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This is the long awaited sequel to the original Manowar patch, Manowar2! The patch features many great new features including: the jet pack, wrist dart gun, new weapons, an IR Scanner, a Target Scanner, a grapple hook, new sounds, new skins, 1 ctf level, 2 new deathmatch levels, underwater breathing unit, and much more. To run the patch, you simply double click on the Manowar2.bat file which will be located in your Jedi Knight directory (after installation of exe, directions and download below). You may want to make a shortcut to the Manowar2.bat on your desktop. Please note that Manowar2 is for regular Jedi Knight only at this time (MOTS may come later).

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Installation Instruction:

Win Zip Screenshot Double click on the manowar2.exe that you just downloaded.

If you installed Jedi Knight to the default directory it is already up there. If not type in the path of your Jedi Knight directory. Then click "unzip." After you have selected the CORRECT path to Jedi Knight and have clicked unzip the .EXE will do all of the installing for you.
After that is done, go to your JK directory and double click on the MANOWAR2.BAT file, this is what will start the manowar patch. The game should start up and you are done installing. Just make sure you assign keys for the different weapons.

NOTE: You have to double click on the .BAT file each time you wish to play with the manowar patch. This will start up Jedi Knight for you. To make things easier make a shortcut on your desktop to the Manowar2.bat file.


The Manowar Team:

  • Azlon is the Project Leader for The Mandalorian Wars and is also the original author of "Mandalorian Wars". In this project, Azlon has done all the Skinning creating the Mandalorian Skins The New JetPack Mats, Cogs: created the Complete Weapons Mods, IR Scanner, Target Scanner, New Jetpack Version , grapplehook editing, Rocketdart for the light side, and did Lightsaber modifications, Sounds: New Weapons Sounds, Mandalorian Icons and the new Vader Red Light saber Mat and the Saber Handle Mat. He also compiled the and did the readme file.
  • Khobolt: Graphics Art for all the Bm's.
  • Pot-Head: Team Project Leader, Level designer.
  • Quib Mask: Cog Edited the new code for sounds for the Jet Pack.
  • MSC_Rishka: Created the Underwater Breating Unit which he allowed Azlon to re-edit it.
  • Brian: for Obelisk DM level.
  • Kurt: for Covert Cove DM level.

    The Manowar team wishes to thank:
    Howard Roy for his lightsaber; Buckley Hopper for his original JetPack; Bobba Fett (Andrew Fenbert) for his wrist dart gun; Morpy&HammerheaD for their original Grapple Hook; Greig Walker for the 3do for the "Fett" weapons; and Marc Sauvé for the new Mandalorian voice file; Khobolt for the bm's; Brian Lozier for Obelisk DM level; Kurt for Covert Cove; Osan'gar; Cliffe and JKMAG; Red at Skinners for the new Mandalorian 3do's; And anyone else who may have contributed with ideas or other for Manowar.

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