted" but influential of humanity. "Where will these psychic shock troops direct their awesome powers once every bug in the universe has been eliminated?" All to many feared that the only logical answer was, "Against us!" Soon it was decided by “those in power” that certain steps must be taken to prepare for this eventuality. 
A plan was outlined to "thin the ranks" of these troops. FORCE CORPS suddenly found itself spread extremely thin. A single psychic would be dropped into battle against whole swarms of bugs. Casualties were astronomical. Yet when all the dust had settled, humanity found that it had only increased the horror of its situation. For although, in a way, the government had succeeded in eliminating a large number of these powerful psychics, there were those who were able to succeed in missions the government had classified totally unserviceable! Men & women who had single-handedly wiped out massive hordes of bugs in insanely swift strikes! Needless to say the level of terror on earth intensified. Could a confrontation between Homo sapiens & Homo superior be avoided? 
Finally a possible answer was discovered. Ironically this newfound possibility of salvation didn't come from humanity, but from the very bugs they had been desperately attempting to exterminate. Wild stories of a powerful new bug began to come back from the battlefield. Some of FORCE CORPS finest & most powerful psychics had been slain by this new creature. No one knew what the bug looked like, because no one who saw it ever lived to offer a description! However, the fact that it could so easily slaughter even the most powerful of the psychics indicated that the bugs were taking a new evolutionary direction in a desperate attempt to save their species from extinction.
 As a major threat to both humanity & the psychics, this bug must be captured and brought back to earth for further study. This is the only way an adequate means of defense can devised to deal with this new threat. That is where you come in.... As the FORCE CORPS operative code named TRAX, you have been given the opportunity to prove yourself by accepting the task of single-handedly capturing this new type of bug rumored to be roaming the Bug City on Klendathu. You are sworn to absolute secrecy on this mission. 
The new FORCE SKILLS that government experimentation has enhanced for the psychics vary. As several early 20th century writers might put it, these new abilities delve into the "darker side" of human psyche. Some FORCE CORPS members prefer the lesser side of valor, & opt for the skills that enhance their defensive capabilities. Others enjoy the more direct route of destroying their enemies with a massive offensive arsenal. However, there are a minute few who have chosen to wield an even balance of both "sides" of this strange power, and guess what, you're one of them. Your mission objectives will be discussed at your briefing. Good luck, & happy hunting....

***Overall mission objective***

Find & kill or capture this new type of bug. Bring a specimen back to Earth's Bug Research Laboratories (BRL) for a detailed analysis.

Level Objectives- 

#1. Cross the desert from the landing site to the Earth Defense Outpost. Clear the area of all hostels.

#2.  Find the power generator and restore power to the outpost. Then locate the communications center & establish an uplink with Earth Intelligence. You will then receive coordinates to Bug City and an access code for the armory.

#3. Traverse the cliffs and locate a bug hole that will take you into Bug City. Eliminate any & all resistance.

#4. Enter the Bug City. Seek out & neutralize all four main brain bugs. Then proceed to the center of Bug City.

#5. Battle with FORCE NIGHT.

#6. Locate & neutralize the new bug. Collect the carcass for study. (PRIMARY OBJECTIVE!)

JKMAG Tidbits...

Sorry about the lack of news on my part, it really isn't my fault. First I was working on the members page and then the join form, now I am busy remaking the JKMAG ladder! Here's some info on what I have been doing:

Join page- The join page is up, and it doesn't require a POP3 email account because of the way I have it set up. 

Members Page- We have a new staff member!!! Please welcome Sir totmachen to the JKMAG staff. I am filtering the join submissions to him, and he will then add them to the list. His ICQ number is: 11303047. Thanks for helping out tot!!

Ladder- I am now in the process of making the JKMAG Ladder page again. Upon completion of this I will probably seek a new webmaster for it. So far, so good =)

See everyone! I told you he was busy! REEEAALLLLLY busy!  -Zeus

Zeus is Now Seeking an Apprentice for the News page...

As many of you already know, I am getting married in August to my girlfriend of five years (Queen Hera on ICQ). Wedding planning & the honeymoon will be taking up my time for the greater part of July & the first of August. I'll be needing someone reliable with at least basic knowledge in HTML, loves Jedi Knight & Star Wars and who enjoys writing news. If you're interested, Email me at the link on the top of the blue bar to the left.

Something a Little Depressing...

I got this message on ICQ yesterday from a guy called Shapeshifter. It's pretty weird and brutal to the JK community as a whole, but I think it is a prelude of a new Jedi Knight site. See if any of you can make heads or tails of it, then read my response below!

As I look around me, I see that our clans are dropping like flies. The once proud Jedi community is in ruins. Once "numero uno" in the zone ranks, Jedi is being replaced in favor of games like Total Annihilation and StarCraft. Clans with 50 members have died, but my pathetic excuse for a clan has lived on. I see now that JKMAG and similar "clans" are the only hope for Jedi.  So I leave you with this message: Do you like those adorable Norns from Creatures and Creatures 2? Have you ever been tempted towards the Dark Side of the Force?  Then this is the place for you!!!!  Only you can save Albascant from Sheric, the Dark Shee and his evil six Grendels! COBs and COGs! Eggs and Skins! Rooms and levels! Creatures 2 and Jedi Knight, all in one sect!!! I married Bigfoot! Hunh? Errr... no we're just good friends. Coming mid January... we'll have Jedi tournaments and Norn, Grendel and Ettin care tips... 

Okay, for reference JKMAG is not a "clan" we are a Star Wars gaming and news site, a host site for editing groups and an organization that finds and creates add-ons for JK & MotS. As for the "demise" of the JK online community, yes I agree that interest in the game is dwindling because of all the new games that are out there now, but consider a couple of things: The upcoming prequels are sure to bring in at least a small resurgence in interest for the game, and considering the success of Jedi Knight a third Dark Forces game is inevitable in the near future. Till then we'll be keeping the Jedi dream alive here at JKMAG. Oh yeah, one more thing! I am a StarCraft addict, so ABSOLUTLY NO STARCRAFT BASHING ON MY NEWS PAGE ANYMORE!!! Heh heh hee heee!!! 

Your single player mission for this post...

If you've been checking into the news at Jedi you know that Hyperview has added a few new reviews of some new JK & MotS single player levels. here's one of the best JK levels. It's called Back Home to Sulon its author is Jean-Francois Vuagniaux & it received a 4.5 star rating. here is an excerpt from the review byUmberto Fett & a link to download it:

I have the pleasure of reviewing one of the best Jk SP levels I've ever played, the LEC ones included. This episode entitled Back Home to Sulon consists of an intro cut scene, (one of the best I've ever seen again, its up there with the MotS ones) which allows you to assign your force stars, and then the main level- The Foundry Attack. The author, includes a walk through in French, and a version made with a French-English translator, which is confusing, but understandable. 

Download Back Home to Sulon here.

That's all for this post! Till next time, "May the Force be with you!"

Friday January 1, 1999 - Tonight I'm gonna party cause it is 1999!!!

Happy New Year!

The title sums it up, Happy New Year from the staff at JKMAG. We sincerely hope that the coming year is a happy & prosperous time for all of you out there wherever you are! 1999 is here Baby! The millennium & the unpredictable terror of the Y2K dilemma (the year 2000 computer issue) is now only a year away! OOOOOhhhhhhhhh! SCARY! ;o)

The Manowar 3 delay: Azlon Speaks!

Salvation at last! Azlon has seen fit to Email me a short paragraph concerning the delay on Manowar 3. So here it is! Straight from the creators mouth! You heard it here first:

Well like I said, hopefully it would be released in December unless
something came up! ;) Well... two things stopped the release for December:

1.) BrianL departed on leave from the Airforce without finishing his level
and will not be back until around the 3rd of January.

2.) Kurt and I decided to have one more level made so Kurt is working on a
special level just for Mandalorians (hence, you will need a jet pack) that will blow
everyone away. I already have an early beta of that level and it's great!

I plan on releasing Manowar 3 in January whether all the levels are done or not. 
As of now everything is done except 2 levels. All code work, skins, etc. are now done.
Manowar 3 will be released in January no matter what! :)
By the way Manowar 3 is "not" just a port of Manowar 2 to Mots and anyone thinking 
that will be pleasantly surprised! 

Thanks for your interest!


So there you have it! That's why Manowar 3 didn't meet its release date. So lets everyone just back off Azlon (& me!) & let him get the job done. HOPEFULLY there will be no further delays, but please remember that thing happen sometimes, especially to people making TC's in their spare time for NO PROFIT. Thanks for everything Azlon!

More News Page Changes...

As you can see I have practically finished my alterations here (boy that was faster & easier than I thought!). Hopefully everything is working right now! You may note that i added a news submission Email link to our contact bar on the left. I encourage anyone who wishes to submit any prudent news to use it, & maybe we'll post your story here. You will receive full credit & our thanks for any usable information you provide. BTW, now the Archives really are updated (I didn't finish them yesterday, heh....) & the Manowar 3 screen shots are available there for your viewing pleasure. I might make a small gallery for them soon, I haven't decided yet. You'll find out soon enough if I do! Once again, happy new year, & May the Force be with you!

Thursday December 31, 1998 - Testing one-two-three testing...

A Beta Test, of Sorts...

Okay this is kinda sudden, but I guess that the best way to make sure things are working around here is to post it & let you the masses tell me if you notice any errors here. Yes! This is our new format & I hope you like it! As you can probably tell by the large number of blank posts below, I intend to transfer over some of my old posts to this new format, I just wanted to get this thing uploaded to make sure all my email & other links are working properly! Please Email me at if you find something seriously wrong here. If you need some of the old news for some reason, just head over to the archives section for now. I added all my posts to it until I can transfer some of the latest ones over to this new setup. Just bear with me guys!

CLIFFE'S Comments...

This is sort of an impromptu post, but it was one I had to do. I never got the chance to work with CLIFFE or Vandelay, the two original founding fathers of JKMAG. Yet their influence has predominated my online "life". By founding JKMAG they gave me the opportunity to reach out & touch legions of Star Wars gamers by doing something I've always had a passion for, writing. That's why I'm glad to have the opportunity to present a special commentary by CLIFFE himself regarding the one year anniversary of JKMAG. Even though CLIFFE is only affiliated with us in name, we always welcome the input of the site's creator & are glad to have his input & help whenever he can provide it. So without further yik yak, allow me to present CLIFFE's Comments! 

JKMAG Reflections (A Creator's Perspective) 
By-CLIFFE (Founder of JKMAG)

My comments: 

As the cliché goes, JKMAG will always mark a special point for me personally. 
I can explain, seriously! I always annoy Vandelay nowadays by being 
nostalgic about JKMAG. We constantly talk about it, because it was our very 
first site. I remember a year ago on the 25th of December. Myself, 
Vandelay, a guy named Brackiss, and another guy named John were all playing 
a game at the very first add-on map released: Lost Base (by Droid). It was 
great, there began my obsession with add-on maps. Vandelay (Jordan Klein) 
and I were upset that these great user made maps would never be played 
widespread, because there just wasn't any organization. The game ended but 
my mind didn't stop thinking. Vandelay and I had talked on the phone that 
day about doing a "little site" about it to gather a few friends who play 
add-on JK maps. But me, I am always scheming. Without Vand knowing, I 
whipped up the site we had "joked about" the next day. And I quote my very
first news update: 
I finished up most of the site today (started this morning and did more 
later in the night, I had dreamed up the whole concept the night before 
(with some help from Klein)), added the first two levels, lostbase.gob, and 
smobeta2.gob, two very fine levels. Will be getting level profiles up soon 
(with the help of that Jordan Klein guy). The games shall begin soon, we 
just need more people! 
And more people wasn't a problem. In a few months, we'd gone from that 
small game at Lostbase to 200+ members! Now we both joke about it and say 
"Remember when it was just me, you, Brakiss, and John?! 

And of course there was the famous "Patch Me In" page. It housed all the 
latest JK "patches" and was updated by Vandelay. These patches included new 
skins and sabers (later obsolete because of the BFP). Of course, the only 
thing worthwhile about this page was the title! We still joke about that 
page, as it was Vandy's first introduction to html and he made some 
beginner graphics that were absolutely hilarious.. 

Since then, Vandelay and I have moved on to our own domain 
( where we ran a maps site for the Quake 2 mod Action. 
There we have logged over 370,000 hits. Again in our chameleon like 
fashion, we are moving on to run the upcoming Action Half-Life maps site. 

We are quite proud that JKMAG is still alive and strong, now more of a JK 
mods news and hosting site, but a splendid site indeed nonetheless. 



Thanks again CLIFFE...for everything! 
-Zeus & Staff. 

More Stuff to Come...

I plan to be hard at work on our redesign here, so I might not get another post up for about three days. If something really pressing comes up though, don't worry I'll get it posted. Stay tuned for the latest Jedi Knight news! May the Force be with you!

Wednesday December 30, 1998 - Yep, one full year of JKMAG! 

One year! We beat the odds...

Oh-boy!  On December 26th, JKMAG turned one year old! Lets see, where to begin!? After constantly being involved with LONG almost endless threads of debate about Jedi Knight & MotS on the old JKMAG forum page all summer of this year, imagine my surprise & disappointment when I clicked my bookmark one day to find "URL not found!" displayed in big bold black letters on my screen! Needless to say I was disappointed! All the friends & fellow Star wars fans I had met & enjoyed conversing with simply cut off in an instant! I had most of them in my icq, but JKMAG's forum was our place to share our ideas, thoughts & meet new people. I hated to loose JKMAG & its forum. The closing of The Sith Temple was a major blow to JKMAG & many of the other JK related sites out there. many of them vanished into oblivion, while others rushed to find new hosts before they were forgotten by their legions of fans. Here was where I came into the picture. 

A guy who hails by the name of Torplex Tark had single handedly embarked on a mission to save JKMAG! He had found a new host ( & managed to save most of the files, but naturally couldn't do it all alone! One day I happened to run into him on icq & we got into a discussion about the MAG & how I missed those good old days of posting on the forum. We also got into a discussion about the news page & I guess he just put it together with the fact that I liked to write all those forum posts & offered me the position! So after a crash course in HTML & FTP programs I got to work posting, & here i am today! 

As we enter the new year, excitement is in the air over all the new changes we made here, all the new Star Wars games scheduled for release & lets not forget the first of the PREQUELS! Its a great time to be involved with a Star wars site! JKMAG has really meant a lot to me, both in what it has taught me about authoring web pages & in the friends it has made for me. I am honored to be a part of the Jedi Knight Multiplayer Add-on Group, & look forward to a bold future for us in 1999 & beyond! 

JKMAG Reflections... 
By-Dark Eagle (Former JKMAG News page editor/reporter) 

JKMAG was created for one purpose, and one purpose only, to bring players together, and to allow them to play JK/MOTS add-ons against one another in a very sportsman manner.  JKMAG creates a strong sense of friendship, and I hope that will never end, as the friendship aspect of the 'Mag is definitely the best.

Now, A few words from the current regime...
By-Chyren (Current Webmaster: JKMAG)

JKMAG has been one of the most well organized online playing groups in 
existence for JK. In the past it's membership has been so large that it's 
coordinators found it impossible to keep the membership lists accurately 
updated. It exceeded all expectations, and has lived longer than many ever 
predicted. It gained mention in PC Gamer magazine, both online and in it's 
print form. 
It shows no sign of diminution any time soon. After an enforced period of 
hiatus, JKMAG is once again accepting members, and the applications have 
been thick and fast. With the fast approach of 'Star Wars: Episode One', 
all indicators are that a surge of fans will return to online JK with a 
vengeance...after all, what other game offers you the chance to play in the 
Star Wars Universe, as a Jedi, with Lightsabers and Force powers, no less? 

JKMAG will be there to offer new levels, new skins (including ones from the 
new film) and a structured support base to ensure that this game will live 
online for a very long time to come. Thanks to the fans, the players, and 
most of all to their low threshold of boredom (remember our motto, after 
all!) we will be here for quite some time to come. Thank you all! And now 
on with the battles! 

Chyren - Current Webmaster for JKMAG 

BFP2.1 enters Beta testing... 

Tazz sent me this email today which included a list of new skins appearing in the BFP2.1 expansion for the current BFP2. He tells me that the patch has entered the beta testing stages & should soon be available for download. Here's the Email: 

Here's the list of who's included in BFP2.1 so far (no particular order) 

ATST Driver, A-Wing Pilot, B-Wing Pilot, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Ewok, Death Star Commando, Mara Jade, 
Dark Luke, Iron-man, General Madine, Nien Nunb, Royal Guard ,Commando Leader, Rebel Commando, TIE Pilot, 
Scout Trooper, Spiderman, X-Wing Pilot, Y-Wing Pilot, Sephiroth, Dark Forces Kyle, Tusken Raider --Tantooine, 
E-Wing Pilot, Phase 1 Dark Trooper, Guri, Bith, Boc, Qu Rahn, Indiana Jones, Taryn, C2PO, Tusken Raider --Sulon, 
Venom, Gran, Sulu, & Chekov. 

Also, I want to remind anyone with skins to submit them to no later than January 7th. 


Get those skins in if you want to see them in the BFP2! 

Okay! About Manowar 3... 

I've been getting a LOT of Email regarding Manowar 3 & its release date. I just want to tell everyone that as soon as I find out ANYTHING, you'll see it here first. Only Azlon & co. (the creators) know when the TC will be finished & available. They have promised to tell me the very day or night that happens! So rest assured on the hour of that blessed event I will have a post up with a link to download the patch okay? As for those of you who were disappointed that it wasn't released in time for the holidays, well, I'm sorry! These things happen! Editing software is no picnic folks. Azlon will have the patch ready when its ready. He makes no promises about release dates. They are usually just estimations anyway. Don't worry though, it shouldn't be much longer, just keep checking back here.

Single Player Level #2... 

Sorry I forgot this last post, here is your single player mission for this post. This level is a Jedi Knight level and has a really nice cut scene intro. It also received a 4.5 star rating by Hyperview. It is called Jedi Search: Firro Imperial Base & is authored by Ryan. Click here to download it now! 

Special Note: A redesign of this page is underway to reflect the changes to the other main JKMAG pages! Stay tuned to check out our new look! 

Friday December 25, 1998 - Ho! Ho! Ho! Hoooooo-boy is it COLD! 

Happy Holidays... 

I guess that the best way to start this off is to wish everyone a safe & happy Christmas....& if you don't celebrate Christmas, well I hope you can find some other reason to party & have a happy whatever! Things have been pretty rough here in North Louisiana. We got a white Christmas alright....a little too white! I've been deprived of power for the last four days because of this bad ice storm that hit! I'm just glad it let up enough for me to get this posted. I gots to hurry though! Heh heh I want to watch my new copy of the Star Wars Trilogy special edition on my brand new 25 inch TV that Queen Hera bought me! So lets get it on! 

Pokemon TC for Mysteries of the Sith... 

Good old DS took a break from his other JKMAG projects to sit down for a little online chat with Lord Galvatron, the head of New Cybertron (a JKMAG hosted site!). The interview is in regards to Galvy's latest project, a Pokemon Total conversion for MotS!! Here's the interview (edited for content of course): 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> So you made the TC? 
<Lord Galvatron> Yes I, Lord Galvatron made the TC. 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> How many levels does the Pokemon TC have? 
<Lord Galvatron> Currently 1, but there will be about 20. 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> Does this include single player and multiplayer? 
<Lord Galvatron> Just Single, a few Multiplayer levels will be made at a later date. 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> Is there a multiplayer part to the TC? 
<Lord Galvatron> Not yet. 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> What skins will be included? 
<Lord Galvatron> In the Full, the 8 gym leaders, the Elite 4 pikachu and Ash. 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> What weapon mods do you plan to make for it? 
<Lord Galvatron> PokéBalls, They will be used to get more Pokémon. It will be very fun in multiplayer. You can trap them in a little pokéBall 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> Heheh! 
<Lord Galvatron> There will also be Pikachu's ThunderShock. It will be one hell of a force lighting mod. 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> Are there any current cutscenes planned? 
<Lord Galvatron> A few, however, I have no clue how to make a MOTS Cut Scene! 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> Do you intend to have a startup cutscene? 
<Lord Galvatron> Yes, It will be kinda like the opener for the TV show but done with the JK Actors. 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> What skins have already been completed in the beta? 
<Lord Galvatron> MewTwo. He is a rare pokémon in the Game, kinnda cute though 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> Are either of the weapon mods included? 
<Lord Galvatron> The PokéBall one should be... that is if I can figure out MotS Weapon Cogs! 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> What levels will be included? 
<Lord Galvatron> A forest level, full of Pikachus and Mewtwos. This level will not be in the final. 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> So this level is basically a test to make sure you can make MOTS levels? 
<Lord Galvatron> & for people to see what the weapons and pokémon look like. 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> Will the multiplayer feature also be in the Beta? 
<Lord Galvatron>  Not in this one, I'm gonna have the MP levels be like the Nintendo 64 version of Pokémon. 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> Will there be new sounds within the Beta? In the final version? 
<Lord Galvatron> Of cousre, [You] Don't want a Onix going around sounding like Kyle now do ya? 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> 'Course not =) 
<Lord Galvatron> Also the voices of the humans will be done by real PKM fans. 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> Do you have an estimated arrival date for either the beta or the final? 
<Lord Galvatron> The Beta probely next weekend, so about a week from Saturdayfor the beta. 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> & is there an estimated completion date? 
<Lord Galvatron> For the full? Not yet! 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> What sounds are already completed? 
<Lord Galvatron> There are a few, do you want me to list them all? 
<DarkStrike[DJ]> No...could you just name the character for which most of the sounds are finished? 
<Lord Galvatron> Pikachu...he has one line! 
<Lord Galvatron> :) 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> What is the objective of single player? 
<Lord Galvatron> To become the world's greatest Pokémon Master! 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> Basically, what is the final level about? 
<Lord Galvatron> Ummm don't know yet.... 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> Are there any extra cog scripts included in the levels (ie. traps) 
<Lord Galvatron> Maybe, maybe not. That's your job to find out! 
<DarkStrike[DJ]> That's also why I intend to be the first guy to get the beta =) 
<Lord Galvatron> hehehehe 

<DarkStrike[DJ]> Any other comments about the TC? 
<Lord Galvatron> Ya, when the final is done, I will put out a group of pokémon to download so that anyone else that wants to make a Pokémon level can [do so]. 

<Lord Galvatron> I'll send a Message to, Massassi and jedinights one day after I put it up for download 
<DarkStrike[DJ]> Great...make sure you tell me also...hehee! 
<Lord Galvatron> Ok, one day after its up. 
<DarkStrike[DJ]> Gee thanks! 
<Lord Galvatron> No problem. 

(For those of you who don't know, Lord Galvatron's credits include the Pred Pack for Jedi Knight as well as various other skinning projects for JKMAG.) 

Clan of the Year... 

The following is an exerpt from the JKCA Web page:

Well Xmas is upon us again :) and as it draws nearer so does the New Year, the time when all those lists manifest from nowhere, well to add to all these other lists due to be released, we 
here at the JKCA have come up with our own lists just so we don't feel left out..hehehe....The Best and Worst Clan sites of 1998.........The Webmaster of the Year.........The Best Clan of the
Year, this one requires a vote from all those in the JK community....Below is a form with the Clans you can vote for, *only vote once please, any multiple votes will not be counted*. 

The Clans listed were chosen by, Personality, skill, activity and overal contribution to the JK community. 

                                                   IRN - Iron Knights 
                                                   DH - Digital Heroes 
                                                   Element - Elements of the Force 
                                                   MERC - Mercenary WarGods 
                                                   KotS - Knights of the Sith 
                                                   JaG - Jedi's and Gunners 
                                                   GoZ - Guardians of Zsinj 
                                                   DJ - Destiny of the Jedi 
                                                   EoS - Eagles of Space 
                                                   JCS - Jedi of the Crimson Star 

For ALL Awards there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winner, all winners will be notified by Jan 2, 1999. 

James Bond TC Released!!! 

STC's are in the air and Radium Editing (another JKMAG hosted site!) has started their Christmas celebration with the release of their eagerly anticpated James Bond TC! Click here to download the zip file.(1.8MB) 

That's All for Now... 

I just want to add that the Santa Clause logo at the top of the page was taken from  Jedi 's news page. I saw it there & just couldn't resist! Hope you guys don't mind us borrowing it! Once again Happy holidays & may the Force be with you! 

Monday December 21, 1998 - Just 4 days till Christmas! 

Rogue Squadron & Brood Wars Released.... 

Rogue Squadron:

The highly anticipated PC version of the Nintendo 64 game Rogue Squadron is in stores now! The game offers players the chance to join up with the Rogue Squadron, which is a fleet of the Rebellion's finest pilots led by Wedge Antilles, friend of Luke Skywalker & hero pilot of the Star Wars movies. LucasGames.ComandJediKnight.Net  have set up a resource page for this game called RogueSquadron.Net. Check it out for further details. 

Brood Wars: 

Yeah yeah, I know this isn't Star Wars related, but all of you who know me, know how I'm a HUGE Starcraft junkie! I already purchased my copy of this high quality expansion set from Blizzard & I can say without a doubt this pack is GREAT! If you like Starcraft, you'll LOVE Brood Wars! It's out, get it today & I'll see you on Battle.Net! Head over to the StarCraft: Brood War home page for more info. 

More from Mandalore.... 

As promised, here is the first of my series of single player levels for JK/MotS! In celebration of our exclusive pictorial series on Manowar 3 I chose a level from Hyperviewfor MotS called Arc Tera, that places you in the role of the infamous
Mandalorian Bounty hunter Boba Fett! This level received a 4.5 star rating & was good enough to impress my picky self! Visit the download/review page for this level by clicking here.

Give the Perfect Gift, Jedi Knight!!! 

Note: This is for the few Star Wars fans who happen to stumble across this site in search of prequel info. & don't have a copy of Jedi Knight!  -Zeus 

With Christmas around the corner & the prequels practically breathing down our necks what better time to get your copy of Dark Forces 2 : Jedi Knight if you haven't already? This game was what this site was founded to support & no other game around can provide you with the unique opportunity of stepping into the shoes of a Jedi to wield lightsabers & the Force! Jedi Knight was awarded the title of Game of the year by PC Gamer magazine & is now being offered with the highly anticipated expansion set (Mysteries of the Sith) included in the box! Average retail price is $30, so its affordable! What better gift for that finicky Star Wars fan/computer geek? Get your copy today & head back here for links to the hottest JK & MotS patches and add-ons! 

Still in Need of Logos! 

Well, needless to say response to my request for new logos has been less than stellar (I haven't received a single submission!) But HOPEFULLY if I am persistent that will change! Once again, here is what I need: 

Hey all you little Picassos out there! I'm sure you can tell by my first article that I'm REALLY proud of my newly updated archives. There's just one small flaw.... I HATE USING THE NEWS PAGE LOGO FOR MY ARCHIVES SECTION! I'd also like a new logo for the News page as well to tell you the truth. If you'd like a chance to show off your logo creating abilities, please create & send me some cool new logos for my Archives section. I will do a small story on the creator of the the logo/logos I pick & they will receive FULL CREDIT FOR THEIR WORK! Hey, you can't lose! So somebody SEND ME SOME LOGOS! If anyone makes a logo for the News page, please be sure to include the BFP2 DARK SUPERMAN skin holding the lightning bolt lightsaber, because that is my favorite skin. Click here to send in the logos. 

DarkStrike on Assignment & the Holiday Edition.... 

DS asked me to let everyone know that he's hard at work on several special projects for JKMAG, which should be up & running soon. Stay tuned here for more developments on that. With Christmas just around the corner I'm preparing a special holiday post which should be ready by Christmas Eve so pop back in sometime then & hopefully I'll have it up. Till then, "May the Force be with you!" 


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