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Logo by Armage Bedar



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This is the Big Fluffy Pack v2.0

It contains a total of 89 high quality skins and 31 great new sabers for Multiplayer Jedi Knight

Old Friends Bad Guys Droids

BFP2 adds these skins and sabers for multiplay use, it does not erase the original default skins or sabers that came with the game.

As with all addons, to see other players' skins in a game, all players must have the pack. This is the reason for BFPs creation. It will not prevent you from joining non-BFP2 games, but you will only see Kyle as your skin if you do.

There are versions for both JK and MotS. Also included here is an update for the MotS version which will allow you to use any of the skins in each of the classes, if you so wish.

Installation is easy, and is explained fully on the Installation page, not that you really need instructions..the packs basically install themselves with no fuss whatsoever!

Special Note on Download Problems

Some people report problems downloading these files from our server.

If you get a file that your zip program reports is 'not a valid archive' or other error messages, it is usually because the pesky server has stopped the download before it has completed. This only happens to some people, but is nevertheless out of our control.

There is a solution, however. Go to this site and download GetRight. This is a fantastic little utility that lets you resume downloads if errors occur, and a host of other brilliant features. A must for anyone who downloads lots of stuff off the net, and it is free! The staff of JKMAG recommend this program.


This is a new version of the pack that can be used with Patch Commander. This was the brainchild of Kurgan, for more hardcore patch-users!

The improved gobbed/gooed versions can be downloaded from the BFP2X section of our site. Many thanks to Kurgan for creating these innovative versions.

Download BFP2 for Jedi Knight (7.62 MB)

If that link does not work for you, Click Here   • UPDATED

Furthermore, our friends at The Massassi Temple have provided
Another Mirror

Download BFP2 for Mysteries of the Sith (6.18 MB)

If that link does not work for you, Click Here

Here is a second Mirror   • UPDATED

Update BFP2 for MotS (5.96 kb)

If that link does not work for you, Click Here

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