The Official JKMAG Editing Team

JEDIT is a group of small editing teams, projects, and independent editors. It's purpose is to create a small community of editors who can share resources and help each other out. This could be considered assimilation, but it would be silly to call it this because both parties (JEDIT and the individual editing teams) benefit greatly from it. JEDIT is not a seperate entity, but rather it is all the editing teams as a whole.

At the moment, JEDIT is currently hosting CA TC and Bond TC.
However we are always growing and new groups are always welcome to join. Check with this page often for updates on coming projects by JEDIT.

The news at this site lacks for one reason: we're here to make news, not to write it!

Warning: This page is primarily for the use of JEDIT members. However, the content may reveal plans, projects, or other information that you are allowed to see only because we want to let you, the players, be informed on our progress. We would never steal any ideas from other groups, nor would we expect them to steal from us.

This site is maintained by Nimrod, Dak, and Torplex.
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