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Installing BFP2 for Jedi Knight

Installing the JK version of BFP2 is ridiculously easy. The install module will incorporate the skins, sabers, and sounds into JK with no need for a batch file, gob, or another program to run it. Once installed, it's part of the game, baby!

Once you have downloaded the zip file, create a temporary folder on your desktop. Unzip the contents of the zip file into that folder. Now open it and doubleclick on the 'setup' icon.

Temporary Folder

The self-installer program will start up and guide you through the process effortlessly.

Install Module

Above you can see the default destination path. If you specified a different directory when you installed Jedi Knight, make sure it is correctly listed here. It's a no-brainer, folks.

Once you've done this, BFP2 for JK will be installed. Easy!

Add-on fans take note: BFP2 will erase the contents of the 3do, mat, misc, sound and ui folders in your Resource directory: This occurs during the installation, so you should move any files you have in them to a temporary directory until it is done. That's if you want to keep them, of course. The majority of people don't even have to worry about this.

Installing BFP2 for Mysteries of the Sith

The MotS version is an exe file. Once downloaded, doubleclick the bfp2mots.exe icon. The winzip self-extractor will start up. You just have to type in the correct directory path when prompted during installation.

MotS Self-Extractor

Again, utterly, utterly straightforward. We've made it so simple for you! You have no excuse not to get this pack!

As with the JK version, the MotS BFP2 will erase the contents of the 3do, mat, misc, sound and ui directories within the Resource folder. If you have any files here that you wish to save, move them to a temporary directory until after the installation.

BFP2 Update for Mysteries of the Sith

Because MotS uses Character Classes, with the standard install of MotS BFP2 you can only use a limited group of skins in each class. This update allows you to use any of the skins in each of the character classes.
Instructions for the installation of the BFP2 update for MotS are included in the readme that comes with the file; even easier to use, since it's just a replacement models.dat file for the one in your MotS\Resource\misc folder.

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