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Manowar 2
Manowar 2
Manowar 2

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Manowar2 is the classic mod for Jedi Knight that turns you into a fully armed and operational Mandalorian Warrior in multiplayer and single player games!


Manowar2 comes equipped with 24 new Mandalorian warriors for CTF and normal multiplayer games. It comes complete with working jetpack, a grapple hook, and wrist-rocket darts, among many other features.
You can find out more about Manowar2's equipment and weapons on the Manowar2 features page.

The pack comes with a massive CTF level based on Jerec's fortress, and 2 huge Deathmatch levels.

If that link doesn't work for you, there is a mirror of the file here.

Manowar2 is only for Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight.
If you want to play as a Mandalorian using Mysteries of the Sith, you can check out Manowar3 for MotS.

For technical questions or comments about this mod, email AZLON

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