What's New

February 7, 1998

Added submissions to Saber, Misc, and Light vs Disciple pages.

The folks at the ZONE have interviewed the top 3 players of Case's Ladder. You can find the interviews HERE (you may need to be a member of the ZONE to access this).

I am in the process of changing the menu. I will also be adding some new sections once the menu is ready. Hopefully these additions will be finished by the time MOTS hits the stores.

January 31, 1998

Sorry about hoarding the submissions!..hehe, here we go. I added submissions to Advanced Saber, Setup, and Misc sections. I finally got ahold of Kurgan and he emailed me the "AITweak" patch that is supposed to increase the difficulty of the single player game. I've added this to the "Offline" section on the Advanced Saber page. Sorry, I haven't had time to check this file out, but it seems easy enough (readme included).

Also just in, Praetorean has updated his article on weapon strategies, so go check that out too! - Stalking with Projectile Weapons (2nd Edition)

January 25, 1998

Praetorean (who also goes by "HadesOJ") has submitted his second article. Stalking with Projectile Weapons deals with strategies in a "guns" game.

Added a submission to the Advanced Saber section.

January 19, 1998

Received submissions for the Advanced Saber and Force Star Allocation sections. I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has emailed me submissions or just dropped a line to compliment (or criticize) my work here. Your input is much appreciated and is a necessary part of what I'm trying to accomplish. Keep sending those submissions!

These pages are now mirrored at http://www.plashcc.com/hiss. If you are a "regular" here, please bookmark this URL in case of server problems at jediknight.net. As Aristotle says, it shouldn't be long before the problems are cleared up.

I am still missing a sound file for the Light vs Light section. If anyone has a suggestion on a good .wav file (Star Wars related preferably), please send me it's location on the web. I can't seem to find anything suitable.

January 16, 1998

Another good submission for the Advanced Saber section has been added. This deals with circle strafing and is great for keeping your opponent on his toes.

Due to his recent messageboard post on jediknight.net, I have asked Dr. Lee to send his articles my way. The Art of Escaping the Grip - by Dr. Lee can now be found here. I've put links to this article at the Knowledge Base and the LvD page. It deals with strategies for both Light and Dark side players. I hope we hear more from him!!

I added a few more news site links to the main page. I removed the link to my Hexen II DM page. The person I was working with does not have the time to update his H2 news page, so we both lost our server space. Now working on host #3 for that project...hehe.

January 11, 1998

Updated/edited the Knowledge Base and the Where to Play sections. Added a Setup submission. Added a Grip strategy in the Light vs Dark section.

Qtracker version 1.5 is OUT!.

As you probably saw in the JediKnight.Net news, the Black Sun Empire is having a 1 on 1 tournament for all members. Remember, if you don't belong to a clan/order, just sign up for the league and enter the tourney!!

January 5, 1998

I've posted 2 submissions for the Setup section. Added a Saber submission from SaberGirl. I also received a submission (more like an article) from HadesOJ. I haven't played against Hades, but he seems to know what he's talking about. I added his article to the Knowledge Base.

I made a few additions to the Where to Play section, including IRC channels, mention of the new v1.42 Qtracker, and the kewl folks at Echo Base have an IP Server Board up. Oh, did I say that a new version of Qtracker was out?!? Of course you already know that, but if not...well, go get it!! I've noticed people have been having problems with the program. I haven't had any problems, so if you like, feel free to email me and I'll help you out.

January 2, 1998

Happy New Year all! Don't ask why it has been so long since my last update. Let's just say I'm glad it's new year. I've begun correcting the spelling of the word "saber" on all the pages. Added a Dark side strategy link to the "LvD" section. Added the "Offline Training" page (which isn't much more than playing single player to practice) and a submission to the "Advanced Saber" section. Added an ICQ group to the "Where to Play" section.

The biggest news of the day would be that the_DM has released a new version of Qtracker!! This new version will collect IP's from the jediknight.net server board!!! Head to the main news page at JediKnight.Net for information. I will update the "Where to Play" section with this later...I gotta go check this out!

December 28, 1997

Added submissions for "Advanced Saber" and "Misc Tips" sections. Main page should be framed correctly in any browser/resolution. If you have any problems, please let me know.

December 27, 1997

Sorry for the lack of updates. The Holiday season has been quite busy for me. I've updated the "Where to Play" section. I had the opportunity to download the software for Heat.Net. Unfortunately I didn't take the time to read everything. I went straight for the game play and I couldn't connect to a game. I will try again (assuming it's my fault that it doesn't work) and post a review. They do have excellent graphics and sounds for their gaming network which seems to be similar to Mplayer (does not support JK).

Thankssss to all that sent in strategy submissions. I will begin posting some of them on Monday.

New counter is up (compliments of ICount) and seems to be working fine. It's simple and loads quickly.

As for my "Offline Training" project, I've slain the bosses on "hard" difficulty and found it to be entertaining. I wouldn't call it a rigorous workout routine, but it's a start. I'm still looking for this "AI Tweak" patch that supposedly increases the difficulty beyond "hard". If anyone has this patch or knows of it's location, please email me. Either way I will complete this new page (by Tuesday) and add it's link to the "Advanced saber" section.

December 24, 1997

4:00 am ~ Many thanks to Greg from JKAT for helping me fix the frame problem I was having. Most of the pages should look a little better regardless of browser or resolution (still working on the main page). I also made some small additions to the "LvD" and "Misc Tips" sections.

As you may have noticed, this site is now hosted by JediKnight.Net !!! Many thanks to Aristotle for this wonderful Christmas gift :-). I threw everything on his server before I left for work Tuesday, so a few things were left unchecked (mainly the Submit Form). I am currently in the process of fixing everything (it's now 12:45 am). Also check the Advanced saber section for a submission and another addition. I was informed by Count4All that they will be loosing their server (due to excessive bandwidth) so I will be looking for a new counter (oh what fun!).

December 23, 1997

Nothing really, but I just wanted to let you know what I am currently working on. Word from my friend Reid is that Heat.Net is compatible with JK. I have yet to download the stuff, but I plan to check it out. I assume they are an IPX (Kali style) gaming network. Kurgan posted an interesting suggestion on the jk.net message board. I've been interested in these BOT/Droid threads going around lately. What I'm really looking for is a "training droid". One that I (or you) could play against for practice. He suggests fighting the single player bosses (the 7 Jedi) located on maps 7, 11, 14, 16, 20, & 21) on HARD difficulty. Now since I've never even played a single player game past level 1, I thought this would be tough to do. It's not. Using level warp cheats it's a snap. I've finished (slain) the 7 on EASY and now I'm moving to MED. Once I'm done with HARD Kurgan speaks of a patch called "AI Tweak" which will make them even tougher opponents! I can't wait to try this and I'll probably start a training page once I'm done testing this method. I may not update again til after Christmas so...

Happy Holidays !!

December 19, 1997

I checked into the sound thing and there isn't a good way to allow sounds to play for both types of browsers. If I add the Netscape <EMBED> command it will cause an error for MSIE users. Therefor, things will stay as they are.

"Mouseover's" are in place on the content and main page. Added an IRC ladder to the "Where to Play" page. I also added the new link button for JediKnight.Net. Congrats to Kayos for his excellent graphix work.

I "grew as a Jedi" early this morning (around 3am) while playing in a saber battle with some squad mates. Check out the "Advanced saber" section for the newly opened "Placement" category. I am very excited about this new tactic and will be gathering more data soon.

December 18, 1997

Updated "Light vs Disciple" and "Team" sections.

December 17, 1997

Again I must apologize to the Netscape Navigator users. The sounds don't load and the frame width for most of the pages is too wide. I suppose this shouldn't be a shocker since I am using a Microsoft product to create these pages. Arrrgh! At this point, all I can say is this site is best viewed with MSIE.

I think I am done "tweaking" the frames, etc. If anyone finds a bad link or anything wrong, please let me know. I have added sound clips to each page (except the Light vs Light section). I am going to add mouseover's (that's html talk) to the menu and some of the main links. The rest is up to you! Send in those strategies!

On a bad note, Geocities is running a type of advertisement called "GeoPops". This is the little window that "pops" up from time to time while loading a page on their server. The problem I have encountered is that the page you want doesn't always load. I have emailed them about this problem, but they continue to run this evil campaign. If the page you want does not load and a little window pops up, I encourage you to click "FeedBack" and tell them that they don't work. I certainly don't mind them trying to advertise (hey, this space is free), but those GeoPops are a pain.

December 16, 1997

Well, I've finally got the new frames and graphix up. This isn't it!! There's more to come. I've updated just about all the sections and I still have a few submissions to post. I've also added a SUBMIT page so you can send your ideas right from this site!!! Hope you like the new look!

December 08, 1997

Added a section called J&D to the saber page. I have also finished (again, for now) the "Where to Play" section (link on the main page). The frames thing is looking like a serious possibility. I just received some graphics "donations" from my good friend Trespass. I am leaning towards buttons for the left contents frame and expect a kewl new title graphic in about a week. With this, I may not be updating the content of this site for a while. Submissions, of course, are welcomed and will be posted ASAP.

December 06, 1997

Whew! Ideas are flying. I just finished the Links section. I did this mainly to make it easier for the beginner to navigate through my suggested links. Check it out!

I altered the name of this site adding STATION. I realize there are quite a few strategy pages out there and I am trying to pull everything together. A logo is on the way (well, as soon as I get the time to make one). Oh, and I added some sound clips to some of the pages. I found a kewl site with pics and sounds from all 3 Star Wars movies. Head over to William's Star Wars Page and check out his library.

Other things on the way:   "Where to Play" section, frames? maybe?, more Misc Tips, new saber Tips, and...umm, gotta start writing this stuff down! My brain is mush...g'night.

December 03, 1997

I added to the "Setup" section due to the changes in my own setup.

I have finished (for now) the "Light vs Pirate" section. I haven't had much time to experiment, so I used my experience from playing vs a "Pirate" for the data.

Received a submission for the "Light vs Dark" section. Although the submission is from a Dark Side player (hey, thought I told you guys to stay out!! hehe), Baal has some valid comments. Thankssss!

November 26, 1997

Sorry, nothing new. I will not be updating over the Holiday weekend. I will return on 12/2. I plan to add to the Setup section (some new keyboard configs). I also am planning a "Where to Play" section. Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 1997

Added the new QTracker link to the main page. This program will help you keep track of multiple IP's running JK. It is most useful when trying to join games posted on JediKnight.Net's "Server IP Board".

November 24, 1997

Nothing new with this site. I have been busy with my JK League (FOG). I was just promoted to Captain and I now run the Gravity Squad. I added a link to it on the Main page. Hopefully my endeavors there will bring new strategies to this site (especially since no one has sent any in!).

November 21, 1997

Trail over at Trail's Guide sent in item respawn times. Head over to the "Misc Tips" section and check it out. Thankssss Trail!!!

I noticed that the link to QTracker (a server program that supports JK) is bad. I emailed the maker of the prog and hope that he just moved without telling anyone. If anyone has the original .zip of this program, email me please.

November 20, 1997

I was told that the text is hard to read using Netscape Navigator. I checked it out and it sure is. I am trying to find a way to fix that. I also noticed the page width is larger in Netscape...ugh (we need a universal browser). I have no idea how to fix that. I posted an "invitation" to the public on JediKnight.Net's message board this morning. Welcome! Still looking for someone to host this red monster. :-)

November 19, 1997

I added a link to the "Dedicated Server Petition" on the main page (run by LikWid). It just so happens that he lives in the same town as me and I thought that was pretty kewl. I have sent out about 20 or so emails/ICQ's to my close friends and fellow Jedi to get some initial feedback. Overall it has been good. Once I'm done "tweaking" the look of the site, I will begin collecting data for the last two sections.

November 18, 1997

Well, my usual server is down so I have uploaded to my old stomping grounds. Please remember this is a temporary location until I find a better spot. All is done except the Pirate and Team section. I am waiting for some permissions (which aren't really necessary, but I am a polite person) and data. I am sure I have forgotten some things. I look forward to everyone's comments and suggestions...umm, and strategies :-). The counter will be off-line until I get things totally set.

November 17, 1997

Setup, Advanced saber, Force Star Allocation, and Protection sections are done for now. I visited Trail's Guide and he is adding multiplayer sections to his site. Once finished, it will be a must visit for all young Jedi. I also made a link button which can be found on the Main page.

November 16, 1997

Finished the Setup and saber sections for now. Moving on to Force Star. I also decided to do a page on Protection due to all the questions about it.

November 15, 1997

Well, the good news in the Hexen II multiplay world has taken away my time for this page. I am back to it now and about to complete the Control section (which I have just renamed to Setup).

November 11, 1997

Everything! This site is new and currently under construction.