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The Mandalorian Wars 3 Conversion creates FOUR entirely new and/or redesigned character classes for use with The Mysteries of the Sith add-on. Each character has different equipment, weapons and Force powers.
Much of the gear from Mandalorian Wars 2 has been upgraded and streamlined, plus there are some entirely new features! Shield Strengths have been modified, Bacta Tanks distributed. Weapons have also been reassigned, creating an offense that is both formidable and fair. There's even a new weapon for the Mandalorian Class: The Big Gun.
Some of the new characters will have some limited Force Powers, and all will have access to some of the nifty toys that make the Mandalorian Wars Conversion so much fun!

Basic Equipment

All of the Character Classes will start with certain basic equipment and weapons. Here is a listing of the basics:

1. Grapple Hook
(Assign keys: One to grapple, one to "stick")

This is the favorite of many a Mandalorian, a GRAPPLE HOOK that vwill stick into just about anything (or anyone for that matter!) and then reel you towards the hook. Press and hold whatever key you assign (I use mouse button 3 for the HOOK) and the grapple shoots out. When it encounters a surface, it starts pulling you towards that surface. Let go of the button to release the GRAPPLE HOOK. One must be careful when approaching surfaces at high speed; a technique to learn early--let go at the last second and then shoot again from a closer distance. This latest version adds an assignable "Grapple Stick" button that allows the grapple to remain hooked while you go about other business... I have noticed that if one uses another gadget or Force Power while being reeled in, the hook will also stay. Be careful! Sometimes you have to "unhook" rather quickly by simply activating the hook a second time.

The "rope" of the GRAPPLE HOOK is "invisible" and appears to be unbreakable.(And, it sometimes appears to pass through things--try spinning around a catwalk...) The hook will dislodge if a blast is sufficiently close enough--be careful.

Sometimes the GRAPPLE HOOK and JET PACK, when used together, get a little confused. You must land on the ground for the Jet Pack to turn off--however, grappling to the side of a building (while running the Jet Pack) will befuddle its circuitry and sometimes you'll fall even though the Jet Pack is still running. Try giving it a little more gas (go up). A key is assignable that will anchor the grapple AND kills the Jet Pack engine--this really helps!

If one dies after shooting the GRAPPLE HOOK (and before it connects with a building), ones body will get pulled to the hook when it finally does connect.

The Grapple Hook is also helpfull while swiming under water! Shoot the Grapple Hook straight ahead while swiming forward when the Grapple hits the other side you will be pulled quickly through the water. Great for getting away from those Jedi!

I have also discovered that grapple hooking up a narrow tunnel is quicker if one performs a 180 degree turn between successive "hooks". (The hook shoots a little farther than is possible in a static orientation.)

2. Target Zoom
(Assign keys: one)

Yes! This handy device eliminates the need for the Storm Rifle Scope in most circumstances. It allows you to see up close and personal (without any change in lighting) any target or area and works with all weapons, equipment or Force Powers. It doesn't work underwater, however. This is perfect for the sniper attack. Keep in mind that it also does not upgrade the accuracy of the Storm Rifle the way that the standard scope does. (But you have that, too!)

3. MB5 Breathing Unit
(Assign keys: not necessary)

This one's great! Automatic underwater breathing, no muss, no fuss and no time limit. Jump in the water and it kicks in automatically.

4. Spy Cam
(Assign keys: one)

How handy would a little floating camera be, one that could fly around and scope out enemies hiding around corners? Here it is! This camera also uses the IR SCANNER if you have it turned on--find 'em in the dark. There is a limited time of operation, and also a somewhat limited size that it will fit through. Forget cleaning your ductwork with this baby--although, I found a nifty little bug--or feature for that matter! Walk up to the opening edge of a door, push your face right up tight, activate your SPYCAM, move it forward just a bit and Voila! See who's hiding on the other side of the door! Use forward key or mouse button to move forward, press fire on mouse or key to shut off the SpyCam.

5. Targeter
(Assign keys: one)

The Targeter is good for those times when the Storm Trooper Scope sight gets in the way. When you are not using the normal default sights that Lucas Arts has for the game (and you are using the Zoom), you can hit the Targeter key to completely remove the Scope sight to get a better view of an area. Then put it back on for the kill by hitting the Targeter key again. One other thing that it does....try this: Zoom in with the Target Zoom and then hit the third person view key. The sight is now over the head of your player character. Hit the Targeter key to remove the sight. Now the Target Zoom is a third person Target Tracker, it will target other players like the Mandalorian Target Tracker does (although it has a limited range). **I didn't want it to be able to scan as far as the Mandalorians can with their Target Tracker (which works in both first person and third person views).

7. Vader Breath
(Assign keys: one)

You can assign DARTH VADER BREATH to a key just in case you want to use it above water to confuse and intimidate your enemies! They may believe your in the water using the M5B Unit. You can also use it while using the new Darth Vader supplied by Red from "Skinners", or use it with the Mandalorians.

Character Specific Equipment/Weapons

Some equipment is available only to certain character classes. Here's the scoop.

1. The Jet Pack (available to Mandalorians)
(Assign keys:3--Up, down, and off/grapple anchor)

Plain and simple, the Jet Pack allows the Mandalorian Class to destroy you from above. The JET PACK is a standard personal flying device. It recharges it's fuel automatically when the user is standing on a surface that has gravity. Maximum fuel is 500 units. There are automatic readouts that inform the user of the fuel status. If the unit is damaged from enemy fire, it will lose fuel. Land quickly or you will fall.

Once you are in the air, your normal motion controls will move you about (forward, reverse, sideways, etc.). Be careful when approaching any surface (wall, ceiling, floor) as excessive speed will cause you to take damage. You can also use the grapple hook while flying, but watch out! Releasing the hook will cause you to fall unless you give it more gas! (Fly up!) You can also shut down the JET PACK by assigning a key to the grapple anchor/JP off function.

2. The Teleporter (available to the VanGuards)
(Assign keys: one. The first press locks your coordinate, the second press teleports you.)

This is NICE! Pretty basic in operation, and amazingly powerful in use. Set your coordinates, run somewhere else and, poof!, a second press of the button brings you back to where you locked in. Want some fun? How about a game of Rooftop Chicken? Set your Teleporter coordinates at the top of a tall building, jump off, and at the last second teleport back to the top of the building! See if you can brush the ground with your rifle! It's also fun to have somebody chase you--two presses and you're suddenly behind them! Fun, fun, fun!

3. Rocket Dart (available to Mandalorians and VanGuards)
(Assign keys: one)

The Rocket DART is a good weapon for the surprise or quick draw. It is always available, but be careful during close encounters. It uses standard RAIL GUN CHARGES and they can be dangerous if exploded too close to yourself.
Savvy Mandalorians will note that the rate of fire is somewhat faster than the Rail Gun. Could come in handy....

4. Target Scanner (available to Mandalorians)
(Assign keys: one)

The TARGET SCANNER is used to find your elusive quarry. The scanner draws circles around your foe when he moves into your line of sight--very handy in dark conditions or for long range destruction! A must for the M3Gravity level!

5. The Big Gun also known as Assult Sniper Cannon (available to Mandalorians)
(Assign keys: replaces Bryar Pistol)

This is what it says: a Big Gun. A faster firing rate than the Concussion Rifle and almost the same sort of damage, The Mandalorian starts with one of these. It replaces the Bryar Pistol, but characters other than the Mandalorians don't start with one. They are hard to come by, too. (Can you say Force Pull?) Watch out...or be dead.

The Character Classes

Jedi Knight

The most familiar class to many players, the Jedi Knight retains the Force possibilities established in the original Mysteries of the Sith add-on. Force Protection, Force Healing and the Saber Throw have all been edited and the Light Saber has been updated and improved. See the Chart for his starting powers, weapons and equipment. (Note the cool Luke Skin.)


Bobba Fett and his ilk, now available for some severe death matching! This is the classic Mandalorian with all of the best equipment-Jet Pack, Rocket Dart, Target Scanner, and of course, the Big Gun! The Mandalorian Skins are just about the best out there--scroll through all of them! Take a look at the Chart to see how he fares at the outset.


These guys are also plenty familiar, encompassing the Rebel and Imperial Soldiers. They are the next most powerful Force users in the game, having Force Jump, Seeing and Persuasion at their disposal. They also start the game with a Seeker Rail Charges well as the basic equipment package. Again, take a look at the Chart for all the Stats.


The new kids on the block bring with them some of the neatest toys! These are the guys with the Telporters--you have to check it out! Scroll through all the different skins--they're quite cool. They have the standard equipment and a certain hardiness derived from their 8 Star Force Defense. You know where the Chart is--check it out.

Enjoy these changes and additions! -- Azlon

For technical support or comments about this mod, email AZLON

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