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Written by Holde

Updated 9/01/00

For excellent strategies for JK/MotS, check out Hiss's Rebel Strategy Page


Shields: X-Y

X is the shield level the character has at spawn time.
Y is the max shield level that character can attain.

How the class compares to others in speed.

Starting Inventory:
List of weapons (excluding fists) the character spawns with. The italicized one is the preferred weapon. The character spawns holding it and can be set not to switch automatically from it.

How many stars the character has for each force. The Jedi allocates his own.


Shields: 100-200
Speed: 2nd-best
Starting Inventory:
-Light Saber;
-Bryar Pistol
Force: Allocates his own
with 21 stars


Shields: 75-175
Speed: Best
Starting Inventory:
-Stormtrooper Rifle
-Rifle Scope
-Sequencer Charges
Force: 1 Jump, 2 Seeing,
2 Persuasion, 4 Defense


Shields: 125-225
Speed: 3rd-best
Starting Inventory:
-Carbonite Gun
-Stormtrooper Rifle
-Flash Detonators
Force: 3 Push, 6 Defense


Shields: 125-250
Speed: 4th-best
Starting Inventory:
-Rail Detonator
-Stormtrooper Rifle
-Thermal Detonators
Force: 8 Defense

Additionally, the Scout uses a silenced version of the scope as long as he possesses a Stormtrooper Rifle. This weapon does much more damage than the standard Rifle plus scope; the Jedi cannot have his saber pulled away. In a "Personalities" game, the "Jedi" class is equivalent to the Rank 7 Jedi Knight.


Level: The force group it's in. 1 being the most easily accessible and 4 containing the heaviest powers.

Use: How to use it and its effect.

Counter: How to counter it.

Stars: The effect of assigning more stars to it.

Level: 1
Use: Uses targeting circles, once activated it pushes the target (must be an opponent) over a few feet. Good for pushing into pits and smacking people into walls (a good counter to force speed or force jump).
Counter: Preventing yourself from being targetted will effectively counter it (Blinding, Persuasion).More stars in defense lessens how much it moves you.
Stars: Affect its targeting range.

Level: 1
Use: Temporary activation, creates a hologram of the user; the hologram punches constantly.
Good for setting traps
Counter: Force Seeing with the map reveals location of real players.
Stars: Affect how long it lasts.

Level: 2
Use: Temporary activation, lets the user "leave his body" (this manifestation appear as a blue Concussion rifle-like shot to other players); he can use movement keys to explore with sight while the actual jedi remains stationary. As soon as the jedi fires or does something else appropriate, he returns to his body.
Good for looking around the corner and slowing or "stopping" short falls (doesn't work for bottomless pits).
Counter: None
Stars: Affect how much mana it drains.

Level: 2
Use: Instantaneous; the user must be holding his saber to use it; the saber is released and sent spinning in a straight line; once it hits something or travels far enough it returns, seeking out the thrower and coming back to the inventory. If the saber is missed, a new saber will spawn in the inventory of the Jedi after a short time.
Good for surprise attacks, difficult to avoid at close range.
Counter: None, except dodging
Stars: The more stars one has assigned, the less mana the power uses up.

Level: 3
Use: Uses targeting circles. Releases a powerful bolt of lightning that then travels to any other opponents in range.
Good for all-purpose attacks, powerful and versatile
Counter: Absorb. Protection and Defense lessen the damage
Stars: More stars increase damage and ability to hit multiple targets.


Stars are assigned 2 at a time, up to 8; each 2 that are assigned make the highest force group unavailable, so a 2* defense eliminates the last group, etc.

Defense counters several force powers, at least while the defense user possesses some force mana.

Push: More defense means push pushes the character less far.

Grip: More defense means grip doesn't last as long.

Pull: A 2* defense has no effect; a 4 or 6* defense will cause people to pull batteries before they pull the gun, with 6* making them pull more batteries than 4*. This means they need to use pull several times to get the gun. An 8* defense counters pull completely.

Chain Lightning, Destruction, Deadly Sight: More defense means these powers do less damage.

Defense itself functions by activating itself automatically (as long as you have mana) whenever you have an applicable force power cast on you.

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