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This is the BFP2.1 - Upgrade for BFP2

Containing 55 skins adding to BFP2 for MP Jedi Knight and MotS!

BFP2.1 adds these skins to BFP2. You must have BFP2 for this upgrade to work! If you install BFP2.1 without it, you will crash the game, and have to re-install it. You can get BFP2 here.

As with all other addons, to see other players' skins in a game, all players must have the same pack. This is the reason JKMAG creates these kinds of addon packs. It will not prevent you from joining other non-BFP2.1 games, but you will only see your skin as Kyle if you do.

BFP2.1 is for both Jedi Knight and MotS!

The MotS version has been released! It is now available at the links below!
If you have any difficulties installing the MotS version, please contact Chyren.

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Download BFP2.1 for Jedi Knight (4.53MB)

If that link does not work for you, Click Here.

Or even try this other Mirror.

And furthermore, our friends at The Massassi Temple
has supplied yet another Mirror.

Download BFP2.1 for Mysteries of the Sith (6.36MB)

If that link does not work for you, Click Here.

Special Note on Download Problems

Some people report problems downloading these files from our server.

If you get a file that your zip program reports is 'not a valid archive' or other error messages, it is usually because the pesky server has stopped the download before it has completed. This only happens to some people, but is nevertheless out of our control.

There is a solution, however. Go to this site and download GetRight. This is a fantastic little utility that lets you resume downloads if errors occur, and a host of other brilliant features. A must for anyone who downloads lots of stuff off the net, and it is free! The staff of JKMAG recommend this program.

Copyright Notice

BFP2 and 2.1 are Freeware. They were produced for the community, not for credit or financial profit.

You may do with them as you please, with these restrictions:

You must NOT use the BFP name. This is the intellectual property of JKMAG and is copyright JKMAG 1998/99.
If you make a modification to the pack(s), you must NOT release it under the name BFP2, BFP2.1 or BFP3.
If you use the skins in this pack, you must credit the authors (but see skin credits for more info).


For info or help with this mod, please contact Chyren

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