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This is where you can find the greatest multiplayer levels of all time(past and present), for Jedi Knight. We will only offer the greatest, because we aren't going to waste our time uploading and reviewing levels that authors didn't spend enough of their time on. This is what will seperate our level section from the level sections that you will find on other Jedi Knight sites. They will post hundred and hundreds of levels that no one will ever play, because the quality is so bad. We aren't going to waste your time, by posting links to levels that people won't like. If you want badly done levels, feel free to look elsewhere, but if you are looking for quality levels, feel free to browse our archive below. Enjoy. :)

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Capture The Flag

These levels ARE being featured by JKMAG. This is not an evaluation of their merit - we have already decided that they are excellent and deserve inclusion - what we require are interesting and concise reviews of what they contain so that visitors to these pages can know what to expect - and hopefully be encouraged to download and try them!

Send your reviews to ReAcToR and see your name in lights! Well, in HTML anyway, right here on this page when we publish your very words! So get to it!

For comments or questions, email ReAcToR

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