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To help you become proficient with the saber, I have listed some important tips. These tips are designed for saber vs saber combat. As I stated in the Setup section, the 3rd person (external) camera view is best when wielding a saber.

Preparation:  Before you voluntarily entering a saber battle, it is a good idea to be prepared. When possible, make sure you are at 100 Health and 200 Armor. As you probably already know, a Jedi can be killed with one hit of the saber. Having 200 Armor (or the Super Shield) will give you a chance to return the favor. Having a full supply of Bacta is also a good idea.

Footwork:  Stay mobile and ALWAYS face your opponent. The moment you loose site of your enemy, he may be slashing you in the back. When you face your opponent, you will get the chance of blocking his attack. Jumping can also help you position yourself and sometimes confuse the attacker. Strafe and Jump to get out of the way and still remain facing your opponent. Using the Force power Speed may also help you gain advantage with your attack.

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Attacks:  As most of you know, using Secondary Fire with the saber allows a double swing attack. The second swing of that attack is deadly and can kill an opponent with 100 Health/100 Armor. You can also combine a single swing attack with the double swing (i.e. side step slash then double slash). There will still be a short pause between, but if your enemy blocks the first, you may be able to move around to his back and take him out. The best looking attack is two quick overhead swings (push Forward and click primary Fire twice) followed by the double slash (Secondary Fire). If done correctly, these four swings will be fluid. Remember during any attack, the objective is to get in and get out.

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Timing:  When using the Secondary Fire saber attack, it will delay your next attack. Also during any swing, you are unable to block and vulnerable to your opponents attack. Timing is everything.

With these facts in mind, here are my attack strategies:

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Lag: Lag is an important issue in saber duels. Check your ping. If over 500 you may need to alter your swings to compensate. Unfortunately your ping will vary depending on the game's host. I usually listen for a hit, notice my position when the hit was made. If you ask yourself, "How did I hit him? I was too far away", then try to predict your opponents movements and attack earlier than you would normally. As I said, timing is everything.

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J&D: The Jump and Duck technique is something that I have witnessed and is now something that I practice. Basically you hop around like a bunny, only staying on the ground to attack. When attacking using the Secondary Fire, aim for the body with your first swing. Then strafe, duck and turn, thereby swinging at their knees (ultimately the back of their knees) on the second slash. I have had some success with this and will update as soon as I get more info.

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Placement: This is basically finding the "sweet spot" which will get you a hit. I have found that this "spot" is different in each game. Below you will see of an example of a possible "sweet spot". At the time, I thought I had struck gold, hence the long paragraph. Since then I know that this particular placement will not work in every game. BUT...each game has it's sweet spot. If you find it, you will know what I am talking about. I played against some friends who I would normally call equals in saber battle. I found this "spot" (see below) and ended up with a 20 frag lead in around a half an hour. Use the example below as a base for finding the correct Placement.

- This might not be something I can teach, but I will attempt to explain my newest saber tactic. Basically it concerns the second swing of the "double slash" <Secondary Fire> attack. Position your body to the left of your opponent (screenshot) and time the second swing to cut across your enemies body. Best placement for this attack (from what I have witnessed so far) is between the neck and belt. Try to position yourself to get the middle of the saber "blade" to cut across his midsection. As always, lag is a big factor, so if you aren't having any luck, try changing the depth of your position. If that doesn't work try changing what part of the saber "blade" you hit them with.

Overall, there can be 3 factors for placement: the position of your body, that part of the saber you hit your opponent with, and where you hit your opponent (what part of his body).

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Submitted Saber Strategies

From Koss on 12/23/97:

I use a strategy that works every time. I keep within two bodies distance from my opponent, facing him. I simply wait for him to attack (they usually use a z-swing) and when they just complete their swing, I move back and z-swing. It usually works.
If not on the first attempt, just circle and repeat. I've racked up uncountable kills with this method.

From Supa Fly on 12/24/97:

When in a Lightsaber duel, duck, look up a little, wait for your opponent to swing, and then press Secondary Fire! Gets 'em every time! (well at least most of the time!)

From Reid on 12/27/97:

Tonight I played against a guy who used the duck and jump saber fighting technique (used duck more); so I found that if I tilted myself just a wee bit down, not much, but enough to block swings from below, I had more success against him.

From Bloodfold on 12/28/97:

When you're running at your enemy duck and slice when you get close to them. Keep in mind you must be running while doing the attack so it would be like a slide attack. You can use Force Speed for this also but it can really kill you in a battle on areas with drops such as Valley of the Jedi.

From SaberGirl on 1/3/98:

Some players will repeatedly try to leap over your head and hit you in the back. I suggest 2 possible counters.

Defensive: Since the attacker will be landing behind you, run forward to escape.

Offensive: Back up a few steps, so that you are standing in the attackers "landing zone", then make a spinning "Fire 2" strike.

From draco2k on 1/12/98:

Circle strafing is the best method of attack for me. It keeps my opponent in front of me at all times, and it's very difficult to defend. If my opponent charges me , it's easy enough to (simultaneously) side step/rt turn/z saber. 50% of the time you can do serious damage if timed just right. Usually I come in with a combination side step/forward/rt turn/z saber, anticipating my opponents pass. The secret is constant side step motion - adding rt turn when needed to keep facing your victim and forward to close on them. Always use z saber as well. That way, you can kill easily at a distance. My record is 78/7 with this style.

From Bond on 1/15/98:

My experience playing saber vs. saber has brought many ideas to mind. One tactic that I use is to use the right strafe. Since the attack is a left side swing, it is good for hitting the blind side. So try this at your opponent, and he/she will probably react by swinging right as you are nearing. At about 4 or 5 steps away, just right or left strafe around to his back, and while doing this, swing the saber, and this usually cuts down on his/her health by about 30 or 40. Also use it right after they do the second attack, like some people who do nothing back the double swing. It leaves them very open. Try it. :)

From Puck on 1/20/98:

You can also circle strafe around them a bit to confuse them, then jump over them and turn around mid-air. This will have you behind them, looking at their back. You start the swing mid air, so when you land, it hits.

From VXXV on 1/25/98:

Here's a move that may be proving, it's a 2-hit combo. 1st you have to know how to circle around your opponent using strafe and the normal forward/back, left,right. Then you have to circle around your enemy (not too close) till his/her back is is towards you. Move in and use the Primary attack on their back to get their attention. As soon as you hit them and see that they are starting to turn, jump over them and tilt your head down. While you are jumping use the 2nd attack in mid air and turn so they are in front of you again. The 1st hit, hits them on the head and the 2nd hit(back sweep), hits them on the shoulders. And usually they don't even see you.

It's a nice double hit combo that is hard to block if done right. And as always, It needs practice till it will become a valued asset in your saber arsenal.


Circle attacks are good, but don't underestimate the dim-wit decoy. It's hard to explain but basically what you do is slide left to right, right to left, only moving a couple character lengths. This looks stupid (hence the name) but it can really through your opponent off depending on the lag, how close you are, and well, basically your style.

Usually the closer the better or if they are running at you. But when people are circling you, try it while you are slide circling around them, while also and trying to keep them in front of you. Also, try attacking when you opponent is near while doing this maneuver. They usually will loose sight of you if you've practiced this maneuver.

It doesn't work for all situations, but it's something to remember and try.

And above all, it does take practice, I've become some what good at this, but it might not be for you. But hey, the worst that could happen is that you get killed, no big deal.

From Wolf on 2/7/98:

In single Player the Dark Jedi Boc uses the Duck and Jump attack. Anyone who has faced it should know just how effective he is in open spaces. Any anti-Boc tactics you have come up with should work against someone using the Duck and Jump attack style. NEVER fight anyone who uses this as his preferred attack in the open. Fight him in the small corridors where Force jumping will mean bumping you head on the ceiling (and possibly getting hurt). Also, if you are in a hall he will have no room to move so he will not be able to fight as well. Don't play by your opponents rules make him play by yours.

From Kurgan on 03/25/98:

I am glad to see so many people have developed so many superior tactics. The circle strafe (with fast) is always good to keep your opponent off balance. Also, reversing direction (from clockwise to counter clockwise) is good.
The "berserker strafe" is nice, where you basically run and strafe to the right while continuously striking to the side... you most often totally throw your opponent onto the defensive and can land a few hits in his back, as you "curve" around him.
A powerful tactic, that is hard to get right (and lag affects it) is to run forward and time it so you hit your first part of a double swing in front and then jump (over their head, as they block) and land behind them, slamming your blade's second hit into their back. Then immediately back off. Most people are so suprised (if you do it right) that you can use it a second time and they still fall for it.
Incidentally, I feel saber duels that are one on one should not involve Bacta... or blasters...Just my purist opinion.
Also, I have played games in which a person swings (double) and his unprotected body is hit by my double swing, and the blade passes through his body, clean through, killing him in 1 hit. And that is when he has 100 health, 200 shields and a ping of 200 or less. I have done it often enough that I know it is not a glitch.
It seems to be that saber damage depends not only on hit location and lag, but also on the type of swing and the location of the enemy blade.

From JMC on 08.01.98 {Check out his website!}

I find that too many people are jumping and running around like crazy and look like wusses. I like my fighting in a contained area so more can be done at one time. Duels are shorting and points are scored faster. Plus, being in a contained area get more blocks, and saber contact. Many people don't get to see and feel saber contact, and the flash of light it causes, because of the out of control people that I just spoke of, that run away and jump every second. If both fighters jumped and ran all the time, you wouldn't get anywhere. No points, no kills, just no advancement in the game. So if you want to prevent this, try the following.

-If you are the host, set some rules. Say saber fights must be in a certain area.

-Attract your enemy in to a small hall or just any small area, and begin fighting there.

-If they continue to jump and run out, just stay in that small spot. If it is a saber only game, someone has to come along to fight you sometime.

-If they won't stop jumping and running, mimic them and tell them "how do you like it"

-Finally, if you are the host, KICK THEM OUTTA THERE.

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