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Manowar 3 Credits by Azlon


The Wars of Mandalore

Title:    Manowar 3
Version:    1.0
Date:    1/12/99

Author: Azlon {William Rochholz} or or ICQ 16104618

Manowar Team: Azlon and Kurt
<======> The Only 2 Current Team Members left also the oldest ;-)

Buildtime: mucho hours spread over 7 months for sanity reasons! :)

Type of Mod: Death Match "DM", Team-Play, CTF, Ysalamiri and Single Player works with all! CTF "gold" Team Jedi = Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight, CTF "red" Team Jedi = Darth Vader!
Have the Ultimate father and son battles! The Light Vs the Dark side of the Force! Who will win? You decide!

All the other Jedi Team Play colors are Kyle. The other Classes and their team colors are Mandalorians, VanGuards, Alliance :)

**For Team Play and CTF be sure to select the team play option as you would normally in game.

I would like to thank the following authors for their original mods to which I made modifications to:

* Howard Roy for some of his "lightsaber" code from JK;
* Buckley Hopper ( for his original JetPack;
*Morpy&HammerheaD( for their original Grapple Hook.
*MSC_Rishka ( Created the Teleporter Unit which I edited for Manowar 3
*Quib Mask ( The new code that was used for "Vader Breath" which I edited. "I told you that would make a great Vader Breathe code" :)
*Red at Skinners for the new Mandalorian 3do's & new Darth Vader Skin and 3do & finally the Waterfall cog . Thanks again Red!:) Please support Skinners at:
*Lynxeye (?) for making the Big Gun usable for JK and Mots!

*NOTE*: Spector informed me that in the original release of the Big Gun and the Fett weapon in Manowar 2 that"Lynxeye" did the work on those 2 weapons (not who I gave credit to). For that I'm sorry. No one ever let me know until Spector told me about that error and I only went by the readme that was included with those weapons when I received them. Sorry Lynxeye! :)

*Werner Spahl ("JMZoom" for some code and ideas I used in the development of the Target Zoom.
*Executer (?) for JetPack damage code and idea and the idea to add more sounds to the grapple.

*Manowar, Manowar1, Manowar2 fans! "Manowar has been an on going project for over a year now since December 1997" :)

*LucaArts for the original cog code which we all edited :)
***See the ingame credit's for more info.
****Note some of the credits I have given authors was for ideas or a line or two of code, not their entire mod or work. There has been a few mod author's that released mods and omitted proper credit's. I know because I've seen my work many times including cogs,mats and or/ skins that I edited being used without permission or at least giving credit. I have also seen other mod authors work being used the same way. So I felt that if by examing "studing" a mod author's work and they helped me with my work (albeit unknowingly) I gave them the credit they deserved.
***** To date "Speaking of the new modified (edited) cog's in Manowar 3" you will not find any of this work edited as it is in Manowar 3 in any other mod ( published or not )"except where noted", as I have edited this mod exclusivly for Manowar 3! With some mods that use LucaArts cog's and cog code their may be similarities to other mods. So if "anyone" is interested in what cog's are used in Manowar 3 or how I edited them just take a look at the cogs I have edited . The work may even help you get started in editing Jk or Mots! One of the toughies for me was to figure out how to get the code working for the new Breather in Mots and then have the breathing stop when a player dies while underwater. ;0
Go ahead and check it out editors and see how it was done I'm almost embarassed at how simple the answer turned out to be that solved the delema. : )

Like I've said none of the new edited cogs used in Manowar 3 "other than what was used in Manowar 2 " you will find any where else period!!!! That is all except the Teleporter cog and or the Waterfall cog that was used in our Mandalore Cave level. That also includes Rhishka's Teleporter cog which I edited and fixed an error or was it an omission :)! Yet I take no credit for that work it's his!!! All other work noted above and below as well as in the ingame credits!
**Anyone else I may have forgot to mention or who may have contributed ideas or in some other way helped with the development of Manowar 3.
All the programers who made the programs to edit Jedi Knight and Mots; we've used them all!

*Download Notice:

The JediKnight CTF Group:
- And other JK sites. A big Thank-You to all the JK sites and their staff for all your support:)!
Chyren, Zeus and JKMAG members Thanks! Thanks a lot Guys, you're the greatest!:)

******Special Notice:{DAGWARS PREVIEW}********

All the new Luke Skywalker Skins as well as Jedi Kyle are preview skins that will be in our next planned MOTS mod "DagWars" which has already been started!
DAGWARS I actually started in November or December 1997 for Jedi Knight and then put on hold due to Manowar!

If you have what it takes to finish a project and have level, skinning, game bm's backgrounds, or cog editing skills and would like to join the Manowar Team contact me and we will talk. :) Prefer editors with previous published work but will consider all.

********** Current and Former Manowar 3 Team Members and Contributers for Manowar 3***********
*Azlon( is the Project Leader for The Mandalorian Wars and is also the original Author of "Mandalorian Wars".
AZLON'S SKINS: created the Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight skins as well as the other Luke skins, Jedi Kyle skin, The VanGuards, Boba Fett and Jodo Kast and all the Mandalorian Skins, The New JetPack & Cape Mats.
AZLON'S COGS: created the Spycam, the all new MB5 Breather Unit, Target Zoom, Targeter, IR Scanner, Target Scanner, New JetPack Code Version 2 , GrappleHook editing, New Improved Lightsaber modifications.
AZLON'S SOUNDS: New Weapons Sounds.
ALSO: Mandalorian Icons and the New Improved Gauntlet Wrist Rocketdart Gun with the help from "Spector" a former Manowar 3 team member and online friend. (Where are you Spector? I miss ya and all the brain storming we did!":)
Force power and weapon cogs, Force Saber Throw, Force Protection and Force Healing have all been redone so that they offer better protection, etc., to help balance game play!
AZLON'S MATS: the new Vader Red Light saber Mat as well as the other 3 and the Saber Handle Mat.
Azlon also compiled the Manowar3 files and and have done this readme file.

*Kurt ( ) for all the levels included with the Manowar 3 and again a Special Big Thanks to you Kurt! :)
I consider Kurt one of the best level authors around-- just look at the Mandalor Cave level included with Manowar 3 and you will see what I mean :) Kurt also made the M3Chart and wrote the Mwars3.txt. Kurt it's been a pleasure working with you again. :) Manowar 3 would never have had any levels without your hard work and dedication--it just wouldn't be the same!
*Jonathan C aka Falcon ( for all the ultra cool Screen Bm's!
*Brian ( for the new Manowar 3 DM level that he will finish and send out for download later :)
Brian was unable to make the deadline to finish up his level do to computer problems :( Brian says the new level is good, and knowing Brian that's an understatement--more like awesome!
*Note also check out Brian's site at:
*Spector for some of the code that was used in the Rocketdart gun! Sorry I decided not to use the Wrist Laser :( I lost your email address :( Comp crash...ouchy!
Beta Testers: Kurt, Marty and family, Azlon, Jon.
And of course most importantly LUCASARTS for putting out such wonderful games like JediKnight and Mots:)

*******Recommended Mots Levels for Manowar 3:********

All the Manowar 3 levels :) All LucaArts levels, CTF conversion, Dark Towers by Dak, Terminator's Ysalamiri Battleground level pack, Jabba's Palace by Dan Rubado,The Mos Eisley SpacePort (Great Level by the way) and any and all other levels that may have water and or a large playing area with room to fly and without too many slowdowns.


***NOTICE Asteroid Outpost "Gravity" Level included with Manowar 3 runs best on P200 or above. I have tested this level on a P166 although it wasn't too bad it did have some slow downs. This level really pushes the limits of the Mots engine and your PC.

*Files included:,,,,Manowar3.doc,Mwars3.txt, QuickStart.txt,M3chart.jpg.

******Permission Required*******
***** You may not use "any" part of this mod "MANOWAR 3" without me "Azlon" giving permission to you first and "if given" please give credit to all who is do credit! We all worked very hard to bring you this mod giving you the most fun as possible with Manowar 3 to give you the feel of a true Mandalorian War!

****This is a free mod "not" Public Domain!****

*******Special Thought's********
***One thing more before signing off " Only my wife has known until now" a special thanks goes out to "Spector" who without his zeal and encouragement 6 months or more ago that he gave me "Manowar 3" may have never been! Something to think about. :)

Azlon -- Project Leader The Mandalorian Wars

*Now what are you waiting for go get some of those Mandalorian Warriors! :)



THE DAGWARS, DAGWARS 1997, 1998, & 1999 Azlon

LucasArts does not endorse nor support this mod but owns all trademarks and JediKnight and Mots is the property of Lucasarts.

(C) 1997 LucasArts Entertainment Co. All Rights Reserved

For technical support or comments about this mod, email AZLON

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