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Welcome to the home of Radium Editng. Radium is a team of many extrordinary editors who are working on several projects to make your Jedi Knight/ Mysteries of the Sith experience the best it can be. If your interested in seeing some of our projects then click on Projects in the navigation frame. Here you can find all of our work as it is released and up to date information on what is yet to come. If you are interested in who is working on Radium Editing then check the Team area in the navigation frame. So check out some of the areas and what we have to offer, or find out if you have what it takes to become part of Radium Editing.

Warning: Radium is highly explosive, we take no responcibility for injuries due to extreme excitement while playing our levels. Thank you for your co-operation and play at your own risk.

Disclaimer: Star Wars, Jedi Knight, and Mysteries of the Sith are all preperty of Lucas Arts and no copyright infingment is intended. Website design Copyright (C) 1998 Random Web Design.

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Yes! you can, if you are good at cogs, 3do's or are an extremely good editor we are looking for you.

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