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Protection at first seemed like invulnerability to me. I joined games and destroyed all those that came before me. Many called me names, saying that I was a wimp for using it (well, that's not what they actually said, but you get the idea). The great thing about Protection is you can practically keep the shield up for ever (as long as you minimize the use of your other Force powers). By the time your shield runs out, your mana has naturally regenerated enough to activate it again. If you are fighting an inexperienced player, use it and you will be a god. Use it against a true Jedi and you will learn the true meaning of frustration and death. Below I present strategies for both using Protection and playing against someone who is using it.

Fighting vs Protection:  First you must know your opponents vulnerabilities. A Light Jedi using Protection has given up the Neutral Force powers to gain this shield. He/she can not use Force Jump, Speed, Pull, or Seeing. The last two being most important. This Jedi can not Pull your weapon! This Jedi will not be able to see you when you use Persuasion and will be Blinded if you so desire.

How to defeat (or at least really annoy) a "Protected" opponent:

I read somewhere that Protection works similar to a Super Shield. As the shield absorbs damage, it weakens. Be persistent in your attack, weaken the shield, slay your opponent. Of course, knowing your opponents strategy is also helpful, so please read the next section.

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Using Protection:  Well, if you still want to use it, here are my tips.

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This really isn't a submission. I took this snippet from the Force FAQ by Dan Thompson located at

"All Protection is is a 200HP shield that lasts 53 seconds. In other words, if you can take off 300 HP in 53 seconds (200 HP + presumably full HP), they WILL DIE."