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We are just a group who play multiplayer Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith games using ICQ and add-on packs. We use new levels and modifications to the basic game which make it much more fun to play, and which are continuously changing as new ones appear online.

To participate in this group, all players should have the official JKMAG level and skin packs to to be compatible with everyone else. If a player doesn't have the right levels or skinpacks, he can get them here at JKMAG.

Below you will find all the information you need to play in the group once you become a member.


Go to the Join Form and submit your info. Remember, to be an active member you must also add the other JKMAGers to your ICQ list. Download BFP2 and its upgrade pack BFP2.1.

Membership is not limited to particular clans or player groups, so it has become quite extensive in the past. The Member List is currently large, and will be purged soon (before November '99).

You only need to add the members from the areas you live in, but when the Member List is updated, we strongly urge you to add all players. This is mainly the responsibility of new members, but everyone is advised to update from time to time.

We use ICQ to message one another announcing that a game is taking place, usually specifying the mods used and the IP address of the game. Once you have added a few members, see who's online, then suggest a game! It's that simple!


There are literally thousands of new levels, special patches and player skins on the net created by JK enthusiasts. Some of them are absolutely brilliant, and add a whole new dimension to a game you thought you'd played out. The problem is, in order to join a multiplayer game using these add-ons, everyone has to have the same ones. That's why JKMAG uses the level and skin packs.

These are combined packs of what we think are the best levels or skins for the game. By making them, we ensure that everyone shares the same mods with no hassles. This is the whole point of our group!

Level packs are required on an individual basis (e.g. if you send a message out to start a typical guns game, then you should have the Ultimate Guns Pack). While these are the only addons absolutely required for JKMAG in any way, you will also find other mods such as the Mandalorian Wars 2 & 3. You will also find the other maps that aren't in the Ultimate packs on the Level Profiles pages. Again, none of these individual levels are absolutely required for all members but can be lots of fun to check out. Instructions for installing everything can be found on the download pages.


Remember to check back to the News Page regularly for the latest information concerning the group. You will find details on new levels, pack updates, general JK news, and other stuff.

Check out the Forum. This is where we debate key issues, discuss projects, and where most JKMAG decisions are made. If you have a skin you want to see in the next BFP, you can post a screenshot there for us. We're now looking at skins for a final, superlative skinpack.

Maybe we'll add a chatroom or something someday.


For questions or comments about this website, email Chyren, Webmaster.

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