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Friday: August 15, 2003 - A New Beginning?

JediKnight.Net revives Classic Hosted Site

With the successful relaunch and redesign of JediKnight.net and her forums, it was only fitting that certain classic hosted sites also be revived. Even with all the buzz about Jedi Academy, there are still folks who enjoy the blazing fast speed and subtle nuances of Jedi Knight and MotS gameplay online. We welcome our battle weary veterans and curious newcomers alike! Download some mods, hook up for some games and have fun. Will future updates occur? Who knows... but I'd like to extend and invitation to all former staff and perhaps anyone wishing to take over the job to contact me with your mini resume and we'll see what we can't accomplish on this bucket of bolts. =)


Saturday: March 31, 2001 - SuCCeSS!

#JediKnight/JKMAG Tournament

The #JediKnight/JKMAG Ji O NF Tournament was a success. 32 players participated in this frag fest that went on for a total of 3 hours(7-10PM Eastern). The only real problems that we ran into were a minor netsplit and a handful of players that weren't familiar on how to join through TCP/IP. All of the problems were remedied quickly. The turnout was great and we hope to bring more tournaments to the community in the NEAR future. We are working on a new #JediKnight Java Applet which will be more user-friendly and we will actually have a dedicated page for the competitions as well. We encourage everyone that wants to participate in the upcoming tournaments to become familiar with mIRC, so that your experience will be an even better one next time. I would like to thank everyone who participated, showed up or helped organize/run the tournament. Now for what you've all been waiting for:


1st/Gold - JaG_A_Kicker
2nd/Silver - JaG_KnightAli
3rd/Bronze - US_SubZero

Additional Results:


Screenshot of participants(before tourney started):


Saturday: March 17, 2001 - Attention JKMAGers!


I'm sure alot of you have already heard about #JediKnight, but for those of you that haven't, let me explain a bit. #JediKnight is a chatroom on the irc.enterthegame.com server, using the program mIRC, or using your browser and clicking the #JediKnight link. We've created this chatroom so that everyone that doesn't want to play on the Zone, can get together and have a common place to chat, instead of being spread out all over the place. If you don't wish to use the Java applet in the #JediKnight area and need instructions on how to join the chatroom using mIRC, head here. Hope to see all of you there.

Other Alternatives:

There are many alternatives to playing Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith on the Zone. Below are links to most of them:

Gamespy Arcade

Sunday: February 25, 2001 - JKMAG = Back In Action.

It's alive!

You heard it right people. JKMAG is once again back in action. You can expect to see the site being updated regularly, so make sure you keep checking back. I've talked with a few of the staff members and they have been throwing around some exciting ideas, which I'm sure will be announced soon enough. I'm glad to get JKMAG back on it's feet and I thank Chyren for giving me the opportunity to help out. Enjoy. :)

Jedi Knight 2?

There are a few rumors/reports going around that Jedi Knight 2 is in development. The details are very sketchy, so we don't want anyone thinking that this is anything more than a rumor. VoodooExtreme reported the following:

"According to our French gaming connection at Gamedata Jedi Knight II is in the works. They received Activisions latest release schedule and guess what was listed? Star Wars : Jedi Knight 2 (january/march 2002). No, this isn't Obi-Wan, but from early indications it looks like LucasArts has sold the rights to Jedi Knight to Activision and they're publishing it (no word who is developing it, however). Update - Jcal pointed out that Activision has secured the rights to publish/distribute LucasArts games in Europe, so there's a chance that the game could be developed by LucasArts. Stay tuned as futher details unfold... If LucasArts is not developing the game, I'd hazard a guess and say Nihilistic will make it, since they comprise mostly of ex- Dark Forces/Jedi Knight developers. Another Update: It is _not_ Nihilistic. I can't say who it is, but trust me, you know them, and they have done very, very good stuff in the past. -bw"

Saturday: July 22, 2000 - JKMAG Keeps Getting Better

More BFP2X !

More updates over at the BFP2X Page. Most of the old links have been updated, and I have taken out a bit of time from my now busy schedule to post links to two new skinpacks. Check 'em out! ; )


It's alive! Get the newest BFP for JK over at the BFP2X Page. Added the page in a hurry, but I assure you, the pack works. You will probably want to get Patch Commander to run it. It should replace the old "GobBFP2" that was posted on this site. I'll get around to removing the old links and putting up plenty of shortcuts to the BFP2X page when I get a chance. Haven't seen Chyren around, and I will be pretty busy in the next weeks. That MotS version of BFP2X will just have to wait... New Highlander movie coming in September, and I hear 'X-Men' is pretty good. Happy Gaming!


Massassi Temple have released their own combination of levels - affectionately known as The Mass Pack. It consists of seven new levels chosen out of many, many entries in their recent level competition - and let me tell you it's great! You can find out more about each of the maps that make up the pack here while you download. Be warned, the size is fairly hefty - 2.5 Megs - but as with all addons - large size is usually a sign of quality and attention to detail. It certainly is in this case.
Level packs are rare, but make addon gaming much easier (we have our own level packs for guns and sabres respectively) and so of course JKMAG is endorsing the use of the Mass pack and we will probably mirror the file in the near future. So what are you waiting for?

Member List Upgraded

Well, you probably thought it would never happen. That JKMAG was dead as a gaming group, what with the Zone an' all. Well, you were wrong. We've been trying to find a way to do it for ages, but with help from totmachen, we have upgraded the Member List so that it is now automated and displays member ICQ status! What this means is that you can check the page to see who is online, and members have control over their listings. If you want to delete membership, for instance, you only have to follow the links.

Why a Member List? Why do this now?

Simple. Not everyone can connect to the Zone. And not everybody likes the Zone. JKMAG was formed as a group specifically aimed at more experienced players who use addon packs for JK - new levels, skins etc, and most people on the Zone aren't into that. So, we use the ICQ list to find likeminded players who use the same addon packs... why am I explaining this to you?
The new Member List just makes organising membership that much easier - for us and you.

But you have to join up again!

We've purged the list almost totally. This is because 90% of the people on the old list weren't playing JK anymore. Now, all you have to do is rejoin, and you can maintain your own member status. The advantage is that everyone on the list is definitely an active JKmager. To join, go here. It's not a hassle at all, since the whole process is automated and instantaneous! Now there is no excuse not to actively play JK as part of the JKMAG ICQ community! (Now would be a good time to try out the Mass Pack, don't you think?)

So.. Where's Zeus?

Yeah - I know I said Zeus would be back soon - but it seems he's still having ISP troubles. He says he's gonna be back up and running pretty soon. Hang in there!



Monday: September 13, 1999 - More Add-on News!

Pred Pack 7.1 Released!

Here is Chyren again to let you in on some more skinpack news. Galvatron's editing group, The Matrix, has released their new skinpack! Pred Pack 7.1 is now ready for download! Even better, it is compatible with BFP2.1!! So there is absolutely no excuse not to get it right now!
While I'm not sure if The Full Force Network has gotten Galv's DNS entries working yet (because I keep getting 'not found' errors when I try to connect with his site) the above link for the pack does work, so don't give me none of that backtalk, sonny.

Zeus Lives!

You will all be happy to know that I have been in contact with good old Zeus, and he has gotten himself a new comp and ISP, and is raring to get back to working on the news right here. I have sent him his brand spanking new site pass, so you will have the remarkable experience of seeing the JKMAG news updated regularly! Yay!

Error Correction

I made a mistake in Thursday's news post in linking to Al McDonald's site. The correct URL is this one. There you can check out his splendid new Future Cops skinpack! The URL was corrected in Thursday's post as well.

Site Plans Redux

How do you feel about frames for the newspages? Well, I think it's a good idea and we're gonna move on it asap. Should make navigation easier, make the staff's job easier, and look a darn sight better.
You may have noticed a tiny change on JKMAG's main page, too. I'm trying out a few new graphics. Don't expect it to remain the same for any length of time, neither the layout. I'll be playing with a few different things and we will lose the junior-reader 'curious George' style large-print layout, too.

I'm Outa Here!

That's it for now. More anon.


Thursday: September 9, 1999 - BFP2.1 is out!

Well Now!

Here is your rarely seen Webmaster with some pleasant news. BFP2.1 is finally out, after what seemed like endless, horrible and stupid delays (yes, we were frustrated too). But it's here. And it works. Go get it! You can download the mod, which is currently only for Jedi Knight, here.

Once again, we apologise for the delays, but truly this was the mod from hell. Everything that could go wrong or delay it, did go wrong, including my short but (I can assure you) quite horrendous hospitalisation with what apparently was some vile chest infection. The last and final jinx occured just as I was uploading the files to the site: the server suddenly locked right in the middle of the upload! I was unable to gain access for 14 hours! Unprintable and colorful expletives echoed around my abode profusely, I can tell you.

So, anyway, it's done. It has many brilliant skins, including a host of Episode 1 skins by Al McDonald; TWO Darth Mauls, one by Al and one by Marc Sauve, both with sounds; fixes for some errors in the original BFP2; updated skins and sounds. Lovely stuff. It does not, however, have anywhere near the features that BFP3 will have. And please, do not ask when BFP3 will be out, because we won't tell you.

Al's Newest Skins!

Legendary skin artist and BFP contributor, Al McDonald, has released a new skinpack at his website. This one is called Future Cops and includes Robocop, a new Judge Dredd and a Fifth Element cop. Brilliant stuff!
Geesh, maybe I should'a delayed BFP2.1 even longer so I could have included these? (Chyren ducks as things are thrown at him) Ok! Ok! I get the picture! They'll be in '3, then! Sheesh!
Go check out Al's site right now.

Site Plans

As some of you may know, the site was invaded recently by an unwanted visitor who got hold of the passwords to the site. What this has lead to is an end to site hosting on JKMAG and more stringent access policies. We know who he was, btw, but we're leaving that issue in the hands of JK.net staff.

In any case, there will be some long overdue changes around here. The member list will be purged. The site will be redesigned. We will try to gear ourselves to being more a resource site for JK addons and mods, although we will still be a player group even though few people use the ICQ list anymore. With the advent of Episode I: Obi-Wan on the horizon, we will gear to support that game once it is released.

The Matrix leaves JKMAG

It is with great sadness we report that Galvatron's editing group, The Matrix, has left JKMAG for greener pastures. We understand completely Galv's decision, however, as his new hosts at The Full Force Network will give him greater control over the functioning of his site and more features than JK.net can give. We wish Galvatron and his crew all the best, and we will definitely keep an eye on his work, not to mention keep you lot updated on the status of future Pred Packs.

That's it for Now!

That's all I got for ya right now. I'm off to spread the word around the net about BFP2.1. Hope you all enjoy the mod, and keep playing JK!



Thursday: July 22, 1999 - Scorp's Back!


I am very sorry I haven't been able to update in awhile. I got Jedi Knight back working and was too excited hehe. Hope to post more ofen now. Oh and also I got a job at JN!

Massassi Conveyor Belt Tutorial

I found this neat tutorial on making a conveyor belt over at the Massassi Temple.

Zeus is still alive!!!!!!!!

Yes you heard right Zeus is still here and I played a game with him. unfortunately he forgot the levels in Jedi Knight and picked Blades of Death:

Wednesday: July 21, 1999 - Chyren get Better!

Tommy's Back???

Well Hello Y'all!!!
Yep, you're right, it's me Tommy here. I've decided to start playing JK again after my Voodoo3 freakout sabbaticcal. I'll hopefully be checking out more news regarding addons, but more importantly I'll be working on checking out more levels. The real reason I started playing JK again has a lot to do with the Duel of the Fates level. I was so damn impressed with that level that I fired up the old JK again to try to find someone to fight with me in there.

Webmaster ailing...

On a sadder note, our webmaster Chyren has taken ill. Here's a message from the forum that "Mrs. Chyren" left for us on July 12:

Just to drop you a note from 'chyren' - he was taken to hospital last night with severe chest infection and asthma. Nothing too serious we hope, doctors say just needs antibiotics and rest, but best to be on the safe side. He says not to worry and will be back soon!
'Mrs chyren'

All of our best wishes are with you Chyren! Get well Soon!!!

All for now...

Well, I guess I wish I had more to say for now, Hopefully more updates will be something we can all look forward to. See y'all soon

"The Dude Abides"

Thursday: July 15, 1999 - Hi Gang!

New Logo & Archives Update!

Just wanted to let you guys know I'm still alive! Did a bit of spring cleaning here for Scorpy, and put up a brand new logo! Only 3 weeks till my wedding! B back on the job before ya know it!

Wednesday: June 23, 1999 - 11PM, Scorp's Word

BFP2.1 Update!

This just in from Zeus:

BFP2.1 is nearing completion. All it lacks is an installer that Cuda is going to do & we need the credits for the skins that Tazz put on, but no one can get in touch with him!

Thanx Zeus. Hence the Image at the top I whipped up. hope Tazz gets back soon.

Tuesday: June 22, 1999 - 11PM, Scorp's Word

Starcraft to Star Wars TC

I just got this cool little bit of info from =Dash=:

The Starcraft to Star Wars TC is going along quite smoothly, completing 14 units in the last few days.

cool! :)

Tuesday: June 22, 1999 - 6PM, Scorp's Word

Jedi Robes!

Hey Peoples! I just stopped by over at theforce.net and found this cool site. It seems you can order your own Jedi Outfit! Forget the stormtrooper! I am getting an Obi-Wan replica. You can pick any colors you want so you could be any jedi from Yun to Qui-Gon! Downside is that whole ensemble costs around $300! At least it isn't as much as the stormtrooper right! Here is a couple of pics of the ensemble:

cool! Except lightsaber is sold separately and batteries are NOT included!

Monday: June 21, 1999 - 9PM, Scorp's Word (Finally got the pics!)

Mos Espa crowd Q-tips?

I just found this funny article at the force.net . It seems the Mos Espa crowd, most of it, was made out of Q-tips! (seems like some of them are action figures too in the arch ways) here is a pic:

Luke Celebrates Father's Day too!

This guy submitted a fathers day ad to theforce.net that was in his local paper. here is a pic:

Talk about an oxi-moron! :) it should be thanx for cutting my hand off and trying to turn me to the darkside!


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