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Last updated August 23, 2006

Below I will list the ways to find other players on the Internet to play Jedi Knight. Check out How to Host/Join (located at JediKnight.Net) to learn about finding your IP, pings, and connecting to a game.

ZONE Heat.Net Qtracker GameSpy Arcade Kali ICQ mIRC Competition Leagues Petition

the Zone

The Zone is probably the easiest way to find other players. It's free, and now you can use either browser (MSIE or Netscape). For those Jedi who have the DEMO version of Jedi Knight, this is probably the best place to go. It is also good for those who play late at night; there is always someone there. Some complain about the lag. This could be caused by the fact that while you are playing, your browser is running and the chat window stays active. I've heard that you can decrease that lag by closing these windows once connected to your game. A great feature of the Zone is the "lag meter". You can see each persons ping in the form of a colored bar (red, yellow, green). By joining a game where all the players are "green", you are seriously increasing the chance of a good (low lag) game. For questions about the Zone, check out their FAQ or head straight to it by clicking the Zone button above.

Case's Ladder for JK Zone players

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I personally have been unable to get their software to work on my computer. A few Jedi have sent me email saying that their service/gameplay is good and the amount of opponents available is increasing.

Update: As of 2003, Heat.net became defunct, unfortunately.

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Qtracker NOW!

Qtracker is a program written by Ron "the_DM" Mercer. Qtracker is completely free (at one time it cost $10 to register after 21 days, no longer). Basically, you enter an IP# where you think a game of JK is running. It pings the server and tells you how many people are playing and what map is currently running. It allows you to create folders so you can save IP's. I keep two folders, one for temp servers and one for permanent servers [basically people I know that have static (permanent) IP's]. Below I will list web sites that have "IP Message Boards". Check the boards, find recent posts and enter the IP's. Make note of the ones that are running and have room for you. Close the program and fire up JK! Many new features are added or being added that let you launch the game from Qtracker, or let you browse JK.net's IP boards automatically.

*The current version of Qtracker will also read the IP's off the IP Boards located at jediknight.net...very kewl !!

New Website: www.qtracker.com

IP Server Boards

JK Server Board, MOTS Server Board, at jediknight.net

The Arena at Bespin

Server Board at The Beta Web site

IP Server Board at Echo Base

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GameSpy Arcade

GameSpy Arcade now supports Jedi Knight! GameSpy is free, but some of the options (like "Buddy List") are not available. You may register ($20.00 one time fee) to enable those options and also receive upgrades faster than the unregistered user. New features being added all the time.

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Kali is a "chat" program that uses IPX to allow users to join games. The unregistered user can use the program for 15 minutes, after which you have to restart the program. Registration is only $20.00 (a one time fee). Head for server #602 to find other Jedi. This is also the best place to find matches for Case's Ladder for JK Kali players.

The Gathering is a group of Saber players that meet on Kali. They generally meet on Friday and Saturday, but this group also incorporates the use of ICQ (see below) so players can meet and test their skill at any time. Check out their website for further information.

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ICQ is a great program for finding people on the Internet. ICQ is currently free, but the creators/owners may start charging some time in the future. If you meet someone and would like to play them again, ask for his/her ICQ UIN # and add it to you contact list. The next time you are on ICQ, you will know if they are on ICQ as well. There are also chat groups on ICQ, some of which are Jedi Knight related. Add these UIN's to your list and join with others to setup games, etc.

&JediKnight - 3853045 run by Roszce

Join the Jedi Knight Multiplayer Addon Group if you like playing the fan created maps.

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mIRC is a chat program that allows you to join "channels" and chat with others about the same subject. Many Jedi use this program to meet, setup games, etc. A very popular league called Black Sun Empire hangs out on IRC. Here are some of the servers/channels that you can go to to find other Jedi Knight players. **Note: Please check the subject of the channel before advertising your game. Some channels are just for chat.

EFNet: #jk, #jediservers, #jediknight, #jkservers, #mots

UnderNet: #jediknight, #jediknights, #jedi_knight, #jk

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Case's Ladder is a well known gaming ladder system. Case now has 2 Jedi Knight ladders. One for players on Kali and another for Zone players.

The Jedi Knight Destiny - use IRC or ICQ to find your one on one fragfest

Game Engine's Jedi Knight Ladder

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Joining a League is another great way to find players. Leagues are basically groups (sometimes very large) of players who sometimes split up into smaller groups within the League (Platoons, Squads, etc.) and play each other or other Orders/Clans in TEAM battle. Leagues will use programs like ICQ and mIRC to gather and chat. Visit the League Sites page at jediknight.net to check some of them out.

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Dedicated Servers NOW!

If you have been asking yourself, "Why didn't they make Jedi Knight like Quake so we could just connect to a dedicated server?", then head over to LikWid's Dedicated Server Petition.

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As always, if you have anything to add or suggest, please Submit.

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