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Episode 1: The Phantom Menace is here at last!!!

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Monday: June 21, 1999 - 7PM, Scorp's Word

TPM hits #4 in the box office!

Now TPM is up to #4. Keep on going!

:(, :), :Þ,:P, :O), :oO

Sorry I haven't updated lately. A bunch of things going on at once! uh-oh I think I am going to faint. XO( zzzzzzzzzz.


Man I had a couple of funny pictures and stuff to show you but I can't now because I can't download them from right now because it is down. sorry. later though.

Saturday: June 19 (Fan Day!), 1999 - 12PM, Scorp's Word

TPM hits #6 in the box office!

I just heard from the that TPM has reached #6! Alright!

Star Wars fan day

Hope you all went to the theaters for fan day. It has been a month since the opening and it is time to live again the opening day of TPM. I shouldn't be talking though because I couldn't go. :( No money. I will make it up when I get money though. :)

Digital Test Screening

There was a a couple reports at of a Digital Test screening of TPM, here they:

Zan writes: "I just returned from the first DLP all digital screening of Star Wars in Los Angeles. From the moment the DLP trailer came on, the amazing difference in picture quality was apparent. In the opening scene, the stars and text crawl were so sharp, that it actually looked 3D! I had to walk from the back to the front of the theater and from side to side to find seats and the picture was equally clear and sharp. I also noticed that the picture was rock steady, and the shaking usually caused by bad timing in the shutter was completly absent. From my third row seats, I couldn't really see any pixels even though I was only about 10 feet from the screen. The only place where pixels were a problem was on things that were in focus and not moving, such as the subtitles. Still, they didn't detract from the total experience. During the credits, me and a large number of people went up to the screen to look at it up close. Seeing this, the projectionist turned on the lights, and the amazing thing is that the picture was hardly affected by this and lost very little contrast. Upon examinig the credits, I could see the pixels were rather large, about a square centimeter, but it looked like each pixel was made out of four smaller pixels, which would mean that it is possible for higher resolution movies to be shown, although this resolution is fine. The rock steady and flicker free picture, the absence of reel change symbols, and the incredible sharpness all made the movie more enjoyable then the film version. Although DLP has its disadvantages such as in the subtitles and with security concerns (I overheard an theater security person talking about lucasfilm's worries about digital piracy), think that DLP will catch on, at least in the larger theaters. The DLP projection was was really worth seeing, and i urge anyone in southern California or New York to see it before July 18th." Also, Ted writes: "I just got back from the 8:00 digital screening of Episode 1 at the Paramus Rt. 4 Tenplex. The digital projector is set up in theater 1, which holds about 600 people. I was somewhat disappointed to find that there were probably aboout 100 empty seats remaining at the start of the movie. Anyway, the digital projection (the Cinecom version) was excellent. The major differences from the standard film projection were that colors were more intense, and details were significantly sharper. On the whole, the effect was that I could spot background details that I hadn't noticed in my 5 previous viewings of the film. Additionally, in many cases depth was more realisic. I believe this was due to the sharper colors. On the whole, I'd say that the picture quality from the digital projection was about 20% better than the standard film projector was on the same screen. I saw TPM in the very same theater on opening day, which makes for easier comparison."

Okay, so I turn around and the jaw drops in awe when I see the 3 colors projected like a rainbow through the theater. It was beautiful. The Fox logo has never looked so brilliant. The stars of the opening crawl never have sparkled so bright. Just when I thought I had seen this film so much I knew all the little things to looks for - I found myself noticing new characters in the pod race crowds - and even little details from algae on the outer walls of the Gungan city to the shrap blades of grass in the battle field at the end. Unreal. I was amazed at how un-pixilated it looked and the lack of digital strobe I expected to see. I did notice it in a few spots where there is a lot going on and things are moving fast right to left or left to right - but other then that, when you take into account that there will never be scratches and there are no film reel chages causing any skips, it's not a bad trade off. All I'll say is that every film you have ever seen in a theater was vhs. This is dvd.

From that moment it was almost a whole new world. The crispness and clearness was unbelievable from where I was sitting in the center and I saw no pixelization. It was the clearest movie I've ever seen in my life. It was like whatever was on the screen actually existed right there in the theatre. Of course, some people may not pay much attention, but for me it made a GREAT difference in the pod race, the Gungan battle, the approach to Theed, etc. Oh my goodness, my friends you should have seen it, it was absolutely brilliant!

The colors on this print were amazing and the details crisp and clean. I noticed things I never saw before -- the Kaadu have a beautiful orange hue to them, Sebulba's skin is surprisingly purple in spots, the water as seen through the bubbles of Otoh Gunga and the cockpit of the Bongo was an electrified blue, the glow of the lightsabers was intense, the details of the Droids when they were destroyed by the sabers was awesome, the sunsets on Coruscant where fantastic, the energy binders on the pods blinding and bright purple, the darks were blacker, and the great detail in the faces of the members of the Jedi Council and the architecture surrounding its building. I can go on like this, but sufficed to say, it was beautiful. Those with DVD players remember the first time they realized how much sharper the image quality was over VHS will understand. I can easily make the same analogy here.


Friday: June 18, 1999 - 11PM, Scorp's Word

Make your own stormtrooper costume!

I just found this really cool article at and thought I should share it with all of you too! It seems that you can build a professional stormtrooper costume and rifle. Yes I found it hard to believe at first too but I checked it out, every step, and it looks like straight from the movie! I am definitely going to build one first chance I get. downside is that it ends up costing around $600. I am willing to pay that much how about you? :) well you can check that out here.

Thursday: June 17, 1999 - 3PM, Scorp's Word

Jar Jar Torture?

I found this funny page at . It appears there is a Jar Jar Torture Engine . Rather you like him or not this has gotta be a must see! There is also a link where you can cast your vote if you like Jar Jar or not!

Special South Park: Making fun of Jar Jar

If you saw the newest episode of South Park there was many references to Jar Jar read-up folks!

It's pretty apparent after last night's South Park that Trey Parker and Matt Stone hate Jar-Jar as much as I do! Last night's episode featured creatures called Jackovosaurs that lived in Stark's Pond. The female of this duck-billed, wiry species spoke the same "wesa-meesa-yousa" dialogue as Binks. One of her lines was, "Wesa in big doodoo!!!". The kicker? Her name was "June-June"!!! The male spoke semi-normally (although like Austin Powers when he couldn't "control the volume of my voice"), but was clumsy and fell over everything. It was like they split Jar-Jar into male and female. Anyway, the town began to hate the Jackovs because they became "annoying and irritating". They tried to get rid of them and eventually shipped them off to France where they were "funny like Jerry Lewis". The only person who liked them in South Park was Cartman, who sounded a lot like all the Jar-Jar sympathizers here in real life!!!

Poor Jar Jar! :)

Wednesday: June 16, 1999 - 2PM, Scorp's Word

Duel of the Fates Remix????

Word at says there is a duel of the fates dance remix out. first word that comes to my mind is huh?????? Usually dance and intense lightsaber battles don't go together. I could be wrong but those are my initial thoughts. Go here if you want to purchase this single.

Tuesday: June 15, 1999 - 11AM, Scorp's Word

In case you missed it

In case you missed it there are two interesting levels over at

File: The Phantom Menace: Final Battle
Author: Darth Maul | Screenshots: # 1 | # 2

Description: Now Jedi Knight players can now
re-enact the favorite scene of the final lightsaber
battle in Episode 1! In this level, you are Obi-Wan
Kenobi, with your master Qui-Gon Jinn together
to try to defeat Darth Maul. This is a JK Single
Player Level.

File: Duel Of The Fates (552 KB)
Author: HothRebel
Type of Level: Jedi Knight Multiplayer Addon
Description: This is a Jedi Knight Multiplayer saber
level of the Episode 1: final duel segment at Theed.
The design is based between the Phantom Menace PC
game and the movie itself. Episode 1 skins are already
included in the file - no need for a patch unless you
want to use a double saber (not included).

(Click for larger image)

David Letterman's Top Ten

When surfing the net I found this funny tidbit at . It is David Letterman's Top Ten list. The
top ten things people hate more then Jar Jar Binks. Here it goes:

10. Bleeding profusely from the ears, nose and eyes
9. The thought of a Quayle presidency
8. People who ask, "Workin' hard or hardly workin'?"
7. His wife, Hillary Rodham Binks
6. Finding out Amy Fisher is your new neighbor
5. Having a perfectly good day and then suddenly for no reason thinking of Andy Rooney
4. The Belgians
3. The Secret Word Contest
2. Anyone besides Austin Powers who uses phrase, "Yeah, baby!"
1. Spending eight bucks to watch him

I personally don't like number 4 since I am quarter Belgian. grrrrr!!!! oh well. hope you got a good laugh.

Monday: June 14, 1999 - 10PM, Scorp's Word

Obi-Wan description for Episode II

On a visit to I came across this sketch of what Obi-Wan might look like in Episode2. Take
a look for yourself (click for larger image):

update: sorry about the image. The site is down at the moment. Again sorry for the inconvenience.

Leo rumors might be true?

Also on my visit I picked up this interesting article on the new Anakin rumor of Leonardo Dicarprio becoming
Anakin in Episode2. It sounds bad to some people and good to others. This guy sent in this sketch. It might be a
fake but nothing has been confirmed yet. Check it: (click for larger image)

Monday: June 14, 1999 - 6PM, Scorp's Word

Hey I am back!

Sorry peoples! I finally got this figured out and should be updating very often. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wednesday: May 19, 1999 - 12AM, Gone Pod Racing!!!!!!

Sorry guys, I'm out till August!

Well folks, as it so often does, real life has once again intervened and caused a schism between myself & my duties here at the MAG. As a lot of you know, on August 7th I will be marrying my girlfriend of six years, Queen Hera (that's her ICQ nickname anyway)! Well, all the work I have to do to get this deed done has REALLY overwhelmed me! I talked it over with Chyren, & decided I needed to take some time off between now & the wedding so I can get things together for me & my bride-to-be. I AM NOT QUITTING! I am just so stressed working two jobs & looking for a piece of land to put our trailer house on that I realistically won't have enough time to post news here on a regular basis. Take heart though! When I do return sometime between August 18-31 I will have myself a brand new PC of my very own! That means no more fighting with the family for computer time which will in turn make it easier for me to work on the news. Also I've been grooming Scorpion to help me out here & he may post some news from time to time in my absence. I plan to post some wedding pics sometime before or after the honeymoon, but it will depend on how much time I have. BTW, hope you all like the new links bar & logo. Felt they needed a bit of sprucing up. Wish me luck guys!

May the force be with you! (Shhhh listen! Maybe you can hear your Metachlorians speaking!!!!!)

Wednesday: May 19, 1999 - 8PM, Scorp's word....

*Whoops! Due to a slight HTML glitch, our Netscape readers were unable to view the news page during the earlier part of   today. The error has been fixed. Enjoy Scorpion's review of Episode 1: TPM. Sorry about that gang!        

The review you have all been waiting for!

The experience overall I would have to say was great! Not only the show but the 7 hour wait, the anticipation, with all of the other fans. Lightsaber duels, Hackey Sack and even the cops having to stop by was awesome. I know you want to hear the Scorpion review of the movie so here it is:

It started out with the classic Star Wars title and 217 screaming fans. Right then you knew it was going to be a great experience. The movie went along great with many cool scenes. Afterwards I heard some of my friends say how disappointed they were and my other friends and I thought that they were full of B.S. That night I only got like 3 hours of sleep. I stayed up talking about the movie for a long time. The only thing wrong with the movie was the Gungans (Jar-Jar civilization), the character development and Qui-Gon and Queen Amidala's acting. Jar-Jar was a little bit better then I thought he would be but floppy ears? duck-billed? ugly clothes? caribbean accent? These can't be good. I would say that the Gungan battle when some of them got killed was a good thing.

Speaking of good there were a lot more awesome aspects. First off I have to say that the pod racing was a superb scene. Anakin I would have to say busted out the moves in that race. There is a miniture Greedo character that sucked majorly. The battles against the droids were also very well done. They busted out their lightsabers and kicked the droid's asses! The saber fights were just the best (especially against Darth Maul). Speaking of Darth Maul he is the best of the best. His fighting style with the double bladed lightsaber can not be beat. The only bad part is they didn't tell much about his character. The Jedi Council was also a great part of the movie. With Yoda and Mace Windu they were rocking. Anakin's character development was really good. His piloting skills were there as well as his innocence. It is kind of strange when you know his future. The acting of the character was superb. He showed great emotion.

Being a Jedi Knight gamer I do have to mention the great use of force powers. In the beginning you hear Qui-Gon say GO! to Obi-Wan and all of a sudden they are across the room, can anyone say force speed? Also during the lightsaber battle with Darth Maul a couple of times they used the force jump. Who can forget the force push on the battle droids. Obi-Wan was actually another well developed character. His voice sounded equal to Alec Guinesses Obi-Wan and Ewan just seemed like a great actor to be playing Obi-Wan. There was much intensity in the movie. Especially towards the end of the movie. You just had this great feeling. The ending sequence did complete the movie and I was left with a smile when the credits came up, a sort of satisfaction you could say.

So there you have it. No spoilers, no flaws, no dumb critics. This is highly recommended to see like 5 or 6 times. I am glad I waited that long for tickets. Good News and Good Night! in line for tickets. It was a great experience.

Wednesday: May 19, 1999 - 12AM, The wait has ended....

It's midnight baby!!!

As I type this hundreds of screaming (and lucky) Star Wars fans have entered theaters, bought their popcorn & cokes and are probably sick with anticipation as they sit through the previews of new movies to come. They are the lucky ones, just mere moments away from seeing that movie that has been on the minds of all of us lately, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace! I can't help but feel a little jealous. Sure they were the freaks who sat in front of theaters for months just to see this movie, but hey, how many of us can honestly say that we wouldn't want to be in their shoes right now?! I personally will have to wait until Saturday night to see it, work & finals are keeping me away. Our man Scorpion is on location at his hometown theater (quite possibly as I am typing this) waiting to see the movie & as I mentioned in my earlier post he'll have us a review of the movie. I got an ICQ message from him asking me a few questions about it, and from that I gather that the review will be posted here shortly, so keep checking in here for that. As you can see, I created a brand new News logo to help us get into the spirit of Episode 1, and we'll continue to bring you the latest on Episode 1 related JK & MotS add-ons, plus news of hot new Episode 1 games, like Obi-Wan Kenobi. Things are really gonna start heating up around here, so stay tuned!

So Episode 1 is out & you're stuck at home....

If you're like me, you are just one of the unfortunate masses cursed by having to stay home tonight while all of the die-hard lunatic fans are living their fantasies and watching Episode 1. I'll bet you're getting really tired of seeing all those news broadcasts full of happy lunatics waiting in line, not to mention those idiotic taco bell, Kentucky fried Chicken, and Pizza Hut commercials where Colonel Sanders is wielding a lightsaber?!! (maybe that's part of his secret recipe) THERE ARE BETTER STAR WARS RELATED THINGS TO LOOK AT TONIGHT!!!! To help stop the madness, here's a few links to whet your Phantom Menace appetites:

The Force.Net: Quite possibly THE #1 Star Wars news site out there. Lots of good links, articles & more.

The JKMAG Forum: This is really a great place to discuss all things Star Wars & Star Wars games. Our forum has always been a pretty popular place for Star Wars discussion. Our host has all sorts of links to episode 1 gaming goodies for Jedi Knight. Go here if you just can't wait for those games.

IconsPLUS: A great place to pick up some HOT new Episode 1 icons and few wallpaper images (be sure to read the installation instructions).

The Star Wars 3D modeling Alliance: A REALLY great site for awesome Star Wars 3d art and wallpaper, over 70 pages of images.

There, hopefully all that will help to make our wait a bit more tolerable! I'll se all of you on the forum!
May the Force be with you!

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