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Updated 12/30/99

Wecome to the JKMAG FAQ

Here you will find the answers to many commonly asked questions concerning JKMAG

If you have questions or problems please consult this FAQ first. If you still cannot find the answer to your problem, contact Chyren.

This FAQ is maintained by Chyren, e-mail him with any corrections or additions.


What is JKMAG? And what the hell does it stand for?
JKMAG is a group of people who like to play multiplayer addon levels, but cannot find games of these great levels on ip server boards. We use ICQ for the easiest possible way to get into a addon level game. This way we know who is online at the time you want to host a game. So you simply message them with your IP.
JKMAG stands for Jedi Knight Multiplayer Addon Group. Yes, not the most original name, but it gets the job done.

Why does this group exist?
Because it is so hard to find an ip game with people who have the same levels and skins as you do. Thus, we all have the same levels and skins so we can play with each other.

Who started this group?
Two blokes named CLIFFE and Vandeley. They aren't actively overseeing the site anymore, but Cliffe keeps a watchful eye on us. We hope.

Do CLIFFE or Vandeley have lives?
Unknown. Probably now they do. Chyren certainly doesn't.

Who is Chyren?
He's an Australian guy who stepped up to the plate to take over the site when no one else could. As of date of writing, he's trying to resurrect the group after a period of hiatus.

Is there any charge to join the group?
Only if you ask us this question.

[insert name here] is a cheater/cheap player. Will you kick him out of the group?
This is a tough one. If there is substantial evidence this person is unsavory, we'll see to it that he is booted. However, we cannot run JKMAG and be babysitters! Please deal with things responsibly and maturely. Ignore annoying players, there is nothing we can do about them.

Is JKMAG a clan? Why not?
No, it is not a clan. It is simply a group of people united by ICQ who are looking for addon level multiplayer games. We do not want to be called a clan or order because we really bear no semblence to one at all.

Why don't you have a more exciting name than the drab name JKMAG?
The whole group was founded on simplicity. We want people to hear our name and recognize what we are all about. A cheesy name was left out of the equation, so as to avoid any confusion.

I have some feedback/ideas for JKMAG, who should I contact?
You can e-mail Chyren with any comments, feedback, ideas, complaints, etc.

How do I know what is going on at JKMAG?
Visit the News Page. It is updated regularly by the News Staff. The page features information on levels, members, and everything JKMAG.

Who runs the JKMAG web site?
Chyren, with help from the many very capable people at JKMAG.

I think the JKMAG idea and web site is crap... do you care?
Not a jot.

Is it true that there is a spinoff of JKMAG?
Not any more. There were a couple of rip-off sites set up in the past by unimaginative types, but they quickly fell by the wayside. Many sites or groups now recognise JKMAG and it's standardised packs, particularly BFP2, but none are officially 'spin-offs' of JKMAG, although we have several very excellent Hosted Sites that are JKMAG affiliates.

When did this whole group start?
The group started on December 26, 1997. Though the web site did not officially open until December 30.

What is the history of the JKMAG site?
The whole concept was dreamed up by CLIFFE and Vandeley. The site was originally at Tripod. Within a few days of opening the site, Zybergoat from JediLink which later became the Sith Temple approached us and wanted to host our site. Naturally, we sold out right away. Then, some time later, Sith Temple disappeared completely from the internet with very little warning. We were then taken under the wing of, heralding the present phase of the group.

Do you need any help with the web site?
No. If we do, we'll let you know.

How about a page that has information on all the members of the group?
What, are you kidding? With members coming and going, keeping it up to date would be a nightmare, so we won't even try. We used to have a member profile page, which had an interview with one member per week or so. We may or may not revive that feature.

Doesn't MOTS solve all the problems JKMAG tries to fix?
No. Again, there are only a handful of multiplayer levels even on MOTS. People are already sick of them, addons keep things fresh and exciting.

I just got an ICQ message that said "icq is going to start charging for every message," should I forward it?
No you should not! These messages are usually bogus! Do not forward them to any fellow JKMAG members. In fact, do not send anything not Jedi Knight related to members on your contact list.

I just got an icq message that said "icq is deleting dead accounts, forward this message..." should I forward it?
No you should not! These messages are usually bogus! Do not forward them to any fellow JKMAG members. In fact, do not send anything not Jedi Knight related to members on your contact list.

How should I let people know I'm hosting a game when I leave icq open?
It is very important that anyone hosting a game puts the IP of the game and other vital game information in their away message (whether it be dnd, away, etc.) This is simply common courtesy so that others who have just gotten online can get into a game. It will also cut down on those silly "any games up?" messages. People joining games are not expected to put the IP of that game in their away message, but it would be nice.

What the hell is icq?
ICQ is a government sanctioned program that makes sure all those who ask inane questions are impailed on red hot iron spikes. Just kidding. Go to and find out.

Do I have to put everyone on the member list in my contact list?
Well...not really, although it would be nice. You may pick and choose who you want in your list, according to time zones, Sect Membership, etc. But we encourage you to add everyone. The list is big, but take it slow, add a few at a time. Then you can get into a game whenever you bloody want to. Check the membership list regularly. We now have a Sect System, whereby you can identify people who play your kind of games (guns, sabers, manowar etc) more readily. Read the 'About JKMAG' page for more stuff on that.

My icq list is now huge! What do I do to keep my contacts straight?
With a full contact list differenciating between friends and foes (jk players) can be tough. So remember that is may be helpful for you to rename the jk players on your list, simply put a JK before their name. (i.e. rename my name to JK_Chyren rather than just Chyren) This is pictured at the left.

I am new to JKMAG. How do I get the full list of members?
At the Member List Page. There you can acually click on the ICQ numbers of the members to add them to your list. Try it. Veteran members please just visit the member list page and add new members yourself. Remember that all members though, must visit the member list page regularly to get the newest members.

I am new to Jedi Knight Multiplayer, how do I host or join a game?
Go to this page at to find out all about joining/hosting for beginners.

I want to host a game, but how do I find out my IP address?
Simply press 'start' then 'run' and type in "WINIPCFG" (with no quotes) and hit 'ok'. This will give you a bunch of figures, one of them being your ip address.

Can I link to the JKMAG web site on my web site?
Certainly! Go to our linking page. It will have a handy JKMAG animated .gif for you to use and where to link it to.

Will you be my very special, official Jedi Knight internet friend?

I think the graphics on your web site are trash, can I submit some to you?
Absolutely. E-mail any graphics for consideration for the site to Chyren. If we don't use it, don't cry.

I have a Jedi Knight web page, will you put a link to my site on the JKMAG web site?
It has not been our policy in the past. Excessive links make the internet a wasteland. We will have a look at your site, but don't be upset if we don't link to it. Our only links are generally to hosted sites or resource sites, such as those that carry the utilities we like to use (such as ICQ or Kicker Helper).

Why doesn't the JKMAG web site have frames?
Because it doesn't need them. We have no large archives or hundreds of databased pages. There are some pages that have frames, such as the level profiles, but this may change. We use various forms of navigation, such as the keen drop down lists at the bottom of some pages.

I want to host a game but how do I let other JKMAG people know I'm hosting one?
Simply message all those online via icq. (An easy way to do this is to message one person online, select the "more" button and select all those people online to send to) Included of course your IP address, which level it will be, and any other vital information you wish to include.


Must I download all the levels on the Level Profile Pages?
Well, you should at the very least try them out, more than once, with other JKMAGers. You must download the UGP and USP level packs, however, they are an absolute requirement, just like the BFP2, so that all members of the group have the same mods.

Ok, I've downloaded all the levels, I have all the skins, I put everyone in my contact list; what do I do now?
Host or join a game and let the mayhem begin!

How will I know when new levels are available for the group?
You will be notified via icq message when any new levels are added.

Do you make the levels?
No. Chyren does not make any levels, nor knows how to do so. We simply cull them from various places on the web. Please e-mail the makers of the levels and tell them that you appreciate their hard work. JKMAG is not an editing group, just a resource group that brings together what we think are the best levels around.

Why don't you have [insert level name here] on the site for everyone to download?
We cannot use every level for the group that everyone suggests. The Level Testing Crew select what they think are the best levels for the group to have. We will certainly check out any levels that you think are good. However, this does not mean that we will actually use them. Keep in mind that we receive many level requests every day, if we used them all we'd have no time for the important things: fragging.

I made a level, will you use it for the group?
Only send us a level you made if it is a contender for a level that is good enough for the group to use. If it is crap, don't even bother.

I just downloaded all the levels, now what the hell do I do with these zips?
It's very simple: After you've downloaded the level zip files, unzip them. Next, go to where every you installed Jedi Knight, and find a folder called "Episode". For the default, go to your program files folder, then choose your lucasarts folder, then choose your Jedi Knight folder, then choose your "Episode" folder. Leave your "Episode" folder open. Copy the .gob(s) from the zip file(s) into the "Episode" folder. That is it, simple! Repeat this process for any new levels that you download. These instructions are also included in the readme document that is included with all level zip files (or should be).

What files come in the level zip files?
The actual level *.gob (which is what you actually install), and the readme.txt file for that specific level, sometimes there are additional text files depending on the level.

How do you choose the levels that the group uses?
Chyren and the Level Testing Crew choose which levels are good enough and which are trash. We test the level for bugs as well as evaluate them for design, creativity, playabiltiy, and simply how good of a level it is. If the level makes the cut, you'll see it here.

I think your levels are rubbish, do you care?
We couldn't give a fat rat's clacker.

Do you need help testing/evaluation new levels?
Not at this time. We'll announce it if we do.


What does "BFP" mean? And what does it signify?
BFP stands for Big F***ing Pack. Now we call it the Big Fluffy Pack, so as not to offend those shy retiring souls who never utter a four letter word. It is the official SkinPack of JKMAG.

Who is responsible for BFP?
The credits for BFP2 and it's history are on the BFP2 page.

Do I have to download BFP2?
YES. It is absolutely required for JKMAG membership. And why not? It is great fun to have so many skins and to be able to see other people's skins too. Remember, if you host a game and don't have the pack, no one else will be able to see their skins. So please just make things simple and get it! Download it at the BFP2 Page.

Will BFP interfere with games with people who don't have it? (ie. games with people other than members of JKMAG)
No, it will not. If you have the pack and someone else does not, they will see you as a generic Kyle Katarn, whatever skin you use, except the default ones that come with JK. If the host does not have the pack but you do, you will not see your skins, but you'll see Kyle, unless you're still using one of the default skins.

Why is the skinpack 7 megs?
Because it's big, man! 89 skins and 31 saber types to be exact, as well as new sounds. Stop whining and go get it. It's why it's called the 'Big' Fluffy Pack, after all.

Why don't you have a [insert skin name here] skin?
Because we just don't.

Whatever happened to "Patch Me In" your patches page?
With the new skinpack, the patches section was obsolete. This is because all the patches that were on it are now included in the skinpack. We will be featuring other patches in the near future, though, but only as a sideline resource for members.

I am having problems with skins, who should I talk to?
Contact Cuda with any questions. You can still try emailing Chyren but he'll just talk to the other guys anyway.

Will you use my [insert skin pack name here] skin pack for the group instead of BFP?

May I distribute the SkinPack?
Get our permission first, and make sure you credit the authors, but yeah. Check the copyright notice on the BFP2 page, though.

I already have a damn skin pack, do I still have to get BFP2?
Yes. The pack must be universal for the group, in order to do so we must all have it. Chances are, it's better than your old skinpack anyway, so just get it.

What happened with the BFP name?
BFP originally stood for "Big F***ing Pack", which was an homage to the BFG, a weapon that appeared in Doom. The Skinners, a group of skin makers, had skins in the pack. But they did not condone the name, insisting that it did not belong in the Star Wars universe. To appease these fellows, the name became "Big Fluffy Pack." After a 'contractual dispute' with the Skinners, the original BFP was withdrawn and the far superior BFP2 was released for both JK and MotS with no Skinners material. We still call it the Big Fluffy Pack, but more for Politically Correct reasons than anything else. So sue us.

Why does the R5 skin screw up the look of the red astromechs in the single play game?
This was an error in the naming of the skin class, mixing it up with the 3do in the game. It's no biggie, and it will soon be fixed in the BFP3 patch being cooked up. No serious bugs exist in BFP2.

Will there be updates to BFP2?
Yes, there will be. Every so often there will be an update with all new skins and sabers. Stay tuned to the news page for information on upcoming updates. As of writing, BFP3 is slated for release before Star Wars: Episode One is released. BFP3 will contain many new skins and sabers plus a whole bunch of prequel characters!

In addition to the updates of BFP, must I have all the previous versions of it?
Well, with updates to an existing version you must have the original version, obviously. BFP3 might be a discrete install or it might be an add-on update for 2, we haven't decided quite yet, but it will include many of the features of the previous packs and will be (hopefully) completely compatible with them.

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