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Tuesday, September 14, 1998 - Putting the "beef" back in BFP

JKMAG hosts new sites....
Yep, you guessed it! We weren't the only ones to find ourselves homeless when the Sith Temple closed its doors. Now, JKMAG has given new homes to several other Jedi Knight related sites. These sites include the Manowar 3 site, New Cybertron (makers of the Pred Pack), Radium editing (which is making a James Bond Total Conversion for JK), & the Rogue Squad PC site (maker of the BFP2 sound add-on). New Cybertorn is also the temporary home for the BFP2. Go there to download the BFP2 until we are able to finish fixing all our download links. To check out these sites head back to the main page. The links are in the bottom left corner of the page under "Hosted Sites." (NOTE: At the time this went to press the Manowar 3 page was unavailable!)

X-Wing forms an alliance.....
With Rogue Squadron on the way, it seemed that a follow up to Lucasarts popular X-Wing series was highly unlikey in the near future. Leave it to Lucas to surprise us all once again! Lucasarts has confirmed that a new X-Wing space sim is now in the works. Tentatively titled X-Wing : Alliance the title will put gamers in the cockpit of several of the famous ships from the Star Wars movies. The game will also support online play and several 3d cards. Click here to check out the latest from C.Net's Gamecenter on this hot new title! *BREAKING NEWS: Only moments after I typed this post I recieved an e-mail from Lucasarts reguarding X-Wing Alliance! I was given a link to an area of their website that features never before seen images of the game & more detail on its features and story. Click here to check it out!

Starship Trooper Total Conversion beta soon to be available....
I talked to my friend Dash today who runs a JEDIT site called The Maw Installation. Maw is making a Total Conversion for Jedi Knight called Starship Troopers : Force Corps. As you may have guessed this T.C. is based on the Starship Troopers movie. What's so great about that, you may ask? Well other than the fact that Dash is a pretty skilled editor, skinner & programmer, I wrote the story for this T.C.! Force Corps is set five years after the original Starship Troopers movie. The history of how the Corps came to be in those five years was written by yours truly, the Zeusman. I also developed a ranking system for the game based on the Greek alphabet, but I have yet to know whether or not that will make it into the final version. Anyway Dash wants everyone to know that the T.C. will be released as a series of beta files, the first of which should be available soon. As other portions are completed, they will be released as updates for the previous betas. For more info visit the Maw Installation.

Jedi Knight Unrelated.....
In other spaceflight simulator news, Origin has released the next episode for their latest installment in the Wing Commander series, WC : Secret Ops. Secret Ops is being offered as a free download to anyone with internet access and the hard drive space. This game is the follow up to Wing Commander : Prophecy, which (as many gamers know) breathed new life into this classic series. The only catch is the size of the game engine, which is a massive 115 MB download. A trimmed down version is available (65 MB) but it lacks the voices of the actors who play the main characters. Once you have the main engine downloaded & installed though, future episodes are a snap. On average they are supposed to be only about 500KB downloads. I have the game myself & personally believe it to have been worth the time & hard drive space. However, I would like to point out that this will probably appeal more to people with a zip drive to back up their downloads & a 3d card. If you have neither of these & are still interested, go right ahead if you want! I hear the thing looks pretty good even without hardware support. Click here to visit the site.

The final word....
I just wanted to add one other thing. As many of you may have gathered from the above message, time is something I don't have a lot of! I just want everyone to know that I will try my best to get a new news post up every other day at the very least. Generally, I plan to post more often than that, but things can get rough the day before tests. I am, however, VERY dedicated to the task of bringing all of you JKMAG's news & I want to assure you that there will be ABSOLUTLY NO WEEK LONG DELAYS between posts unless some unforseen crisis occurs! That is my promise to you, our readers, and an example of my dedication to this project. Thank you for checking out the all new JKMAG, and "May the force be with you!"

Your news submission is just a click away!

Tuesday, September 8, 1998 - Putting the "beef" back in BFP

BFP2 Sound Add-on pack nearing completion....
Great news for all of you out there who had the wisdom & foresight to download JKMAG's now infamous skinpack, the BFP2!! One of the first BFP2 add-on packs is nearing completion. The add-on will be primarily a sound-pack, which will add new .wavs to several of the skins. A few of the skins already have their own sets of sounds & .wavs (for example, you all know what happens when the Kenny & Elvis skin users die!) It is my understanding that this pack will simply add more sounds to other skins in the BFP2. The pack will also feature 3-4 new skins, including a rebel trooper in X-Wing pilot's garb! The pack is being designed by Tazz, an "old friend" of sorts around here at the MAG. In fact, we host Tazz's Rogue Squadron PC site here at the MAG. Click here to visit the site. Stay tuned here for further details on the sound-pack.

      As a matter of fact, until we fix up our BFP2 links, you can fetch them over at       Tazz's site. --Torplex Tark

Robots in disguise threaten to invade BFP2....
Speaking of skins, I just heard something really cool from my Lord & Webmaster, the semi-omnipotent Torplex Tark! Turns out yet another BFP2 addon will soon be available to you, our humble readers. An online jedi known as Galvatron is working on a Transformers addon for BFP2. Makes me wanna break out the old Hasbro toys I've got tucked away in the attic & celebrate! Torplex tells me that the MAG is giving this add-on their full support, so it should be pretty good & hopefully available soon! Keep checking back here for more info.

      Shoot, I love you guys. Download Pred Pack 3.0 NOW! ---Torplex Tark

For those of you who DIDN'T know Han Solo's gun was real....
OOOKAAAYYY! I've been getting a little flak from several of our readers about the Han Solo gun fact I posted Sunday. Apparently, many people thought that ANY self respecting Star Wars fan was born with the knowledge that Han Solo's gun was in fact, a REAL German Mauser that had been modified for the movie. *sniff*, I guess this means I'm a failure as a truly obsessive disciple of Star Wars... Fortunatly, I now have a way to remedy this! I recieved a submission from a guy named Dex yesterday. He ( or She?) provided me with a link to a site purely devoted to the props from the original Star Wars trilogy. The site was prety informative. It tells you exactly what was used to make everything from Luke's Lightsaber to a Stormtrooper's rifle. Best of all, the site even contains some tutorials on building you own Star Wars prop replicas! Now who here wouldn't LOVE to have a replica of Luke or Darth's lightsaber? Click here to check it out! Thanks also to the online jedi Chyren, who also provided this interesting Star Wars prop information link.

Help ME help YOU....
As those of you who read my first news post know, I am a full time college student. I also have a full time job working nights at a grocery store to help pay my tution. So this means I can't spend 100+ hours a week scanning the net for the latest & greatest news for this site. That's where you, the readers come in. I'm sure that there are PLENTY of you out there who want the world to know what's going on in the Jedi Knight & Star Wars online community. If you have some news you think other Star Wars & JK fans would be interested in hearing, I urge you to e-mail it to my news submission account. So far response has been pretty good, but I want more news than I can possibly type in one post! That way, when information dry spells rear their ugly little heads, we'll still have lots of interesting news for me to post & you guys to read. So what are you waiting for??!! Get to e-mailing!!! While you're at it, spread the word that JKMAG is alive & well at! Message ALL your contacts, & send the URL! Tell em we're back & better than ever!

The final word....
I just wanted to add one other thing. As many of you may have gathered from the above message, time is something I don't have a lot of! I just want everyone to know that I will try my best to get a new news post up every other day at the very least. Generally, I plan to post more often than that, but things can get rough the day before tests. I am, however, VERY dedicated to the task of bringing all of you JKMAG's news & I want to assure you that there will be ABSOLUTLY NO WEEK LONG DELAYS between posts unless some unforseen crisis occurs! That is my promise to you, our readers, and an example of my dedication to this project. Thank you for checking out the all new JKMAG, and "May the force be with you!"

A word from Tark
Just wanted to mention that the member list is finally being updated, so keep checking as it should swell like my leg did that time it got infected....

Your news submission is just a click away!

Sunday, September 6, 1998 - Come and get it

JK Patch Commander version 3.5 released....
Okay, this may be old news to some, but I just discovered the new version yesterday. If you have it, great, if not get it over here. This version simplifies the MOTS support that was available in 3.0 among other things.

If you liked the first part of Shadows of the Empire, you'll love this......
As many of you know, Lucasarts is hard at work on a new Star Wars flight sim type game called Rogue Squadron. It will feature familiar Star Wars characters like Wedge Antilles & introduce a new experimental rebel craft known as the V-Wing. Ships will be flown in a manner similar to the snowspeeders in the first part of Shadows of the Empire. Although the title is expected to arrive on the consoles first, Lucasarts has confirmed a PC port of the game is in the works as well. Head over to's main page for more info & screenshots.

Klingons "Disrupt" Unreal.....
Here's a little something "not Star Wars related" for all you Trekkers & Unreal owners out there. Microprose is launching into the first person shooter arena next year with Klingon Honor Guard, the first Quake-style shooter for the Star Trek license. Since the game is using the Unreal engine, Microprose has put together a pretty neat download that will give gamers a taste of what this game will do. The download is a Klingon Disruptor rifle called a SithHara (Hmmmmm, sounds like an evil Jedi master to me....)which, once installed properly, can be used in Unreal! The SithHara replaces the Sniper rifle in Unreal, but I found you can switch between the guns by repeatedly tapping the hotkey the gun is assigned to (the default is the 9 key). Get this download (621 KB) here. Scroll through the text until it mentions the Sithhara download & provides a link called "patch."

An interesting Star Wars fact......
How many of you out there knew that Han Solo's Blas-Tech pistol was A REAL GUN?! Yep, its true! I read in an article in Guns Magazine's latest issue that the gun used in the first 3 Star Wars movies by Harrison Ford's character, Han Solo, was in fact an old German Mauser that had been modified for the movie!Heh, and those guys in the Stormtrooper outfits said it was the HEAT that made them sweat! You heard the truth here first! Let's hope Harrison was shooting blanks.

      Well *I* for one already knew that 8oP ---Torplex Tark

A goodbye & an apology.....
Before I close today's news, I would like to add a special message to DARK EAGLE. I want to apologize if yesterday's post offended you Eagle. It was hastely written (I was trying to get SOMETHING posted quickly to appease the viewers) & I was a tad overzealous. All of us here, myself included, are eternally grateful to you for you tenure of service as Webmaster here at JKMAG. A heartfelt thank you, and my apologies if I seemed rude & ungrateful. WE LUV YA D.E.!!!! Thats all the news for now! Thanks for visiting JKMAG. May the Force be with you.......

Got news? Want to submit it to us? Click here to submit!

Saturday, September 5, 1998 - Zeus,, Zeus

JKMAG: The Next Generation??!!
Yep, you guessed it! The MAG is back with some brand new faces & a brand new host! For those of you who don't have a clue who I am, my ICQ nickname is Zeus [ABJ] and I am the proud successor to Dark Eagle here at the JKMAG news page! Handling the news for JKMAG is a task I have been eagerly anticipating for the last few days, but before I start the ball rolling, there's a little personal info about myself. I am 22 years old and going on my fourth year in college. My current major is Marketing with a minor in Journalism. Up until 3 months ago that Journalism minor was my major. So I spent 3 years as a Journalism major, 2 of which were as a staff writer for our college newspaper(The Tech Talk). To the point, I have a feel for the news & am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring my experience to work here at JKMAG.

      To check out all the changes to our staff, drop in to the UPDATED Staff page
      ---Torplex Tark

There's gonna be a few changes around here.......
First and foremost this page is going to be about NEWS!! Not what I had for dinner last night or whether or not my parents grounded me for tying up the phone lines. I'm sure a lot of you got tired of all that (no offense Dark Eagle), well it's over! Starting now this page will be primarily devoted to all things Jedi Knight & Star Wars. During those "dry spells" we in the media all know & hate, I plan to post a few tidbits about other sci-fi related events & video games that have a wide range of interest. If you like what you see, if you have something you would like posted, or if you think I suck & want to tell me about it, e-mail your comments to me at This is NOT my personal address, it is a special e-mail account specifically set aside for use by the JKMAG news staff.

      Make no mistake, we only kid DarkE, we appreciate the time he gave and we like
      tacos just as much as the next guy---Torplex Tark

The news for crying out loud! Give me the news!!!
Okay, here it I am still learning how to use HTML, I haven't had much time to check out the net for the latest. I do, however, have a few intersting prequel tidbits, & I found a really nifty level pack for MOTS the other day at Jedi

Prequel rumors and scandals.......
Here's something interesting from SPIN magazine. It seems that George Lucas has adopted the same manuver to protect his prequel storyline as X-Files creator Chris Carter! Lucas & Co. have been spreading rumors & misinformation about the 3 new movies almost as soon as preproduction began! All the rumors about Darth Maul, a pink floppy eared version of yoda, & a great undersea battle to kick off episode one may prove to be false! The only thing Lucas has confirmed is that John Williams, the composer of the music for the original trilogy, will be returning to make musical mayhem all over again for the prequels. So don't believe everything you hear......even though the truth is out there......

At last! More levels for MOTS!!!!
For those of you who love Mysteries of the Sith, but remain somewhat dissappointed by JKMAG's meager repository of MOTS levels, relief is now just a download away! An organization called KYA, has created a level pack for MOTS that I found to contain some pretty attractive levels. The pack consists of 7 levels & is a 777 KB download. Levels include a swamp setting similar to Dagobah, a spaceport, & KYA versions of other levels.

Th-th-th-th-that's all for now!!!
Well, that's all the news I have for now. Once I get HTML mastered, I should be able to post on some more informative topics. Just bear with us here at the MAG as we all make this transition & I know you won't be sorry! May the force be with you.......!


Thursday, September 3, 1998 - Back from the ashes...we won't go down without a fight!

JKMAG lives on!
Welcome back, young and old. JKMAG is proud to be a part of the jknet family, not to mention grateful, indebted, etc etc etc. For those of you who found your way here but don't know what's been going on, the Sith Temple, our immediate host over at Gamestats called it quits and left us hanging with no home. The good news is we have IMHO the best of all possible hosts, and basically the flagship of the Jedi Knight community as our new umbrella. You should find this server a little faster I think, and JKMAG itself a little trimmer, I figured hey! it was a good time to clean house. Now OF COURSE there were NEVER any JKMAG parody sites, but if there HAD been, all of their complaints would now have been addressed...there will BE NO MOLD at JKMAG any longer!

Your new captain
Well change is certainly afoot. At almost the EXACT same time as the old site's demise (coincidence? you be the judge 8oP ), Dark Eagle stepped down forever as webmaster and leader of JKMAG. Between his new position at VotJ and the general feeling that JKMAG was more past than present, he decided to move on, and passed the torch to I, Torplex Tark, your faithful new luminary. [Insert the Boy Scout pledge here]

Unfinished business
As you have UNDOUBTEDLY noticed, only a shell of JKMAG is up and running as of this post. We the staff are working round-the-clock to get things up as fast as possible, all the while keeping an eye to improving the quality of everything we do. My highest priority is the forum, which will be up as soon as I figure out jknet's server structure (don't ask, but feel free to tell). And unlike Dark Eagle, I do not in fact plan to be your chief reporter. For that I have hired Zeus, who was a journalism major here in Lousiana so we'll never hear the word 'taco' in the news again. Hehe.

-Torplex Tark@midnight
"Mmm, I LOVE pizza.....8oP"

Monday, August 24, 1998 - [An Equation]

Me + New House + Good Weather = ?
That's the equation. Now, some of you may not know this, but my family is building a new house... just up the hill from where we live now. Anyhoo, the thing has been in the worx since I was like 7 years old. First the hole was dug into the side of the hill... then a hurricane occurred... time passed... about 5 months ago, we finallylaid out our foundation and layed the bricks for it... Now that my uncle is visiting (sorta, he's on a job here in Huntington), we are going to try to put this thing under roof before he leaves, and winter sets in. This means every day that there is good weather, I'm volunteered to help out with the thing. This means not too much time to update the page. I'm doing my best people. I of course play about 2 online games a day, and work on the house, and soon school will set in. Well, this is my excuse for not posting the news. Half cause of work, the other half cause I'm tired at the end of the day to update the news. Now don't go thinking I'm leaving or will never have the time to update the page. Work on this house will slow down pretty soon... We're trying to get all the major work done ASAP, then the slower things will begin... like building the floors, and the walls... and then the roof. By that time my work will probably stop for awhile. Cause then it's work for plumbers (my uncle, he's a pretty good plumber), and electricians (my dad). Hehe. So for those of you that care, that's what I'm doing! :)

Kewl! That JKkicker proggie made for kicking idiot hackers is now in a MOTS version! I think I might get it... if you would like to get it for yourself, go to

Jedi Knight Specs v0.04
I'll tell you the truth, I have no clue what this is. It sounds like editing info though. It's the Unofficial Jedi Knight specs v0.04. Go find out what it is, and maybe email the answer? Kidding! Nah, I'll go figure it out myself, I'm just gonna go here. Maybe you should go there too.

JED Plugins
Code Alliance has set up some new JED plugins at their site. Two of these are Waterworks, and Jedveccalc. Create underwater sectors and calculate unit vectors in some .cogs. Go check it out!

Darkness Falls
Dude, Adrian Burnett has released some info about the next issue of Darkness Falls. Go check it out at

-Dark Eagle@12.20PM
"Dude, they made us come to your house so we would get sick"

Monday, August 17, 1998 - [bfp2 for mots out]

BFP2_mots out
Yes, I'm back for a bit. And yes, that is correct. The bfp2 for mots is out. After reading a post from Vesentec on the board, I decided to go ahead without the install program from Jadawin. So it's a simple exe, but it will work fine (like the original bfp/s). Please delete any *folders* in the mots/resource directory before installing it (ie. get rid of your old bfp). If you haven't installed the previous bfp1 for mots, don't worry about anything. Note that the release of BFP2_mots is dedicated to Nijaan and Jediwannabe, two charming fellows. Of course head on over to the skinpack page to get it.

Also, I've mirrored the file at xoom. Which you will see on the skinpack page. This is to avoid any download problems anyone may have.

Back to....
And now... back to your regularly scheduled Dark Eagle.

"insert quote here."

Sunday, August 16, 1998 - [Another goodbye]

Another goodbye
Speaker4thedead of Jedi Legacy has decided that he too will leave. He has decided that working on the site has become just that, "work". As he said it. If you want to read his last post, go to the site and read it.

Work? Not me!
I like posting the news here. I can be as goofy as I wanna be, and only about 5 people actually whine and complain about it :). I like it. I try not too be too stupid, but I try to entertain why I do this boring old news as well... hehe. Thank you (most of you) for putting up with me.

Key editor
For you editors, Alexie is probably going to releast his new key editor later today! If you want the scoop, go here, his .plan.

Jek Porkins Skin v1.3
New version! Name at top of this article. Get it at Need I say more?

KK Multiplayer Guide
Our own Eddy Currents has updated his Multiplayer Guide. Basically, it's tips and tricks about JK MP games. Like handling lag, using Force Powers, etc. If you would like to view the file, go to

Skin pack, shots
Armaged3 has been working on a Resident Evil 2 Skin Pack. I have played RE2 for Playstation on my Brother-in-law's station, and I tell you I loved it! These skins are kewl too! Check it out! He's got a .zip file of these shots at

Hoth? Wasn't that base destroyed?
Well, whether gone or not, there is a level in the works. Another one, hehe. With this new level is also new .3dos! There is a screenshot of two of these new ones at, you guessed it,

-Dark Eagle@92.51PM
"We shall make him an offer he can't refuse."

Saturday, August 15, 1998 - [Stuff]

Looking at the news I'm going to post today, I find that I'm going to have hurting wrists. There is just so damn much news to post!! Well, bad for me, good for you! Hehe. On with the news!

Ummm yeah. I updated it. New topic. It's about the changes JKMAG is going through... I would like to know what you all think about it. So head on over the Mailbag.

Infiltrate Addon Pack
Yay! JK Gangstas has released their Addon Pack for Infiltrate! This new pack includes revisions of the original 3 levels, and some all new 5 levels! If yas wants to get the addon pack (and I'm sure you do), go to Also, Soon I will put this onto the Infiltrate page... soon... =).

If I get asked one more time!
If I get asked about the MOTS BFP2 Pack One More Time! I will become a homicidal maniac! People! Embed this into your mind! It's being worked on, when it is done, I assure you I will post it here in the news ASAP! Geez, I'm just tired of getting the same message, "Where is BFP2 for MOTS? I check the page every day hoping to see it and it's not there, I want BFP2 for MOTS!!!" Well stop your whining, and have some patience! Excuse me if I offended any of you, but it really does piss me off!

Now, where were we? Oh yes, the news.

Now you see the guy, now you don't!
New Force Patch! It replaces the Force Blinding. Basically, you use it against the enemy, and lo and behold, he's gone! That's right, gone! Ok, I havn't used it... but this is the basic description to it. Go try it out and tell me what it's about! The patch is of course at

Server shuffle
Server shuffle, server shuffle, server shuffle. What's the addy to the page now? I'm talking about They are switching servers. So if you go to the old addy right now, you won't find it! HAHA. It will work soon... but for now, go here.

I have no clue
I have no clue who this guy is. He just sent me an email. I don't know why he sent it to me. Hmm. Oh well, here it is!

Dear Editors,

I know that all of you are excellent editiors, and therefore, if u take miltiplayer requests, I am suggestign thsi.Out of all the levels I've ever played, Lord of the Tower is my favorite JK level. But ever since I got MotS, I've been playing it much more then I've been playing JK.If you take requests, my reuqest is to make a MotS Lord of the Tower with the following adjustments:
  1. All the camaras linked into 1 panel
  2. Blastech pistol found on tower
  3. Saber found in the room with the pool with all the shields and bacta
  4. Seeking charges and carbonite gun and carbon charges in heavy weapons breach.
  5. Sniper scope on tower and in the adjecent tower (the one with the crossbow)
  6. More blaster turrets from switches.
  7. Replacing 1 thermal belt in tower for a flash bomb belt
  8. Force boost in tower.

I know this sounds like a lot of adjustments, especially where to fit the stuff in the tower, but I nkow, since you are an excellent editing page, that you will creatively place it all. For example, you can get rid of one of the camara panels (since all the camaras will be linked into one panel) in the tower and exchange it for the blastech pistol. And maybe somewhere i>

Transfer interrupted!

er scope in one side and a force boost in the other. These r just some ideas. Please wetie back, telling me what you think of my request.

Starflash4 (zone screen name)

And may the best editor make it first

There you have it! If you wanna email the dude his addy is

Emmys? No wait.
No, it's not the Emmys. But it's Darkness Falls voting booth. Vote for your fav news sites, best player, etc. If you want to vote, go here

RE MB (Radium Editing Message Board)
Radium Editing has posted a message board on their site! Go check it out!

Before I end the news, I gots two new sites for yas.

  1. Pirate Outpost a site created by spud, is all about his level Pirate Outpost, and the upcoming sequel Pirate Outpost 2.
  2. I don't know which is longer, the addy to the page or the name to the page. The addy to the page is The name is Jediknight:DF2 and Mots download page. Basically, it's a site with all the best of the current JK/MOTS files!

Go check out these sites! Well, that's all the news today kiddies, talk to ya tomorrow!

-Dark Eagle@12.20PM
"Listenin to Harvey Danger, they KICKASS"

Friday, August 14, 1998 - [A Sad Goodbye]

A Sad Goodbye
As many of you know, H left for camp about 5 weeks ago. During this time, he thought about how long he had been playing Jedi Knight and such. He found that he personally played it too much. Because of this, he has decided to leave the JK community. H, as many of you know, is a great person, and is probably one of the best staff members JKMAG has ever had. He will be truly missed. Farewell H, we will all miss you!

I'm pissed now
As I write this, I'm trying to connect to the friggin' internet! But every time I connect to the thing, it connects at 21.6, gives me a busy signal, or says my Dial-Up Networking Protocol isn't configured. I have to tell you, if this doesn't stop soon, I will personally be kicking my ISP's arse!

I'm calm now
Ok, hold the prescription medicines! I'm calm now. Calm enough to do the news anyhow. I need to get into a game soon and express my anger through the games...

What the Hell is an Anti-Infantry Turret?
Maybe if you download it you can figure it out. I don't have any proggies to view a .3do file, which is what I'm sure this is. I have a vague idea of what the thing is. I think it's the giant dish looking thing that they used in the Hoth screens. You know, the ones where everybody keep missing, and end up dying? Which reminds me, who were worst at aiming, the Rebels or the Imps? As I watch the movies, it looks like the Rebels just had the art of surprise and luck to get themselves hits... I mean, look at the Deathstar battle in the Detention Center. How many shots did Han fire at like 5 troopers? And how many actually got hit?! Oh, sorry, I was rambling. Anyhow, the file is available at

Got a site?
Do you have a JK website? Does it kick arse? Do you want it to be hosted by a big server? Well, try JediNights. They say they would like to host some more sites, if the sites are good enough. So if you have a good site, and you want them to host it for you, give them a ring and tell them about your site!

Speaking of web sites
I really have no clue where he came from, but he's on my ICQ list. Leezer sent me a URL to a MOTS TC he and some friends of his are working on. Well, I looked at the site, and I think that this project has some potential. It is about the ROTJ movie (Return of the Jedi). Speeder bikes, yay! I can't wait! If you wanna check it out, go here.

End of real news, now another complaint
I was watching TV today, and I saw a promo for a new talk show. Wouldn't you know it, that fat cow Roseanne has a talk show coming up! This pisses me off so much! I thought I was rid of her forever when that show ended a couple of years back! But no! Hell no! It's back! Oh well, I suppose all I can is hope that it bombs! Which it will, I guarantee it. MWWWUUUUHAHAHAHA!

-Dark Eagle@12.20PM
"I am not a liar, I am not a crook."

-- I believe it was Pres. Nixon of the U.S.

Thursday, August 13, 1998 - [VOTJ]

Swoosh from VOTJ announced yesterday that he will be redesigning the page before he leaves and passes the torch to other webmasters. Now, I'm not sure who else will be a new webmaster, but I know I will be one of them! Yep, yours truly is gonna be showing his true weirdness over there! My main goal in working at that site is making one of the best JK/MOTS sites around. So as it goes through redesign, it will also be going through restructure. Stay tuned, I'll be updating news there as well as here about updates, hehe. I posted my arrival at VOTJ there today too. So go check out my first post on VOTJ.

MOTS Level!
New Level! New Level! Yay! Someone made another MOTS level! How surprising, another cave style MOTS level. Ahh well, I'm sure it's a good level! I'm gonna stick our level testing team on it ASAP. If you want the level, go to and get it!

Wait a minute. Level testing group?
Huh? Ooops, hehe. It slipped. Oh well. Now that you know about it, I might as well tell ya. I'm making a level testing group to help me pick some good levels out. It will be more democratic than just me making the decision. I'm assigning Chyren as top command, and Codemaster as second in command. Both of them have helped me find/test levels for a long time now. I would like to get about another 8 - 14 people to be in the group. If you would like to help out, email Chyren and tell him you wanna help out! Wanna know what we will be judging the levels on? The basics. Textures, architecture, .cogs, gameplay, framerate, etc. If you have no clue what some of these are, we'll explain them to you. Basically, we just need some people willing to take some time to be critics of levels.

3do editor
Maaaage! Get me my .3do editor! Get it for me now! I wanna make me my TV head model! Oh yeah, the .3do editor. There is one in the worx. It's expected to be out in about 2 - 3 weeks. It's called 3d Studio. For more info go here.

Are you a level editor? Do you want some .cogs to put into your level? Then head on over to The Massassi Temple and get them! Oh, not much more I can say about that, is there? Hehe. Oh well.

Trackers, Trackers
Nijaan from TSOC has whipped up a tracker for Whiplash Productions. Not only that, but he has updated the Manowar 3 tracker. Go to his site and check those out!

Go now my Son
Whoops! We have come to that point again folks! No mo' news! Sorry! As usual, I hope to see more tomorrow! Until then, get some games going, and have fun!

Tark made a liar outta me
Torplex Tark has posted something on the Main Page to make a liar out of me. I said no more news, but here I find that there is yet more news! Ok, so it's just one thing, but it's important, nonetheless. Tark has posted the saber and guns level packs! Basically, everyone should get these, cause the packs are some of the best levels of JKMAG. But these are mandatory for those of you who are in these sects. Esp. If you are in the saber sect, you have to get the saber pack. If you are in the guns sect, you have to get the guns pack. Got it? Good. As I said before, the packs are available on the Main Page.

-Dark Eagle@8.29PM
"I have no clue what you're talking about"

Monday, August 10, 1998 - [Garbage]

Garbage, no, wait
Every time I see R2 I think, "When is garbage day again?" The droids just look so much like garbage cans... hehe. What am I talking about, you may ask? Why, another droid wars patch of course! Yes, another one. But they keep getting better every time another one comes out! This new one can be played in Multiplayer... hmmm... think we should have a droid wars section in JKMAG? Email me and tell me what ya think. Oh yeah, you probably want to know where to get the file... well, it's under one meg, so most of yas can probably get it, it's at the ever-so-known

Green Leader
"Green Leader, this is Green 4, do you copy?" Hehe. When I saw this patch that thought just happened to slip into my mind =). Well, I might as well tell you what I'm talking about. Seems I always introduce things oddly... oh well. This patch is basically the dude who went kamakazi on the Imperial Star Destroyer "The Executor." It's got everything to make a reasonably kewl patch. New skins, new weapons, etc. If yas wants this patch, of course, you have to go back to that site we call Ok, it might be better to just leave these patches in your mind, and then go over there after reading the news. =)

Bond, James Bond
Shaken, not stirred. Ok, so those are some quotes we all know... But, what about it? What am I talking about James Bond for? Well, the James Bond TC project is in full swing! Wanna see some pics of what they're doing? Go check it out here. They have some "interesting" pictures. Radium editing, the group making the TC, is hosted by our very own JEDIT BTW, hehe.

Thank you
I would like to thank all of you who have been signing my petition. I have gotten at least 20 more on the list, and I would like to see more. Again, for those of you who have signed it, thank you. If you havn't signed it, please do so here. Thank you!

I'm catching up
Well, as you can see, I'm doing more work around here... trying to catch up on things that I should have done a long time ago... One of these things is the Mailbag. I'm only gonna have this topic up until the end of this week, Saturday, and then I'm gonna change the topic, hehe. Basically, the current topic is pointless, as we have already switched into the sects. But I did it, nonetheless... Also, I cleaned out my email. Most of the "BFP2 for MOTS" emails were just thrown in the trash. I told you all, I don't know when it will be out. Jadawin is working on it. I'm sorry if any of those messages were important, but they sounded so much like nag emails that I just ditched 'em. Well, no more news for today... hehe.

-Dark Eagle@5.30PM
"What was the question?"

Tuesday, August 11, 1998 - [Rumors]

Rumors, again
Well, the rumors are in fact, False!! Basically, Lucasarts refuses to use anyone else's gaming engine. That's my quicky version of it, hehe. :). If yas wants the Full version of the story, go to, again.

I've been playing with Paint Shop Pro 5 a lot lately... and I was wondering, anyone out there got any tips or anything for PSP5? If you do, please email me. I am wanting to concentrate mostly on 3d graphix...
Well, thanks!

Me and new Quake2 mod
As many of you know, I'm a Team Fortress freak. I play it almost nonstop. Well, I think I found something that's almost as addictive. It's Planetquake's Mod of the Week. If you have Quake 2, you might wanna check it out. Best thing about it is, it requires no download for you! Only servers have to download the files. But like I said, go check it out! Now, you're probably asking, "what does this have to do with JK?" Well, nothing really... But, I think it's a nice idea... and maybe some editors out there might wanna think about making something like it for JK... hehe. The mod eliminates the whines of people saying, "When I join the game, everyone else has all the big guns" Well, in this mod, you all have the same guns! All the same ammo! Etc! The guns and ammo are rotated like every 30 seconds. Which means you all have the same gun through the entire game! Health and ammo slowly regenerate too. There are no powerups in the game however... Scoring is a little different too. More info? Check it out at MOTW! And to all you editors out there, this mod could really be big for JK! (hint, hint, wink)

Ladder Staff Wannabe
The Spice Girls, oh, er, the Ladder leader, REDXIII, is looking for more people to help him out on the Ladder staff. If you think you have what it takes, msg him via ICQ and tell him you wanna help out! His UIN is 5613779. What are ya standin' there for?!!! Message him!

All the news
Well, I think I'll start posting every damn thing that's posted in JK web news... hehe. Everything! You like that idea? I kinda do...

SP Level Site
Do you have an obsession? With Single Player levels? Well, we have the site for you! Go Here. It's a site. They are dedicated to Single Player levels. Need I say much more? Oh, ya, the name. Ryan's JediKnight Levels. Ok? Anything else? No? Good!

Do you like skins?
Skins, skins, skins. Do you like them? Well, there are some new skins out! Lemme list them (I love lists for some reason).
  1. Sir Greedo's Skins - Basically a site with some new skins, which have been done in great detail. They look very much like what the author intended, for the skins to look like the people in the movies. I suggest you get them. I like them.
  2. Dennis Rodman - Ok. I don't like him. But some people do. If you wants a patch that makes Kyle's hair look like Rodman's, go to and get it!

Now, a nice little list... =)

Spart + Forum = Trouble
Well, maybe he won't cause total chaos. Hehe. I applaud him greatly. He made some very nice forums over at JediNights! Kickass Spart! Good job!

All the news for today, kiddies
Sorry, but stay tuned! I expect more news is in the future...

-Dark Eagle@10.39 PM
"I don't like foolin around, I prefer to just get the job done."

Monday, August 10, 1998 - [Rumors]

No, I'm not talking about the Fleetwood Mac CD! I'm talking about the Dark Forces 3 rumors. The biggest of these rumors is that DF 3 will be using the UNREAL engine. Now, for all of you with new computers, that is great news! But for llamas like me, with my puny P100 32mb comp, that news is kinda depressing. Hehe. If you want the entire lowdown on these rumors, go check it out over at

New format
As Cliffe mentioned yesterday, changes are occuring here at JKMAG. Mostly in our look. Cliffe and Vandeley are working very hard on this new look. From what I've seen so far, I likes it, hehe. One of the new features to JKMAG is the webmasters' .plan files. With these .plan files you can view the plans of your fav web masters here at the 'Mag. The one's up so far are Tark, REDXIII, Nimrod, and me. Other .plan files will be added (if the other webmasters speak up and tell me they want one, hehe) in the future. If you want to view the .plan files, go to the main page.

Yes, I admit it
I must apologize to everyone. I have been slacking a lot here. At first it was because of little news. But then it turned into me being just plain lazy. I don't have an excuse really. Even if I did it wouldn't matter. I have been slacking here at JKMAG, and I ask that you forgive me for doing so. I am trying to get myself back on track and get caught up now, so bare with me.

-Dark Eagle@12.20PM
"I am not a liar, I am not a crook."

-- I believe it was Pres. Nixon of the U.S.

Saturday, August 8, 1998 - [Back from leave]

CLIFFE back for some work on the site
Hey guys, I not as exciting as DE, so I don't have any stories about church, Coney Island, or toilets, but oh well. Anyway, Vandeley and myself have returned to do some redesign to the site. So far we've only toyed with the main page and forum (and trashed the forum while we were at it, oops). We'll slowly be converting all the pages to the new latout (tell us if you like the color scheme). We'll also be adding some other enhancements that we'll unveil later. If you have any suggestions or comments e-mail me at the address below.


help still wanted.
We're still looking for a few people to help out with the site. We'd like to have a reliable person to update the level profiles as well as the member q&a. Please contact me or dark eagle if you are interested.

"I'm not mad, really."

Friday, August 7, 1998 - [Back]

I'm back! Ok, King's Island really isn't all it's cracked up to be in my opinion... everything there will cost more and more money! It was a drag! The best thing I saw there was one of those rock climbing walls. I've never been on one of those before, and I decided, "Ah, what do I havta lose?" I mean, the wall was only about 30 ft. If I did happen to fall off, and the harness broke or sumthing, I would probably end up with broken legs... But, I went up the thing, all the way to the top. Thing was, the dude that was holding the rope that keeps me from falling to pain, said to just "let go" of the wall after I got up the damn thing. At this time I had looked down, and had seen exactly how small of a world it seemed below me. Letting go of the wall was not what I had in mind. But, I let go, went swinging out into the air. The rope held, and the guy just let it go down a little slow... I had fun doing it though. I thought it was a little too easy though... Just grab onto a rock-looking thing, pull, put a foot on another rock, etc... I figured it would be harder. Those places where the wall bulges out didn't really bother me either... Oh well. Anyhow, I'm gonna try and find out if there is one of those things around here in Huntington. I suggest if you get the chance to go on one, go for it! It's fun! You'll probably be like me, and not get scared until you look down, hehe. Oh, and I think my sis took a few pics. Once she gets them developed, I might scan them and post them here... if they came out that is... hehe.

ISP is gettin on my nerves
Ok, my ISP has been acting up lately... really bad lately. Right now I'm typing this news update offline, because every time I connect to the Net, it just goes dead on me the second I try something. It will say 26.4, but it won't go to any pages, it won't connect to ICQ, nothing, nada! I'm beginning to wonder if the ISP is screwed, or if maybe my phone line is bad... Anyhow, I'm not too much on the news updating today, hehe. I may not even get this posted today, 'cause of the Net problem. Just wanted to say that I was back!

-Dark Eagle@6.20PM
"Chinese food isn't that bad! Ok, so it is!"

Wednesday, August 5, 1998 - [Two things]

Ok, I know I said I was leaving, but I'm leaving early tomorrow morning. Anyhow, I have to address two things.

The first thing is this BFP2 for MOTS thing. I've gotten emails and messages via ICQ about people "demanding BFP2 for MOTS". Well, I'm gonna say this right now. Stop it! I'm sick of hearing the same crap! Jadawin is being kind enough to make this for us, and all a lot of you say is "give me BFP2"! Well, he's got this thing called a "life", and a "family" which he thinks are very important, and which come before a little skin pack. To tell you the truth, I don't blame him. Family and Life are important, and I feel we owe him much debt for just making the BFP2 for JK! Let alone for MOTS! I'm just tired of hearing the same thing, and I'm sure he's gotten the same messages too, or has heard them. Lay off, or he may get mad enough to just say "no", and quit altogether. Have a little bit of patience, and he will work on the skin pack whenever he can. Ok? Just have patience!!!
Thank you

Before I go, I really need help with this
Some of you may know this already, and some may not. I am a big Wolfenstein 3d fanatic! I've always liked it! I used to play it on the old Packard Bell (which only had about 20 megs memory, hehe), and I still play it on this Compaq. What I want basically, is for Id Software to recreate the game, using a better engine. I want it redone with better sound and graphics. The only way I believe I can convince them to do this, is to prove to them that there are gamers out there who want it recreated. That's why I set up a Petition. It's only got about 30 or so signatures, and I need much more! If you would be so kind and sign the petition for me, I would much obliged.

-Dark Eagle@12.20PM

Tuesday, August 4, 1998 - [School, levels, and a small vacation]

UGGH! I begin typing this news post, and what do I see?! August!!! August for cryin' out loud! Man, that's a little depressing. That means in about another month from now, I'm going to be sitting in a cold, hard desk, writing on a piece of crap notebook, about the way a star explodes in the sky. I got a astronomer type dude for a science teacher this next school term. He's a freak about it! Plus he makes you fill over 5 notebooks of notes!! 5!! Well, enuff about my slow creating depression. Maybe somehow I will forget about the dread and boredom of school... but I'll try to make this news post sound good, hehe :).

Level, Level, Who's got a level? Oh, that's right I do! What's that? You want to play this level? You say you've played it before? And like it? Eh? Oh, and you want to have it as a JKMAG level? Hmmm... NO! Haha! Just kidding! Dark Towers is definitely a good MOTS level. Though if you prefer staying away from being sucked down to your doom, this level isn't for you, hehe. It had some nice little traps that I found... you'll just havta find 'em yourself :). Have fun with this level too ppl! If you want the level, go to the Main Page and get it! Oh, and when I get back, I had better hear that this level was begin played Round the clock! Hehe.

Mini Vacation
Well, soon I leave for a vacation... well, not really a vacation, but a trip, hehe. I'm going about 200 miles away soon to go to King's Island. I don't know yet what else we might do... We might stay, and we might not. That is still up in the air. But I will be gone for a few days... Cliffe should be posting any good news up here while I'm gone... if he doesn't... well... he's busy... hehe.

REDXIII is goin away!
Well, not for good. Like me, he's gonna be away for awhile... probably going on a real vacation! Hehe. He told me he's gonna be gone for about 5 days, so don't expect any updates on the Ladder until those 5 days are up.

-Dark Eagle@12.04PM
"Shoo Shoo, Shop and Compare!"

-- A quote from a beer commercial, hehe, I think it's funny, sorta :)

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