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Wednesday March 24,  1999 -11:55 Central/Standard Time: *Episode 1 games News Flash!!*

Episode 1 game coverage confirmed to begin at the stroke of midnight tonight!!!

I just popped by & saw the latest post about their Episode 1 game coverage!!! They have promised to break the story tonight at 12AM! I'm not sure what time zone they are operating out of, but rest assured I'll stay up till the articles are posted. This is it people! We know tentative titles on three of the games, & the real time strategy game, Force Commander is a confirmed fourth. Will one of the new games be a Dark Forces 3 or Jedi Knight 2? The answers are only minutes away...........STAY TUNED!!!!!!!

Wednesday March 24,  1999 - Tomorrow is the alleged "big day" for Star Wars gamers!

Just a reminder to Star Wars gamers everywhere....

Just want to remind everyone that according to an article in Jedi  the coverage of the new Star Wars games begins TOMORROW! is supposed to get the exclusive on a large number of new Star Wars related tilts, so don't forget to check em out to see how the new games are shaping up. Then check back here in a day or so so to read all my complaints about how these games SHOULD be shaping up or, heaven forbid, my praise of these new & highly anticipated titles! You guys know I am relentless in both my praise & contempt, so be back here for the latest! Now, here's our latest rant, featuring the return of one of my staff! Read on.......

Kyle Katarn Action Figure Available...
By-UltraTommy/ZeusABJ should pay me for this, but...... I was cruising their site today and saw that they have action figures for sale online. I decided to check that out because they only ever have the same 4 guys at Target here. So I went there and saw that there is a Kyle Katarn figure available. I guess it's not really news, but I guess that goes to show that there's not much news until Thursday.

I'm Back..........sort of. Stay Tuned!

Tommy didn't know it when he wrote this, but this is actually old news! I ran this story for another reason though. Besides the fact that i am glad to have the Tomster back churning out stories, I always wanted to focus on the Katarn Star Wars figure from Kenner. Why? Well because it is the general consensus of both myself & many Jedi Knight fans that this figure REALLY sucked! Don't believe me? Click the link & see for yourself! I mean, the guy looks NOTHING like Kyle!!! He looks more like my weird Uncle Mike for crying out loud! He doesn't even have a lightsaber! While I realize that this figure is actually supposed to be the Kyle of the original Dark Forces game (pre-Jedi Knight) it hit stores after Jedi Knight had been out well over a year! I mean come on! Right now (and when it was released even) Kyle Katarn is more recognized with Jedi Knight than with the original Dark Forces. I just feel that this figure could have (and should have) been a whole lot better! I mean, the Dash Rendar figure absolutely ROCKED.... Even though the Outrider ship sucked. 0h well, you can't win em all!


The latest happenings at Matrix...

Got an email from good old Lord Galvatron about his latest work at Matrix Editing (formerly new Cybertron). he looks to be hard at work on another TC, this one features some characters from marvel comics. I'm a straight up DC comics fan myself....BUT, variety is the spice of life, even if taste is not...heh heh. Just kidding Galvy...but stop calling me "Hey Zeus"! Do I look Mexican??!! Hehehehehehehehe! I just had to go there! Here's his Email:

Hey Zeus! Here's the Latest from Matrix’s newest TC "ONSLAUGHT"...

Based on a Marvel Crossover this TC will feature many Heroes and Villains from Marvel Comics. In the Comics:

"Following a Nightmare of mysterious events, the X-Men Find themselves facing off against the being named Onslaught. The secret is finally revealed; the X-Men’s greatest foe is one of there own! A fierce battle ensues within the mansion as Xavier’s students attempt to subdue a former teammate gone mad. But even with the added strength of the once-unstoppable Juggernaut, the find themselves hard-pressed to subdue the seemingly endless might of their new enemy. his first victory secured, Onslaught leaves the X-men to try and pick up the pieces of the dream, now shattered... perhaps beyond repair."

Now Its up to every Super-Human on earth... You talk on the job of many superheroes. Using totally new Cogs and new Features... One of the Cooler features is The Scott Summers Cog which lets you see through his Ruby Glasses.. the Screen is really tinted red. There is also The Human Torch’s Flame-on, and others. Plus Great new levels, Even New York. Also a New way to Multiplay, The Danger Room. The Danger Room level will include the latest in Multiplayer AI.

Well my hands hurt. I’ll send Shots next time.


Sunday March 21, 1999 - No Episode 1 gaming news yet, but we do have a new Alliance!

Typos & Corrections...

Whoops! heh I noticed that the date was wrong in my last post, heh heh. That date was MARCH 15th, not FEBRUARY 15th. Now I see why everyone was mad at me now. It looked like it had been over a month since I last posted. No that was a typo, sorry about that. As you can see it is now fixed. *WHEW*, I may take the occasional week off, but not a whole month & a half!  I'll never be that bad!

X-Wing Alliance demo debuts!

Yeah, it's out, nuff said. Here's the announcement from LucasArts & the download site at



LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC is pleased to announce that the Demo
version for STAR WARS: X-WING ALLIANCE, the exciting new space
combat simulator, is now available.

Go to the URL below to find the download path:

The single and multi-player game, developed for the Window 95/98 CD-ROM
platform, is expected to appear on store shelves next week (week of
March 22, 1999.)


Customers who place their pre-orders now will receive X-WING ALLIANCE in a
limited edition box (featuring Lawrence Holland's signature) as well as an
X-WING ALLIANCE magic cube (approx. 2 inches wide/high) featuring 9 game
images that unfold before your eyes! Reference source code WINGMATE when
ordering to receive this special offer.

Note that quantities of these special premiums are running low,
so place your order today. Offer valid to United States addresses
only and cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer expires March 31,

Go to to place your order today.

Here's the link if you, like me, prefer downloading from there:

Try out X-Wing Alliance now!

X-Wing Alliance demo disappoints...?!

Somehow I was afraid that the size of the X-Wing alliance demo was a little too good to be true. Weighing in at a mere 28 MB, I found it lacking in a few areas. Sure to most of us 28 megs is pretty darn big, but if you consider the fact that most demos today are 35 MB or more, the Alliance demo is kinda small. Believe me it shows! Unless I personally was doing something wrong, & believe me I tried every way I could to get this to work, the thing has absolutely no 3d card support! Which means you are stuck with a software only video setting. If you are like me you can't even remember what that looks like anymore! Sadly the Demo refreshed my memory, & that's not a video setting I want to return to again anytime soon. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Alliance doesn't have 3D card support, I'm just saying that the feature is disabled in the demo, which made it really disappointing for me personally. Why am I telling you this? Well for two reasons: #1 I hope I'm wrong & just made a stupid mistake & someone will correct me. #2 Often companies will release Software only demos first, only to follow up with 3D supported demos. So all you 3D freaks like me might want to wait till then to download another large demo. I really hope I'm wrong on this one guys. If someone knows how to fix this, please, email me & tell me how stupid I was to post this message, heh heh.

Jedi's very own "Cali Girl" sure is cute...

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I just LOVE to give girl, excuse me GRRRRRLLLL gamers a hard time. Why? I dunno, maybe it all goes back to my childhood. Guys, you know what I'm talkin about. How all the girls called you immature because you played video games? ANYWAY, in my redneck one horse town I'm about the only serious Star Wars fan & Gamer for miles, so naturally girl gamers are a real rarity to me. So rare, in fact, I've sorta stereotyped them in the back of my mind as being fat, lazy, ugly girls who stay on their computers on a Saturday night playing cause they can't get a date. Maybe that Drew Carey episode where Drew & Mimi had "cybersex" made me think that..., I dunno, but ANYWAY I have come to rethink that opinion!  Turns out Jedi's own hard workin "Cali Girl" is quite a cute little number fellas! I was checking out the latest at yesterday & noticed she had posted a link to her own personal site complete with photos of herself! Check her out here. Don't you wish all girls were like her? Good lookin & game playing? Er....maybe not though. Cause then it would be a fight for the computer every night, heh heh. BTW, if you wondered the same thing I wondered all this time, the "Cali" in "Cali Girl" is short for California. Heh, and all this time i thought it came from some part of Star Wars trivia I just wasn't up on!

Last minute X-Wing Alliance demo 3d card info!!!!

Good news! While I was getting the link to Cali's website over at, I came across something good old Cali Girl dug up on that 3d card problem in my story about how the Alliance demo was a disappointment! Here's the fix, straight from the keyboard of the Calster herself. Man, that girl sure does manage a lot of sites! Wonder if she's getting paid for it....?

Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the following story, it is an exact copy of Cali's post, I give credit where credit is due!

-3D Fix for X-Wing Alliance -CaliGirl @ 3:55 PM

Billy over at Voodoo Extreme mentioned that X-Wing Alliance was not 3D accelerated (by default).  Fortunately, Max just shot off a fix/work-around, to enable your 3D hardware (and change resolution, and enable 3D Sound).  Here are the details:

In order to use 3d hardware find file called:
(it is located in X-Wing Alliance Demo directory)
Find the following line:
use_3d_hardware1 0
Change the 0 to 1, so the line reads:
use_3d_hardware1 1
Now the game will run in 3D.

For resolutions higher than 640-480 find:
screenres1 0
and change it to:
screenres1 1
for 800-600
screenres1 2
for 1024-768

For 3d sound find the following line:
3d_sound_enabled 0
and change 0 to 1:
3d_sound_enabled 1

Here is an easier way from another viewer at VE (which hasn't worked for everyone, the fix mentioned above, does):

I just saw your update on getting 3D hardware in the X-Wing Alliance Demo, and although it works, there is a much easier way, actually, a built in way. The demo just defaults to Software the first time, and you can't change it by hitting escape in the simulation, but if you hit esc on the first screen, go to video options, you can set all the 3D options you want, like mip mapping, palateized textures, hardware, resolution, ect. -Thanks Lawgiver

Yer the best Cali, don't ever change!

May the Force be with you!

Monday March 15, 1999 - Still anticipating those Episode 1 games!

Been by our Forum lately?

The Episode 1 buzz is in the air in a major way, and few places on the web reflect that buzz more that the MAG's own Members Forum! We have everything there from sneak peeks of the NEW Episode 1 skins for our upcoming BFP3: Prequel edition, to the latest rants & rumors about the new movies & the HOT games they will spawn. So if you haven't popped by there lately, please go check it out. Don't worry, membership is not required, but if you do post a message there, we invite you to join us. To get there, click here, or use the FORUM link on the left-hand side of this page. Check us out!

Coverage of Star Wars Gaming by CNet's

Our host Jedi touched on this story already, but I felt I needed to add a bit to it. CNet's has created a section devoted to Star Wars gaming coverage. The site is primarily geared towards the new games, but has extensive links to the Star Wars gaming community, and a slew of nifty Star Wars game demos. I just want to suggest that everyone head there now and bookmark this site. Why? because the news is gonna break on the new Episode 1 games REAL soon, and this and Jedi will be THE places to get the latest info and news on those games. So click here already & get busy bookmarkin that page people!

New Battlestar Galactica movie in the works...

This isn't Star Wars related, but being the eternal SCI-FI fan that I am I found this interesting & decided to pass it on to you guys. It seems that someone has decided to make a brand new movie based on the now classic television SCI-FI series, Battlestar Galactica. No surprise there huh folks? Of course I'm still waiting on that new Buck Rogers flick, heh heh. I want my Twiggy! Hee hee, just kidding folks! Click here to link to an article for the whole story.

The next evolution of Star Wars first person action games, or "Got Katarn?!"

A subject of somewhat fierce debate among the Star Wars gaming community a little while back was: "Will there be another Jedi Knight?" Given the success of the current game, that question seems to have answered itself. Everybody is fairly certain now that there will be another first person shooter from LucasArts that will give gamers the chance to take on the role of a Jedi knight once again. However, recent announcements abbot upcoming Episode 1 related games has brought another question to light. "Will the next installment of the Jedi Knight or Dark Forces series feature Kyle Katarn or will it instead focus on a new personality from the prequel era?" With the Star Wars community holding its breath for the release of news concerning the new games, this question is foremost of the minds of many Jedi Knight enthusiasts. what do YOU think? Email me your thoughts on this matter or click here to post a rant or opinion on our forum.

May the Force be with you!

Thursday March 11, 1999 - ***STAR WARS: EPISODE 1 NEWS FLASH***

Looks like those rumors about a new Episode 1 movie trailer were true...

Amazing is simply to mild a term...breathtaking doesn't even come close.....Guys I'm speechless. I just saw the *NEW* Star Wars: The Phantom Menace trailer on Extra a mere 30 minutes ago & I'm still trying to catch my breath! The visuals are absolutly stunning! I find myself wanting to see this 5 minute teaser over and over again & it's only the smallest portion of the movie itself! The new trailer is available for download & it is a huge 25 MB, but let me tell you people this is REALLY worth it. People on their death beds will find the strength to go on just to see this! Click here to head to the official download page now people! NOW! GO! Hee hee!

BTW, In case the link doesn't work the address is:

Tuesday March 9, 1999 - Watch out Descent: Freespace & Wing Commander!

LucasArts impending Alliance...

This is it people! This month it will be time once again to dust off that old Rogue Squadron flight-suit & hop back into the cockpit of that X-Wing! The newest Star Wars space sim (X-Wing Alliance) has been confirmed to be only weeks away! For anyone whose been livning under a rock the past few months this game is the sequel to the game that became a religion to some folks, X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter. Only this time you get to actually fly the Millenium Falcon during the climactic final battle with the Death Star in Return of the Jedi! Better yet the thing has full online support for multiplayer! So lets get ready to kick some serious online but Star wars fans! Here's the copy of the Email LucasArts sent me regarding Alliance's release:

LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC is pleased to announce that STAR WARS: X-WING ALLIANCE, the exciting new space combat simulator, has been released to manufacturing. The single and multi-player game, developed for the Window 95/98 CD-ROM platform, is expected to appear on store shelves the week of March 22, 1999.

The LucasArts web team continually updates the X-WING ALLIANCE sections of the Web site, so please keep checking the site at:

We have posted new sets of screenshots this week and last week, and are planning to offer new additions in the coming weeks.

Customers who place their pre-orders now will receive X-WING ALLIANCE in a limited edition box (featuring Larry Holland's (signature) as well as an X-WING ALLIANCE magic cube (approx. 2 inches wide/high) featuring 9 game images that unfold before your eyes! Reference source code WINGMATE when ordering to receive this special offer.

Quantities are limited, so place your order today. Offer valid to United States addresses only and cannot be combined with any
other offer. Offer expires March 31, 1999.

Go to to place your order today.

More on the new BFP2's...

In my last post I had an Email from a friend of the MAG called Kurgan regarding a few improvements he made on our two BFP2 Jedi Knight & Mysteries of the Sith skin & saber packs. For anyone who doesn't know, the BFP2 is the premier Jedi Knight add-on offered by JKMAG & its what made us "famous." The BFP2 adds 89 new skins and a large number of new sabers to JK & MOTS (there is one for each game). Some of the personas offered in the BFP2 even include their own sound schemes, like James Bond & South Park's Kenny. The Kurgster has put together two new versions of these packs that are smaller downloads & have fewer bugs. While the fewer bugs & smaller downloads are a plus, the only noticeable downside to this I can see is the possibility that running the BFP2 through JK Patch Commander may become a necessity. The older BFPs would run automatically when you launched the game, provided that they were properly installed. Rest assured I plan to download both versions & give 'em a thorough test drive. I'll have a full report posted here as soon as I get that done. Till then feel free to download them & try them for yourselves. They currently have JKMAG's full support. Click here to head to Kurgan's download page.

Saturday March 6, 1999 - Looks like the dry spell will be ending soon...

The new Star Wars games & JKMAG...

As many of you may have noticed, things have been pretty darn quiet as of late in the Star Wars Gaming community. While I have had a number of things in my personal life to come up & take my attention away from my duties at the MAG, I did check around all the Star Wars sites I have bookmarked almost every day. I noticed that nothing was really going on! Many of the sites were reporting on other games like patches for Starseige: Tribes & Quake III updates with little or no mention of Star Wars games! As a result, I chose not to post anything during this time & take a little breather for myself. Well, as they so often are, this dry spell also appears to have been the proverbial "calm before the storm!" The news on the new Episode 1 related games is about to break in a BIG way people! Gaming Websites are abuzz with promises of coverage and practically every gaming magazine is claiming that next month they will have the goods on these new games.  Plus lets face it folks, with Episode 1 a mere 2 months away, anticipation has been building. Many of you have emailed me asking "Will JKMAG create & support add-ons for these new games?" While I cannot vouch for my peers, I can say this: JKMAG was originally formed by a group of Star Wars First person shooter enthusiasts as a way to play Jedi Knight online quickly & to see to it that everyone had the same add-ons for the game. Since then, we have evolved into a repository of add-ons & a source for add-on news in the Star Wars community. With that in mind, I feel confident in saying that we will continue to evolve this site as more Star Wars First person games come out. That has always been our emphasis, and as far as I know it will remain that way. We're all hoping for a Dark Forces 3, but the fact is that Episode 1 may change all of that. Jedi Knight 3 could be a totally new game with no relation to the Dark Forces saga ( *Gasp* NO KATARN!). Heck, it may not even be called Jedi Knight! Whatever happens, I'm confident that JKMAG will be around for a good long while. Jedi Knight was simply too big a success for LucasArts not to make a sequel or related game. The Star Wars community is clamoring for a new Jedi-like first person experience. It's only a matter of time before LucasArts delivers again, and you better believe that the MAG will be right here with the best add-ons for that game, Episode 1 or otherwise!

The news page changes...

I want you guys to know that in this time that I haven't been posting, I have been busy trying to make accessing this page easier! Yes I have received all of your emails about how long it takes the page to load and yes I am aware of the issues with the links being the same color as the text. I think I have fixed the link problem. As you can see the links now appear in yellow rather than white. I had to reverse the text colors in our links bar to do it, but I pulled it off. Hope this is acceptable to you all. As for the load issues, I think that that is a server problem. I have trimmed the KB off my images as much as possible & archived the old stuff, but things still load a little slow. Sorry, if anyone has any further suggestions on how I can fix this problem, please email me and I'll be happy to try them.

Wing Commander movie to feature new Star Wars Trailer?!

Chances are most of you will probably head to the theaters to see Wing Commander the movie anyway, but in case you hadn't planned on it, here's a little extra incentive. Rumor has it that the Wing Commander movie will be accompanied by a brand spankin new Star Wars trailer! By new, I mean showing some movie footage that the first one did not. So keep your eyes & ears open for news about this. I don't know if its true or not, but hey, it was worth a mention.

YES! There is now a patched version of BFP2 available for download!!!

I got this Email from Chyren, who got it from Kurgan. Read on for the good news:

I fixed some bugs brought to my attention in the GobBFP2 for JKMAG. The Kenny and Goldenwolf skins will no longer crash when selected,
and the female characters' sounds are correct. The new version can be downloaded from:

Along with of course the GooBFP2 for MOTS (which did not need to be fixed).


You better believe more news is on the way, till then:

May the Force be with you!

February 24, 1999 - Been a while huh?

Finals & the Pentium III anticipation...

Yep, yer old pal Zeus is feelin the pain of final exams again. Fortunately, hot new Star Wars news has been pretty hard to come by lately, so I haven't missed much. I'll be done with finals soon & back in the groove here shortly. In the mean time, I'm eagerly awaiting February 28th, which is (as anybody who has a TV knows) the official release date for the Pentium III! I'll be buying a new computer next month, so this news was especially pleasing to me. I'll have a story up sometime that day with some details on Intel's latest next Generation processor.

A gaming hardware user's dream...

Today I heard that a new version of WinZip was available at and during the course of browsing through through their myriad patches, freeware, demos, etc. I stumbled upon this little gem at their video game section, This is basically a collection of extremely useful pieces of freeware, drivers & patches specifically designed to help you get the most out of your gaming hardware. They have everything from modem doctors, to peripheral software, to the latest 3DFX drivers. If you're a serious PC gamer, its definitely worth a peek. Click here to see if it lives up to my hype.

The new ICQ 99a (No you don't already have it!)...

Okay, I've gotten into several arguments with people about this online, so I checked it out. If you have ICQ 99a Alpha it is not the same as this version of icq called ICQ 99a Beta! That's right, the "a" after "99" does not stand for alpha! there is a new Beta version of ICQ 99a available! I installed it myself and found it to be far more stable & even packing in a few more features. Click here to get it from

Clicking the JKMAG sponsor banner & how it changed my life...

Yeah sure, they're a little annoying, all those ad banners at the top or all over a web page. Flashing in your eyes "BUY ME" or "DON'T DELAY, CLICK HERE NOW!" However, yesterday something on the MAG's banner happened to catch my eye. Being a great fan of all the futuristic architecture of the spaceships found in Star Wars, Star Trek, & B5 (to name a few) an ad for a site called Desktop Starships caught my attention. It too, like a site in one of our previous posts, is an online repository for some really breathtaking Star Wars & Sci-Fi art. BUT, Unlike that site, Desktop Starships has at least triple the images of the other site, and virtually all of them are first rate! You simply have to see this site to believe it! They have everything! Including desktop themes & even a downloadable Star Trek font style! Click here to check out desktop starships, but be forewarned: the pages are very graphics intensive, so expect some hefty load times.

May the Force be with you!  

Thursday February 19, 1999 - Back in business!

Fixed at last!? Is it really possible?!

I'm sure a lot of you are probably a little pissed at me for not updating here sooner, but I 've been busy working on two very important things. First I took a little time off to actually do what it was that inspired me to start writing here in the first place. I played some of the Jedi Knight unplayed add-ons I've had sitting in my hard drive for months now. Between school, work & the MAG I wasn't having ANY fun so I just took a small breather. I spent my time playing some single Player missions, particularly the Yugrin series (1-4) for MotS which is available at Hyperview & I highly recommend to anyone who likes single player missions. Once my R&R session was up, I decided to go over this page's HTML with a fine toothed comb & do my very best to weed out the flaws. I'm happy to say that I think I actually DID fix it this time! Yes miracles DO happen if you just believe. Just hope the ad banner doesn't mess up again when I upload. Plus I fixed this thing using Microsoft FrontPage & people tell me it can mess up your pages if the server doesn't support FrontPage's extensions. Guess we'll find out when I upload huh? If anyone notices any more glitches here, please Email me via my link on the left side of the page. Thanks for all the help everyone!

The Episode 1 Soundtrack available soon?

Here's a link to an online article with info about the availability of the Episode 1 soundtrack by the same composer of the original trilogy's music, John Williams! This is a must have for any Star Wars fan! Check out the article by clicking here.

More on X-Wing Alliance...

Here's a copy of an Email LucasArts sent me regarding the latest on X-Wing Alliance, the next chapter in the popular Star Wars Space combat game series:

For those of you who have not visited LucasArts's web site recently, the
team has posted a Product Spotlight dedicated to
the upcoming Star Wars®: X-Wing® Alliance (TM) release.

You can also place a pre-order through the LucasArts Company Store or a
retailer near you. See below for information about special pre-order


The Spotlight features:

* Updated game feature list
* New screen shots
* Frequently Asked Questions


Customers who place their pre-orders now will receive X-Wing Alliance in a
limited edition box (featuring Larry Holland's signature) as well as an
X-Wing Alliance magic cube (approx. 2 inches wide/high) featuring 9 game
images that unfold before your eyes! Reference source code Wingmate to
receive this special offer.

Quantities are limited, so place your order today. Offer valid to United
States addresses only and cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer
expires March 31, 1999.

Go to to place your order today.

X-Wing Alliance is due to ship this Spring.

StarCraft/Star Wars TC update...

My old pal Dash messaged me on icq yesterday with news on the Star Wars StarCraft TC. He sent in a couple of really nice pics he has been working on for the campaign selection screen. he tells he all he has left to do with this particular pic is animate it. If the guys working on this don't give up, it could shape into a really nice Conversion. Here are the pics:

Till next time, May the Force be with you!  

Saturday February 13, 1999 *NEWSFLASH* - THIS JUST IN!!!!

Rogue Squadron CTF for Jedi Knight released!!!

Man I'm so sorry I missed this! The Rogue Squadron site has released their highly anticipated Rogue Squadron CTF conversion pack for JK! It features new guns, items, force powers, skins, the whole nine yards! I'm dLoading my copy right now, so I'll let you know how good it is next post. Click here  to visit the site and download your copy! (3.91MB) 

Saturday February 13, 1999 - Hard at it!

What I've been up to...

Okay I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that its been a week since my last post here. Well the reason for this is that I've been hard at work on ironing out all the glitches in the news page in an attempt to try and find some way to get it to load faster! In fact what you are looking at right now has been built from the ground up using a raw template me & Chyren created just for this purpose. What really sux is I have to go back & redo our links section because as you can see I still have underlined links! Hopefully that will be resolved by my next post. The site builder template is a toll for people who run JKMAG affiliated sites only, so if you're one of our crew Email me for a copy. 

The Archives...

Totmachen has been so kind as to agree to create a type of archives index page for me that will split the archives into quarterly sections. We are hoping this will serve to alleviate the load times associated with this section as well. Until he completes work on this I'll only have my posts for the last 2-3 months archived. Hope this fixes that prob too.

The News...

To be quite honest, I think I picked a good time to work on this because I haven't heard any really earth-shattering JK or MotS news! I have a link posted below to a really cool MotS single player level by SavageX (he does really good cut scenes). Perhaps the most noteworthy thing was that Azlon sent me a copy of his popular Manowar 3 Jedi Luke Skywalker skin & it was for Jedi Knight! That's right, Azlon's awesome Jedi Luke skin for JK! This is also a sure fire bet that he'll use the skin in Manowar 4 which will be a JK mod this time around. Anybody who wants a copy of this skin to try out feel free to Email me & I'll send it to ya.

Kyle's clone?!

SavageX has created another excellent Single Player level, this time for MotS! The story revolves around a clone of Kyle Katarn named Jake McHenry. The clone was made by the infamous Grand Admiral Thrawn as a last ditch effort to restore the Empire to its former glory. Click here to visit Hyperview & get their thoughts on the level.

That's all for now! I'll have more once I've finished all my work on this page! Till next time May the Force be with you!

Saturday February 6, 1999 - A facelift for our forum!

JKMAG's classic forum format returns!

Yep, things at the new Forum may not look the same, but they sure work the same as they did in the hey-day of CLIFFE & DarkEagle when they ran the MAG! Heck, I was getting a nostalgia trip just by posting there! I think our webmaster Chyren described the new forum's functionality the best in this announcement he posted on the old forum:

It is a thread-based, HTML-compliant message board and you do not have to register to use it so it's like the
old one. New JKMAG members, if any are reading this, you will have no problem using that board, so don't hesitate to
introduce yourselves. Old members, hey, what can I say? I'm sorry for the hassle! 


Seriously, I'd like to urge people to try out this forum. Its very simple to use & is a really great way to debate all things Star Wars & JK. In the days of CLIFFE, Vandelay, & DarkEagle the old JKMAG forum was the social hub of the Jedi Knight online community. With your support it can be again! Our forum link in the links bar has been updated, but if you're lazy, just click here to pay the forum a visit! While you're there, check out the BFP3 prequel skins sneak preview that Chyren posted! It features some awesome pics of three preliminary prequel-based skins for the BFP3, including a spectacular Darth Maul skin complete with lightstaff! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!!

The Skinny on the new BFP's...

Last post I mentioned that work was being done on the BFP3, the third installment of JKMAG's massive skinpack for JK & MotS. Well many of you are probably wondering what's up with the BFP2.1, the add-on & bug fix patch for the current BFP2. To be honest as of now the BFP2.1 project is in a transitory state, meaning it's in the process of being handed over to a new project leader (see the next story by UltraTommy for further details). Tazz, the current project leader, did provide enough advance warning that he would be leaving the project and we expect to find a replacement leader soon. As of now we remain undecided as to continue with the BFP2.1 project, or to simply incorporate the new skins & bug fixes into the BFP3, which was intended to work with BFP2.1 in mind. We'll have more updates on the BFP situation as the arrive. 

Good-bye to Tazz...

Our faithful Big Fluffy Pac-Man, Tazz, is stepping down from his duties here as BFP Guru. Anyone that has been checking the forum knows that there are 2 upcoming BFP projects in the works.  BFP 2.1 which is near close to release and of course the BFP3 "Prequel Pack" that is being released to commemorate The Phantom Menace.  If you have the skills, Please e-mail submissions or head to the new forum to discuss what you can do to help. 

Thanks Tazz for all your help.

Ditto from me Tazz!

Tie Fighter Mod for Jedi Knight Released...

Greven, from The Workshop, has created in the course of 11 hours a Tie Fighter Mod for JK.  It's mainly a multiplayer mod where you fly around and shoot your friends out of the sky:)! He says it's really very simple, but it's still fun as hell!  Visit The Workshop at the above link and download the mod!

(Thanks to JediNights/Element God)

Hyperview Update...

Dethlord has updated at Hyperview. Here's a bit on what he had to say:

Well, to say the least, we're really bogged down right now. We've got a whole bunch of levels sitting in the grab bag. Right now, Blaine hasn't around since he's struggling with his email, I'm struggling with my email Hotmail doesn't support resuming . . . can you believe that? A Microsoft server that doesn't resume, Farrax is busy with his upcoming level, In the Tank (Why do you think I'm updating?), and other reviewers are busy with all sorts of other stuff. This basically leaves me and Tim Jones. Datacha also has done a couple of reviews. But I'm sure you'll get sick of 3 people doing all the reviews. If you feel like it, send in a review or two, and maybe you can be a reviewer. If we like what we see, you'll get a response. And thanx to those of you who already have sent in reviews.

So, if you think you have the stuff, go check out a few of the levels they have in the Grab Bag and send in your reviews.  If you really like the level, and think it's up to JKMAG quality standards, please let me know at, so that I can get the level testing team on it and get it posted on our very own Levels Page!

Level Testers...

I want to say that I really appreciate everyone who stepped up to join the level testing team. I would ask, though that everyone who has already volunteered, and those who still wish to, please send me an Email clearly stating your ICQ # and Email address to I've been having problems with my ISP and I've lost a few messages and I want to make sure that nobody gets left out.

Origins Team Recruiting...

Wazzit, from the Origins Editing Team is in need of some help to finish some projects they're working on. Here's a bit of what he had to say on the matter:

The Origins Team is in great need of new skilled editors that have the time to edit Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith. Members must be online often, and must have an open mind and a good imagination, they must also not have a
problem with other members of the Origins Team. Members must have experience, and have to show me a sample of their work in an e-mail to me. The Origins Team is in need of a lot of positions, just tell me what you can do and I'll tell you if we need your help. 

They are currently working on 2 projects:

A new class pack for MotS including classes for Jedi Lord, Mandalorian, Recon, and Psycho; and another project that is as of yet untitled.

They have already finished a TC for Jedi Knight called "The First Offensive" which includes 4 new levels, 2 new weapons, a binoculars mod, and new skins as well.

Thursday February 4, 1999 - A beefier BFP...

BFP3 "Prequel Edition" Preview...

The name might not be official yet, but the "Rossy Aussie" Chyren has posted a mini preview of our upcoming skinpack in the forum.  There are 3 skins included so far, with 2 versions of Darth Maul, Young Obi Wan, and Qui Gon Jinn which have all been made by Al McDonald (resident kickass skin artist). Normally I wouldn't post about a thread from our forum, although it IS the lifeline of JKMAG, but I especially thought that these screenshots were special and that those of you who read this page who don't visit the forum would maybe head on over there now by clicking here.--------------um, I meant NOW!

The Logo Contest Winner...

Well, as you have probably already guessed by the fact that they are still up, the logos by Ryan Swartz's 3Design were our winners hands down. Although I did receive several entries, none of them held a candle to the two Ryan's organization sent us. The first one is the beautiful one that features the Dark Superman skin at the top of this page, while the other one is featured at the top of our archives section. Click the above link to head over to Ryan Swartz's 3Design to check out more of their outstanding work. Thanks a lot guys!

Spotlight on X-Wing Alliance...

Here's a copy of the latest E-Newsletter from Lucasarts. This month's letter focuses on some new additions to Lucasarts website dedicated to supporting X-Wing Alliance, the latest upcoming installment in the popular X-Wing space combat game series from the company. Read on, oh devoted Star Wars fans:


LucasArts has just posted a completely new product spotlight, dedicated to
the upcoming X-Wing Alliance release.

You can visit the spotlight at:

The Spotlight features:

* Updated game feature list
* New screen shots
* Frequently Asked Questions

In addition, the LucasArts Company Store has created a special offer for
those who place their orders in advance.

Customers who place their pre-orders now will receive X-Wing Alliance in a
limited edition box (featuring Larry Holland's signature) as well as an
X-Wing Alliance magic cube (approx. 2 inches wide/high) featuring 9 game
images that unfold before your eyes! Reference source code WINGMATE to
receive this special offer (please ensure that WINGMATE is entered in
upper case on the order form).

Quantities are limited, so place your order today. Offer valid to United
States addresses only and cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer
expires March 31, 1999.

Go to to place your order today.

X-Wing Alliance is due to ship this Spring.

Manowar 4 Confirmed...

Below is a copy of an Email Azlon sent to our webmaster Chyren yesterday regarding the future of DagWars and Manowar for JK & MotS.

Well after continued hard drive problems, no CD player for my editing PC, and with no spare cash to fix it anytime soon "Taxes Time OUCH!"...I decided again to put DagWars on Hold :( If I decide not to do it you can use my
CarboFlash Grenade for your project if you want it.... heck you can use it anyway if you want let me know what you decide). Oh I do have other PC's but with all the comp crashes that editing can bring sometimes with coding I
don't want to take any chances with them :) Now onto my latest news........

After considering that I told one of my sons I was going to do a special Manowar for Jedi Knight just for him and I we decided that I might as well when finished send it out to the public. At this time I have one new level actually. It's [called] Industrial Lair, like the one in Mots M3 but Kurt did this one for JK first before doing a conversion of it over to Mots. Not sure yet of everything I will change other than fix the level switch bug that's in the ManoDM.gob when you try to go to
another level in the Manowar levels it goes to the credits... M3 works perfectly  :) I will add all the redone skins of the Mandalorians and the new ones, The VanGuards, the Jedi Kyle, NO Luke's though (I don't want to do a new one as I can't use the Mots 3do in JK), all the new sounds, the new saber code, and some more adjustments. I may also redo the weapon balance not giving as much ammo etc. like M2 is now more like Manowar 3 but not sure exactly what I'll change with that. I wanted to let you know as I could use some feed back from you on this as well as from the other staffers at Jkmag. I value your input on this and when done this will be the absolute final Manowar for Jedi Knight, so I want to try to make it as good as Manowar 3.


Well, there you have it folks, concrete proof that there will be another Manowar. Try & keep your shirts on though, its obviously very far from being so much as in the preprogramming stages (obviously)! However since this is news of what could ne the LAST Manowar TC for JK, I wanted to get it posted. Stay tuned for more details on this and other TC's.
May the Force be with you! 

Tuesday February 2, 1999 - UltraTommy on art appreciation...Star Wars style!

Gorgeous 3D Star Wars Art!

This isn't really gaming news or anything, but I've run across a page with some of the most beautiful fan made Star Wars art I've ever seen! I had to share it with all of you. is one of the best Star Wars fan sites that I've ever seen.  They've got a lot of information and a links page that not only has links galore, but also gives a rating for each site that it links to.  However, the real reason for anyone to ever visit Imperial Center is the 3D art that the webmaster has created.  I'm putting a couple of thumbnails here which are clickable to full screen images.  If you think these are unbelievable, go check out the rest of them at the art page!

Archives II coming soon...

Just want to let everyone know that I'll be archiving a large portion of this section soon. So if anyone needs some Mod or TC that I have a link up for in the old archives, you better get it quick. I also imagine I'll put the Manowar 3 pics posted in the old archives into cold storage on my hard drive until (or in case) I every need them again for some reason. As ever if somebody wants a copy of anything posted here, please Email us & we'll be happy to send whatever you need.

Paintball TC released!

Moldy Crow Productions has released their much anticipated Paintball TC. The TC offers 3 new weapons, including a grapple, and 2 paintball guns. The guns require paintballs AND Co2 to work to keep with the realism of a real paintball war.  The TC also comes with 3 levels with 2 more planned for the near future including a HOCKEY RING! Remember
though that it is a BETA release and therefore there are some bugs in it that are currently being worked out by the team.  Bug submissions can be sent to Obsidian at  You can download the TC by clicking here

Secret Pentium III preview URL...

As a subscriber to the Intel E-newsletter, I get some interesting tidbits mailed to me from the company on a regular basis. Lately, they've sent me a substantial amount of info regarding their latest next generation processor, the Pentium III. I got the following Email today with a "secret" URL for "subscribers only". Well, since I doubt the Intel Police will come knocking on my door for this one, I opted to post the URL for everyone else to see! Here's the goods:

Want to find out more about the Pentium III processor?
As an Owner's Club member, you can be one of the first
to preview the Pentium III processor Showroom at

This new processor will integrate the best attributes
of our latest processor platforms with new technology
that enables advanced imaging, amazing 3D, streaming
audio and video, and speech recognition applications.
Catch a glimpse of how you might shop, surf
easy and play hard on the Internet with our
fastest desktop processor ever.

Spaceport Reopens...

JKMAG's "best friend" Nijaan's site The Spaceport will be returning soon. 
Here's a little blurb from his post on JediNights:

If you have read my .plan from a few days back you would be informed of the
fact that The Spaceport is coming back as originally planned. I expect for
about 2 to 3 weeks until the initial release of The New Spaceport. 

Ok Nij let's get to the point shall we? 

Well I need your help so if you would like to help out with content for The
Spaceport. Please contact me whether you want to help write articles, submit
literature or artwork.

If you are also a project group, editor, or programmer and would like to have a
project tracker up for your conversion, level, or utility, please by all means
contact me by clicking here. I will be sure to reply to you ASAP.


The Final Word...

Wow! For a part time staff writer UltraTommy sure is pumping out the stories huh? Great work Tommy! Thanks to all our readers who responded to our request for level testers, all your Emails have been forwarded to UltraTommy. Tommy's Email link in the blue bar on the left has gone active, so anyone else wanting to sign up for level testing can reach him there. I also want to add that this post will mark the LAST chance for anyone interested in participating in our news page logo contest to get their entries in. If you are still interested, details can be found in my Thursday January 21st post. Thanks to everyone who entered, & a winner will be declared as of my next post! That's all for now! Until next time,
May the Force be with you!


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