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Saturday: May 15, 1999 - Zeusy's back on track at last!!!!!

Return of the Jedi & other things to come....

*Whew* What a relief this is! I thought I'd never get things back up & running! Its good to finally be able to update my page at last. Thanks to everyone for being so understanding while my computer was down, and thanks especially to Chyren & Ultratommy for updating for me. I really appreciate it guys. I'm working on a couple of arrangements, that hopefully will see to it my shoes here are filled in the event that my PC gets fried again, but lets not even think about that now! First off I want to welcome a new news-page staffer, Scorpion! Scorpion saw I was in need and offered me his services about a month ago. After checking out a few JK sites he'd worked for I let him join the staff. His first big project for us will be a review of that movie we're all dying to see, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace! I'm letting him do the review because he tells me he will get to see Episode 1 early due to a special offer a movie theater in his town is offering. Scorpion can then give us a review of of TPM from a gamer's perspective, probably before anyone here gets a chance to even see it! So keep checking back here for more updates on that. Now speaking of TPM.....

Sam Jackson gets more prominent role in Episode 2!

After hearing that Sam Jackson was going to play Jedi Knight Mace Windu, many Star Wars fans were pretty excited. Jackson has played many "tough-guy" roles in his movies, and the type of riveting characters the actor has portrayed made a lot of people (myself included) eager to see a new Jackson character take on the Star Wars universe. Imagine the disappointment when we found out Jackson's appearance in the film is more of a cameo, lasting only about five minutes. Well, it seems Lucas got the message that several fans were disappointed, & has promised a larger role for Jackson in the next installment of the prequels, tentatively called Episode 2. Click here to read the article.

Jedi Knight follow up announced!!!!!

Unless you've been under a rock or something lately, you may have heard that LucasArts has at long last, announced its next Jedi type first person shooter at E3 just the other day. Its called Episode 1: Obi-Wan Kenobi. Although LA was reported to be very secretive about the title, it promises to be right up there with Jedi Knight in gameplay with fresh new graphics. Just what we've all bee dying for! Rest assured your pals here at the MAG are all over this story like slime on a frog and the moment any news breaks we'll let you know. Once the game is out we'll also scrounge up the latest on the hot new Add-ons this game is sure to spawn. Click here to read Gamcenter's article on the game.

BFP3 & JKMAG-X Developments...

Just wanting to let everyone know that Chyren is hard at work on the pages for our sister site, JKMAG-X. For those of you who don't know, the X (as I have taken to calling it) will be JKMAG's official site for X-Wing Alliance add-ons. Expect a few changes around here to incorporate more X-Wing gaming news once the pages are up. I'll keep everyone posted on its development. As for the BFP3, well, that has to be the only thing Chyren is slaving away on harder than JKMAG-X! He tells me that things are going well though, & we can expect an update soon. Remember gang, only 4 more days till Episode 1 opens in the U.S.!!! Buy those tickets now or you'll be sorry!!! 'Til next time, May the Force be with you!

Friday April 30, 1999 - The Celebration Begins!

Star Wars Celebration

The Star Wars Celebration starts TODAY!!! I will actually be missing the first half of the show, I'm not getting into Denver until 11.30 pm Saturday, but DASH will be there the whole time. He's agreed to contribute to the Celebration pages that I promised you to make up for the time I'll miss. Look below for the rest of the story on the pages.

Celebration Coverage - Straight Dope

Here's the deal about the celebration. I got the digital camera, but it's my cousin's and he only uses a MAC!. I need to buy a special cable to convert this camera to pc and I have to dl the program, so I won't have the pics up on the weekend as I hoped. I will be able to take up to 48 hi res images though, and I WILL get it set up ASAP.

However, I will make a live news update from my hotel room on sunday nite after the show. The only reason I can't do it on Saturday is because my boss jacked the notebook and it will be sunday before I have a computer to update on!!!

Episode 1 tickets can be purchased in advance!

In an article in Entertainment Weekly & on Entertainment Tonight it was announced that people will be able to purchase Episode 1 Tickets one week before the movie opens!!! The catch? There is a max of only twelve tickets per person. You can't buy any more than that. This is supposed to discourage scalpers. Hell guys, I'll be happy just to get ONE ticket. I'll leave the missus at home if necessary! Its STAR WARS for cryin out loud!

Early release on prequel toys!

Yep! Thats right! FIVE of the NEW Episode 1: The Phantom Menace figures from Hasbro have hit the shelves! Sort of a preview of whats to come. The five figures include:
1. The skinless C3PO from the new movie. (Looks really cool! The best one in my opinion.)
2. That sneaky Senator Palpatine.
3. Watto The Junk dealer (The 'owner' of Anakin and Shmi Skywalker - they are slaves.)
4. The dastardly Darth Sidious (Looking VERRRYYY much like the emperor from Return of the Jedi) [Note from Chyren - that's because he IS the Emperor from ROTJ. I'll leave it to you to work that one out!]
5. Olinn, the pilot of Queen Amidalia's ship. [Note from Chyren - Zeus has made an unforgiveable typo here - the character's name is Ric Olie]

Each one comes with a little 'chip' that can be put in a playstand (called a 'commtech reader' - modelled on the Jedi communicator used by Qui Gon Jinn in TPM) that is sold separately. Once the chip is in the stand & the figure is mounted on it, it will play some of that figure's dialogue from the movie! Even better still, if you mount 2 or more (up to 4) figures on the commtech reader they will interact vocally! (ie, Darth Sidious will give Darth Maul orders, etc.) The other figures aren't supposed to be here till May 6th. However, you never know! I'll keep my eyes peeled gang!
- Zeus

Al's Mimbanian Muse

Alright, don't try to decipher the headline, just go to Al McDonald's Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite page and marvel at all the work that Al has been up to in the past week! About 3-4 new panels and also new cross-sections that would make any SW tech-geek happy. May the Dingus be with us all!
Thanks Outpost D-34

3 New Multiplayer Levels

Massassi has 3 new Multiplayer levels available on their main page. Anybody who's interested in reviewing these levels for our map pages is extremely welcome to do so. I've checked out the "Alien" one by Dorkus Malorkus for a bit already. It's probably the most ambitious MP level that I've ever seen. The only problem is, with all the bells and whistles that's in it, only people with high end machines can use it.

Well, I guess that about wraps it..

Well, it's been an interesting day, I'm gonna go pack my bag for Denver now and next I talk to you guys I will be awestruck on Sunday night. I can't wait to tell you all about it...
only thing that bothers me is.....
How did Zeus update without his computer?? heheh
"The Dude Abides"

Tuesday April 27, 1999 - Zeus out of commission?

A word from your Webmaster...

Your friendly neighborhood Newsmaster and resident Kevin Sorbo Lookalike, Zeus, has had an unfortunate accident. Or at least, his computer has. I will leave it to UltraTommy to tell the story in more detail, but suffice it to say I am beginning to think there is a jinx on the JKMAG staff computers!

In any case, UltraT and I will be handling the news for the next week or more. Expect lots of Prequel-related stories, folks!

JKMAG-X Update

But first, a word on the previously announced new branch of JKMAG, tentatively titled JKMAG-X. The opening of this site has been delayed through lack of staff, and due to the fact that yours truly is working entirely too hard in his real life employment. Do not fear! I hope to have the preliminary pages up before the month is out! Graphix and file collection are well underway.

And now, the news!

Disaster Strikes Zeus!

It seems that a small mishap involving a truck driver who's not watching where he's going has turned into disaster for Zeus. The truck hit a power line that fried his surge protector, and then ultimately fried his computer. Go check out the Forum for the whole story. Our resident newsmaster will be back as soon as Dell will let him. In the meantime, Chyren and I will be serving up the news, eagerly awaiting Zeus's return.

Level Page Update!

Chyren has redesigned the Level Pages! We are currently seeking out Level Reviewers for the pages. Chyren and I will select the levels, and hopefully, somebody will volunteer to review them soon. There is currently a list of 5 levels awaiting review, and possibly one or two more in the near future. If you have any questions about the job, you can e-mail yours truly at
We are looking forward to having the levels page updated much more recently in the near future. I remember that long ago, the levels were such a major part of the whole JKMAG experience that all the newly added levels were on the main page. Now, several redesigns later, we are setting out to make the levels page a valuable resource to our members and other patrons to the site. There is only one drawback to the whole thing. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!
Please send in level reviews as soon as possible!!! If you like a level that is not in the list, you can also e-mail me about it with your review and we will consider adding it to the page. I know there are a TON of good MP levels out there, and it looks like we're gonna start this page from scratch again, so hurry up and volunteer!!!

Small addendum from Chyren:
The Level Profiles have 'sorta' been redesigned - but they're not up yet. We're waiting for those reviews, so it's up to YOU, folks!

Jedit in Need

Lemme tell you guys a story.

WAY back in the days right before Cliffe handed JKMAG over to Dark Eagle, there was an editing group formed as part of JKMAG called Jedit. These guys were determined to make "The Ultimate JK Addon". It all started on the forum, (like everything else here) and went on from there. Nimrod put the whole group together with great aspirations to organize the editing community into making very ambitious TC's.
Recently, Nimrod posted this on the message board:

Hello everyone. I'm sorry to bring in such a sad note. Most of you new guys don't know me. Some of you old timers are probably thinking "Where the hell's he been?". Yes, that's right, I'm the behind the scenes guy that used to work for the 'Mag back in the days of Cliffe (*wipes a tear*). After that I started my own branch of the 'Mag called JEDIT (Jedi Knight editing group) where we worked on a TC called the Cyber Assassin project.
Because of my schedule, my time, and just life in general, I and the crew have not been able to work on CA for a good 2-3 months. We got together and agreed that we can't make this TC. However, I don't believe that this is a reason to give up.
I am in search of some young blood (or even vets who still edit JK). A "New Hope", if u will. I am in search of the next generation of editors who will complete this great epic project. There is a huge amount of work done (cogs, skins, etc etc etc). It really only needs a little bit more work.
If you are interested, please e-mail me at

Please somebody help and take over this project. It just kills me that this whole huge amount of work that these guys have done might go to waste. Please, please, DONT LET THAT HAPPEN!!!

Star Wars Celebration Coverage

Well, I thought that since I haven't been as active a news hound as I used to, I figured I'd go and do something extraordinary to try and make up for it all to you.
I'll be traveling to Denver on business the weekend of the Star Wars Celebration, and I scored tickets. A few of the people in attendance will be: Jake Lloyd, Rick McCallum, Warwick Davis, and RAY PARK (Darth Maul), just to name a few. Even Lucas himself is supposed to make a live televised appearance. There is going to be a life size X-Wing, an N-1 fighter, and there will also be a "History of Star Wars Video Games Exhibition"
I am trying to get my hands on either a digital camera (preferred) or a nice 35mm to take some nice photos to post on the site. I'm hoping that I can hook up with some LucasArts people at the game exhibition and try to score some news on games that haven't been announced yet, but I'm sure they keep everyone on a tight leash about information.
This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait to share the experience with you guys.

Final Word

Well, that sounds fantastic, and a real scoop for JKMAG! I think UltraTommy deserves a round of applause, and not least a round of beers for this! Keep your eyes peeled for it, we will give it a special set of pages on JKMAG. Here's hoping the Force is strong with UltraT in using the Mind Trick on those LucasArts guys to get the full facts! Chyren out!

Saturday April 17, 1999 - 3dfx has got me down...

Extreme Voodoo 3 installation problems...

Last Friday I purchased on of the new Voodoo 3 cards from 3dfx (specifically the Voodoo 3 3000 AGP card with 16MB RAM at 166 Mghtz.). I had planned for my next update to be a big Voodoo 3 blowout, with some ratings on the cards performance & maybe a few screenshots of Jedi Knight & X-Wing Alliance running on the card. I'm sad to say that as of right now that won't be possible. I spent all of last week trying to get the thing to work, and unfortunately I was unable to do so. I don't want to detail my problems in this story, but if you want specifics, click here to head to our forum & read the posts I made there about the Voodoo 3. Upon contacting 3dfx I learned that the problem most likely lies in my computer, a Dell Dimension XPS D333. Their tech support representative told me that they have had numerous complaints from people who owned Dell systems, and hope to have a new driver release ready soon to correct the problem. While i personally can't recommend the card at this point given my nightmarish problems with its install, I do have one little performance tidbit for you. I actually got the card working briefly, but when i shut down my computer & restarted, it messed up again. The good news about that is I was able to try it out on a couple of games before the thing screwed up! I got Half-Life running at a wicked 1280x1024 resolution people! I also found the framerates at this setting to be pretty darn fast! In fact, I really didn't notice any difference in the frame speed at that setting on the Voodoo 3 than in the frames at an 800x600 resolution on my Voodoo 2!!! THAT IS AMAZING FOLKS! I have to admit it was a site to behold! So the power is there, its just a matter of being able to get your computer to work right with the darn thing! Also it's mere $179 price ($129 for the 132 Mghtz. Voodoo 3 2000) If you are really good at installing video cards then the Voodoo 3 is the card for you. If you don't know an IRQ from an AGP I don't recommend buying this card....yet! BTW, I spoke to CLIFFE on ICQ yesterday & he purchased a Voodoo 3 2000 model & was totally thrilled with the card's performance. He also reported no problems with the install. So just use your own judgement. The thing comes with 3 hot games, Unreal ( a patched version classified as version 222e), a prerelease copy of Descent 3, Need for Speed 3, and a coupon to redeem a FREE (plus $5.95 s&h) copy of Unreal Tournament when it is released! I personally, plan to keep mine & wait for the new drivers. If you're a little worried about the problems associated with the card, just wait. A new Voodoo 3 3500 model is planned for a July release, & by then I'm sure they'll have most of the kinks ironed out. If you're really freaked about upgrading because of this article, well, there's always the TNT2!

BFP2.1 Update!!!

Tazz, JKMAG's illustrious BFP guy has notified us in the forum that BFP 2.1 is all but compiled and ready to go. As of yet there is no official release date for this update to our infamous skin pack, but as Tazz's message on the board says: "Hey gang, I just got the Mandalors and Vanguards in. Now I just need to update the jkstrings.uni, and then compile into a .exe file. -Tazz" The update includes a bunch of new skins, as well as new .mats and sound classes to enhance the skins that were included in the original pack. Speaking of the Forum... Damn, things have been brewing in the forum something fierce lately. I'm almost reminded of past JK community soap operas that the old forum hosted. There's been a few small changes in the forum pages lately for the better, so please, CHECK OUT THE FORUM!!!. You'll be glad you did! 

The prequels in China...
By-ZeusABJ & MH_Scorpion_3rd

Here's an interesting tidbit of prequel info I received from a guy I'm thinking about recruiting to help out with the news here. This is something else folks! read on:

People have already started lining up for Episode one at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. People have made deals to take turns with other people to get it. The line is already fairly long. Check for more info.

Taking turns? Lines MONTHS before the tickets even go on sale?! These are the true disciples of Star Wars, either that or their just a bunch of pathetic individuals with too much time on their hands! You decide.

Friday April 9, 1999 - Cosmetic changes at the MAG...

Do not adjust your monitors!!!

As you may have noticed, both Chyren & I have begun to subtly sneak a few changes in around here. The redesign of the site was to be a major undertaking for our Webmaster. We needed a more attractive site that loaded quickly, but it also needed to be built from the ground up to allow the Webmaster the unique perspective of knowing the HTML "inside out" so to speak. Since none of us were involved in the old site's creation, errors we couldn't fix tended to keep rearing their ugly heads. When Chyren took over, he pulled that off beautifully in my opinion. he created a site whose design was simplistic in nature, yet still attractive and with a more modern look to it. After supplying me with tech support on working with the new design, we have at last reached the next phase of this site's evolution! Some of you have been calling for a redesign, saying that things look "dull" around here, well this is the next best thing. We're going to "jazz-up" what we already have. basically the plans are to keep the current interface & color scheme, just make it a bit more attractive & user friendly. Hopefully that can be pulled off without extending those annoying load times. I think that adding the nifty swirling effect to the links & bars really contributes to the site's aesthetic quality. This is just a glimpse of what's to come. Hope you like what you see!

Editorial section updated!!!

Among some of our latest changes, Chyren has posted a brand new editorial! This one is by the man responsible for one of the few double bladed saber (or Lightstaff) patches that will work with ANY skin! The problem with most of the Lightstaff patches currently in circulation is that they will default you to the Kyle skin when playing. Well, this man found a way around that, & we've got his views on Jedi Knight from an editors point of view. Click here to check out his article. The page's new look provides a sneak peek at a few of the changes planned for the site, including a preliminary of a new logo planned for the JKMAG main page!

My conversation with CLIFFE regarding JKMAG's support of X-Wing Alliance....

As you may know, Chyren & I recently proposed the prospect of opening up JKMAG to support other Star Wars games. If enough people agreed with this idea, we planned to focus on games that would relate to the words behind last three letters in our name: "Multiplayer Add-on Group". We proposed supporting X-Wing Alliance, because of the fact that it had multiplayer support & it is a fresh new game that has only just begun its life in the online world. The majority of you liked this idea and gave us your full support. Not surprisingly, there have been a few   MAGgers who have voiced strong opinions against this move. There are two main arguments: The first one is that we are a First person shooter site & should not try & cross into the realm of space combat sim. Our answer to this was basically, "No, we are Star Wars fans who love Star Wars Games. X-Wing is an excellent new game & there is no reason for us to confine ourselves to just Star Wars shooters".   While that argument was relatively easy to answer it was the second that resulted in many a heated debate at our Forum. "By supporting a Star Wars Space combat sim at JKMAG we are going against everything CLIFFE & Vandelay intended upon when they created this site. To answer this argument, I went to the man himself. That's right, I had a talk with CLIFFE on ICQ. I think our conversation should put any doubts anyone else may have about this issue to rest. Here it is, with all names except mine & CLIFFE's taken out for confidentiality. Censored portions can be noted by a pair of asterisks(**):

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 10:46 AM: hey CLIFFE got a sec?

CLIFFE 4/7/99 10:47 AM: ya

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 10:47 AM: You remember me right? The news guy for the new JKMAG?

CLIFFE 4/7/99 10:49 AM: yes

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 10:50 AM: Anyway, My question is this: Me & the current webmaster (Chyren) sort of run the MAG now & we are wanting to expand the site to include the new SW game X-Wing alliance.

CLIFFE 4/7/99 10:50 AM: ...

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 10:51 AM: Most of the members are for it, but one *guy/girl* who claims to have been a member during your time on the site swears that if we do that it'll go against everything your MAG represented. What do you think of our idea?

CLIFFE 4/7/99 10:52 AM: It's a keen idea. If people want it and it would be useful, go for it. What I went for was something that helped people out and if there's a demand, supply it.

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 10:53 AM: That's what I figured you'd say. *his/her* name is *censored* & *he/she* is VIOLENTLY protesting this on our message board saying we have "destroyed your vision".

CLIFFE 4/7/99 10:54 AM: I remember *him/her*.

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 10:54 AM: We have no plans to fizzle out the MAG, the Alliance site will just be a sister site possibly hosted over at We are gonna call it *censored*.

CLIFFE 4/7/99 10:55 AM: sounds excellent.

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 10:55 AM: *censored* is offering to help with the current MAG, but is seriously hostile about change.

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 10:56 AM: Thanx for your opinion. I didn't think you'd see it as the major issue *he/she* said it would be to ya.

CLIFFE 4/7/99 10:56 AM if it's a whole separate site, I don't see the problem.

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 10:58 AM: Well, it'll be more of a separate page so to speak. All the links for news, the forums, etc. will be the same as JKMAG's. We'll just have a couple of separate main pages, & download pages for X-Wing related stuff.

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 10:59 AM: The best definition would probably be a "branch" rather than a whole new site.

CLIFFE 4/7/99 11:00 AM: ok

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 11:01 AM: You don't find this an insult to your (& I quote)*ahem* "Bold legacy?!"

CLIFFE 4/7/99 11:03 AM: that's being a bit dramatic.

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 11:03 AM: Hey man, I'm just repeatin what *censored* said!! hehehehehe

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 11:03 AM: I think you're like *his/her* hero or somethin.......

CLIFFE 4/7/99 11:04 AM: hahhaha

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 11:04 AM: Yea, say what sort of sites are you workin on these days?

CLIFFE 4/7/99 11:05 AM: just opened up a Half Life mod site at:
a buddy and I are doing it.

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 11:06 AM: Ahhhhhhhhh, bet you & I are online for the same reasons then....

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 11:06 AM: Waiting for TFC?

CLIFFE 4/7/99 11:06 AM: ??

CLIFFE 4/7/99 11:06 AM: I'm at 50% of 1.00.9 patch as we speak, as a matter of fact.

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 11:07 AM: WTF?! Where you gettin it from?

CLIFFE 4/7/99 11:07 AM:, but I have a cable modem.

I'm at 73% now.. heehhe. getting 30 k/sec

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 11:08 AM: Lucky bastard. I live in Louisiana. NO ONE has cable modems here & only 3 parishes get ISDN

CLIFFE 4/7/99 11:16 AM: done downloading, off to try it out... see ya

Zeus (ABJ) 4/7/99 11:16 AM: Enjoy!

'Nuff said!!!

Sunday April 4, 1999 - At last! An update!!!

Leggo my Legos!!! (A confession, by Zeus)

Yeah yeah I admit it. When i saw the Star Wars Lego display in Wal-Mart yesterday, I tried to resist. Unfortunately, when it comes to Star wars, i have no willpower! Once again i let the Dark Side seduce me & I bought the friggin speeder bike set. I mean what was i supposed to do?! They were so darn CUTE! Lets admit something to ourselves people, ask yourselves this question: "When I was a kid, did I play with Legos?" If the answer is yes, then you know that at some point in time you made a Star Wars ship with those Legos! I did it & so did all my friends & I tell ya, I loved those damn Legos! These new sets really take me back to my childhood & I absolutely love 'em. If you're in the mall or some store that has Legos, go check out these new Star Wars sets. They really are cool. Click here to buzz over to the official Lego site & check out a few pics of the sets!

Episode 1 slaps theaters with serious rules...

Here's an interesting story I came across the other day regarding the rules Lucas & 20th century Fox are trying to impose upon theaters showing Episode 1:The Phantom menace. Apparently these rules are meant to maximize the movie experience for us the fans, by forcing the theaters to do some unorthodox things. For instance, Fox wants the same reel of film only used to show the movie 20 times! That means if a theater shows Episode 1:TPM 100 times they have to buy 5 rolls of film! Imagine how the costs will pile up in situations where the film is shown on multiple screens in the same theater! To enforce this Fox & Lucas are proposing fines as high as $600 for each rule violation! Talk about quality hounds! There is one downside to all of these rules Lucas wants imposed. he also wants to eliminate the possibility of ticket scalping by adding a rule that the tickets can't be prepurchased by phone! That means long lines at the box office people! get ready to pitch those tents, heh heh. Click here for the full story.

Sunday April 4, 1999 - At last! An update!!!


Load times were really dragging around here, so I spent my time last week working on cleaning up all my directories. I also figured i could improve things by restructuring my archives section & archiving the old posts on a more regular basis. So hopefully, I've finally gotten those load times down to more tolerable levels. I also Improved our archives load time by dividing them into 5 sections and creating an index page to access each section. Heh, I even added Dark Eagle's old posts from 1998, which ad been just sitting in my hard drive. So if you have a flavor for bad taste, read some of those, heh heh! Click here for a look at the index. Although I tested the page pretty thoroughly before uploading it, I'm certainly not perfect! So please, take a moment to Email me if you notice any bugs or errors. Thanks & enjoy!

News of X-Wing Alliance add-ons at JKMAG's forum...

Gang I can't stress our forum enough! It is a really fun place to meet, argue with, & clown around with all the guys & gals of JKMAG. But more importantly, our forum is a great place for news & events relating to Star Wars & JKMAG. We debate site plans there & post relevant news & rumors there the instant we hear it! As those of you who have frequented the forum lately know, we have decided to expand our site to support the news Star Wars Space combat sim, X-Wing Alliance. Our webmaster Chyren has news on the forum about his plans for the new page & news of the first add-on for Alliance! So click here to get over there now for the latest on JKMAG plans & rumors!

Saturday  March 27, 1999 - The debate continues....

The new Star Wars games & how they will affect JKMAG....

If you are a JKMAG regular and haven't been by the forum lately, I suggest you do do now. Why? because there has been a fierce debate going on over there about all the new Star Wars titles and what we should do about em. I can say now beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are going to be some changes around here soon. Although we haven't laid down any concrete plans, we have decided to open up the MAG to support other Star Wars titles besides just  Jedi Knight. As to what those titles are, we haven't totally decided that one either, but i can tell you the general direction we are leaning towards, with a few certainties mixed in for good measure:

1.) We ain't changing our name. Although the name SWMAG (Star Wars Multiplayer Add-on Group) was tossed around, it is the general consensus of both myself & Chyren that the term "Jedi Knight" is synonymous with Star Wars and that a name change would be unnecessary.

2.) We will most likely NOT support the new Episode 1 games in any way other than providing news about them unless some form of Multiplay is added to them at the last minute. Why? because the last 3 letters of our name stand for "Multiplayer Add-on Group." Because it is unlikely any TC's or mods of these games will be made, we don't feel that we would have anything to offer the Star wars community for these games. Rest assured we will be watching them closely, and if we should find something we can provide for these games that no other site can, we will get it available for everyone.

3.) Although nothing is set in stone, we are having serious discussions about creating a section of JKMAG that is devoted to supporting X-Wing Alliance Mods, TC's, News, etc. Why? It has Multiplayer support! Just wait now! before you start to rant about how the MAG is a shooter site only, just listen to this. Cliffe & Vandelay formed JKMAG to distribute Jedi Knight Add-ons and provide a way to meet other players through ICQ. since that time it has evolved into something totally different. We think that opening up our doors to other titles is the logical next phase in our evolution. Besides, we've all played the demo and X-Wing Alliance is a GREAT STAR WARS GAME! It is also the only star wars game to ship with a type of editor tool for creating missions, so the Mods, maps & TC's are sure to start flowing like milk and honey about a couple of months after this game has been out(*Note: It's out NOW! get your copy today!!!)! Alliance offers us a chance to give you the Star Wars gamer something new & different, and that's just something we want to do.

4.) We will still focus on Jedi Knight & Jedi Knight editing.   Don't even dream that this means we're done with JK, oh no not by a long shot people!

Keep tuned here for further details.

X-Wing Alliance is out!!!

Just wanted to let everyone whose spent the last couple of days under a rock or something know that X-Wing Alliance is out! Get your copy today. I'll have mine soon enough, heh heh. You can order directly from LucasArts online at

Matrix's Marvel-ous Mod...

Good old Galvy sent me another Email complete with some pics of a nifty new JK mod called ONSLAUGHT that he's working on. The TC will be based loosely on a recent story Arc intersecting several of the Marvel comics titles. It will feature the Fantastic Four, the X-men and various other famous Marvel comics personalities. The pics inclide a hot (yes, pun is intended) new Human Torch skin & a shot of the Four Freedoms Plaza. Here they are:

Torch3do.jpg (30926 bytes)

FF4.jpg (42219 bytes)

Rumors of a new Star Wars shooter invade JKMAG's forum...

The following is a copy of a post made by UltraTommy on our Forum page:

The following is a direct cut and paste from Nihilistic Software's website:


Yves Borckmans started his career as a programmer back in the old times of COBOL and the IBM 4381, before moving on to a computer consultant company as an ORACLE database administrator and programmer, designing and managing the database of the world wide leader in plane travel for 3 years. After finishing Dark Forces he wanted more, and so he reverse engineered all the file formats and built a full level editor that he distributed on the Internet, quickly followed by what is still considered one of the best Dark Forces add-on levels ever. He joined LucasArts as a level designer and programmer for the Jedi Knight project for which he created 4 multiplayer levels and programmed all the force powers and most of the weapons, as well as the CTF multiplayer extension. He then worked as a programmer on the Jedi Knight add-on pack Mysteries of the Sith, and before joining Nihilistic worked on the tools for LucasArts' next generation FPS game (unannounced).

Yves' current role is programming on Nihilistic's first title. e-mail:

There it is people. The proof we've all hungered for. LucasArts is indeed working on a new shooter. That's all we know as of right now. We have received word from an unidentified source that a working title for this game is Star Wars: Rebel Agent, but you all know just how unreliable those kind of sources are! Case in point, I'll remind our members and staff of the incident on our Forum involving that Ewan MacGregor impersonator. Boy, that was an interesting thread! Heh heh!


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