Kicking the A$$ of a Grip User

Ever been annoyed by some Dark guy who constantly Grips you? Well I’ve found the ultimate defense!!! That’s right Dark Jedi’s, better find a new way to beat me.

First off my Force star allocation:

Neutral Forces:

Speed: 3-4 They have to catch you to kill you.

Jump: 2-3 To be explained in more detail later.

Seeing: 3 Also explained later.

Pull: 3-4 Why let them have guns?

Light Forces:

Healing: 4 Continually it this button with a surge.

Persuasion: 0 Explained later.

Blinding: 3-4 A good way to kill newbies, but won’t do much good in a good fight.

Absorb: 4 What Light Jedi’s inventory would be complete without the ultimate power? (explained later)


Ready to kill those dudes in dark? Continue…

Well, better have the Absorb key in a convenient, you’re going to need it! Hit the Absorb whenever an enemy comes into view. If he quickly shoots off a Destruction you’ll be ready for it. And finally, what the article is based around, the Grip. Remember those 2-3 stars on Jump? Well, hit them constantly when he grips you, if you have a handy weapon (preferably explosive) shoot it at the ground. Why is Blinding a bad idea? Well…some people (mostly the good players) have Seeing on ALL THE TIME! So, Blinding gets you absolutely nowhere. After doing this to your opponent a few times you’ll have scared him and you can play a normal game, without constant Grip.

Next on to Seeing. Always have it on for 3 reasons, first, stops people from Blinding you, second you can see people that think they are invisible with Persuasion. And the final reason, the auto-map. This is a great and widely unknown tool, have you Automap on with Seeing, and you can see where enemies/weapons/ammo/shots (while being fired) are…a great use of this is to wait in front of a door while an unknowing Jedi walks up to it completely unaware of your readiness to pummel him.

On a final note, Persuasion sucks. If you hear that humming you hit seeing and there’s a nice Jedi waiting for your rocket to blow hiss head off. Blinding is much more effective because it cannot be remedied by a simple hit of Seeing, it takes a while your enemy runs around like a fool.

(P.s. I’d like to thank a few people

Hiss- for creating a great site to help all you

Some guy on the zone named Korax- who whooped my a$$ and led to my ultimate Force Grip strategy

Join my clan- The Lords of Light)