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BFP2X: The BFP2 to end all BFP2's!

It contains a total of 140 new skins and 31 new sabers for Multiplayer Jedi Knight, all in one compact Gob file!

Old Friends Droids

BFP2X adds these skins and sabers for multiplay use, it does not erase the original default skins or sabers that came with the game.

As with all addons, to see other players' skins in a game, all players must have the pack. BFP2X was created to be the definitive JK skin collection for JKMAG. You will want to use Patch Commander in order to run it on the Zone, and it just makes it much easier.

This is a single Gob file, which is very easy to use, just like any other mod. The definitive BFP2 collection, and the biggest BFP to date!

Special Note on Download Problems

Some people report problems downloading these files from our server.

If you get a file that your zip program reports is 'not a valid archive' or other error messages, it is usually because the pesky server has stopped the download before it has completed. This only happens to some people, but is nevertheless out of our control.

There is a solution, however. Go to this site and download GetRight. This is a fantastic little utility that lets you resume downloads if errors occur, and a host of other brilliant features. A must for anyone who downloads lots of stuff off the net, and it is free! The staff of JKMAG recommend this program.

Download BFP2X for Jedi Knight (8.99 MB)

BFP2X for MotS??

Until the MotS version of BFP2X is completed, you can in the meantime download GooBFP2 a MOTS Gooed version of BFP2 (does not yet contain BFP2.1 skins, sorry). It's still worth it for a taste of what is to come, and features some new BM's not found in the ungooed version. (link fixed)


Check out these other awesome skinpacks!

Al MacDonald, who contributed many of the great skins you see in the BFP packs, has generously granted us two unofficial collections of his skins. Check out his great skin site here.

Below you can download two packs. One contains only Star Wars related skins and is the bigger of the two. The other contains skins from various movies. Both are run the same as was BFP2X (with patch commander). Enjoy!

Al MacDonald's Unofficial Star Wars Skinpack for JK

Al MacDonald's Movie Skinpack for JK

Note: MotS versions may someday appear if there's a demand for them.

For questions or comments, email Chyren

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