Stalking with Projectile Weapons.

(In other words, beating those Quakers at their own game)

By Praetorean aka: HadesOJ

Greetings, this is my second strategy I have posted, well actually I have an older copy of my first strategy at Jedi Knight Outpost. But, as far as strategies cut and dry, this is my second. I realize that some of the aspects from my other strategy are somewhat outdated, but I will correct myself on them. Throw is to me now, one of the most powerful powers. I don’t care what they say, it does work a lot better than most think. Absorb does counter Force Pull. Force Jumping doesn’t always get you away from Grip. Whole point is get out of their sight, if you jump out of their sight. You just might escape. Or just Blind them, or maybe shoot destruction at your feet, cause a damage shield. Destruction, Lightning, all explosive weapons wear down Protection. I can’t really think of what else was wrong really, I thought I covered most bases. But we are going off on the wrong subject. OK, here I go. Note- I am probably not the best person to explain this to, cause I hate projectile weapons. But, when I put my mind to it, I am OK.

Preparation with the powers:

First things first, decide how you play. I know everyone says Dark is offensive, Light defensive. I don’t really care right now, point is, grasp your force style. Way I look at it is, Light side is more of a stealth approach. While Dark is brute power, head on fighting. You are saying, which works best? For me, Dark and Disciple. This is my opinion. Now, they say that Light Jedi got it all worked out on the weapons levels with Absorb and crap. I don’t care what they say, no strategy can be invincible. I don’t care if Pull doesn’t work with them also, that doesn’t matter. As Dr. Lee put it, "Their fate will always be the same, they will come to a grueling end". Choose the side that works best for you, just test it.

Preparation for the level:

The biggest power to have period in a weapons level is Pull. No exemptions. Another suggestion is to adjust your powers according to the level. If the level has Force Throw debris, get stars on Throw. If there are places that require Force Jump to get to, get some stars on Jump, just look at the level. Also, know your opponent. If you know your opponent, then adjust accordingly. If he is going to use Protection, make sure you have Blind and Persuasion if you are Light Side. If you are Dark side, make sure you have Destruction and Throw at least. Just depends on the opponent. My other strategy has a lot on the powers and their counters/strengths.

Basic weapons training:

Feel the gun, caress the gun, become one with the gun, hahahahaha. Sorry, couldn’t resist. OK, best things I can tell you about basic weapons training, Think fast before doing something stupid. Just consider the main patterns of your opponents, make sure you are not becoming too predictable. Other things are circle & strafe your opponent, make sure you are out of his sight. Run at them, jump over and circle & strafe them. Use hit & run tactics. If you find a really good position, that allows you to go at them, hit them good. Then decide if you can survive a frontal confrontation with them, retreat. Consider they might have enough health and fire power to destroy you successfully. Maybe you think you can kill them before they can kill you. Just depends on your choice. Another thing, if you do retreat. Backtrack your path, get behind your enemy, destroy them. When backtracking, Force Jump is essential. Good example, Canyon Oasis is perfect. You have 4 stars on Jump, jump up on of the walls that leads to the main pool. Then go where you need to go. You might say, "That is a wimp’s way of getting a kill!". Does it really matter? A kill is a kill. Now, another good idea is to fire what I call a "Lure shot". Just fire a loud weapon in an area, then get to a covered position to fire at any oncoming enemies. This doesn’t always work when there are a whole lot of enemies fighting at once. But when there are few opponents, perfect situation. I am sure everyone has told you this, so I won’t mention you have to keep moving to stay a mobile target. Plus, crouch to make a smaller profile, sometimes it helps. But, a lot of times, it just makes your attack silent. Cause the main focus is the Rail Detonator, Concussion Rifle and the Repeater Rifle. The Repeater rifle isn’t that big of a danger, though the others make crouching pretty much useless. Ahh, extremely important. If you want to be good, use the mouse in conjunction with the keyboard. Make sure you have both fire types configured into your mouse. Have the mouse set to good sensitive movement. Or just where it is comfortable.

Types of projectile games:

There are two types of projectile warfare that I know of. If you think it has something to do with the powers, you are wrong. This is based on the level of action in the Projectile weapon game. Obviously projectile weapons games are different from Lightsaber games. Lightsaber games are about facing your opponent in honorable combat and the such. Projectile weapon games are much, much more complicated then you think. But, we are getting off subject. Back to the two types:

Type 1, non-stop slaughter, only have to walk 10 meters and there is your opponent. These games are the most smoothly running type of games. So and so was killed by so and so flashes up quite often. These usually have 4- 6 players, depending on host. I consider Type 1 the easy way of fighting with projectile weaponry, cause this is when all the powers can be used.

Type 2, Ah, where many fail. These are when the real Quakers/Duke 3d’ers show, the most for that matter. They are the bone chilling, horror type pop out games (my favorite). These are when thinking about what you are doing and thinking fast are VERY important. These type of games are rare, not very commonly seen. But, they are hard to pass, when the right information is not applied. These games usually have 2-3 players.

Fighting in these types of Projectile games:

Type 1, do what you gotta do to survive. Use everything you need to survive, cause the chances are, you will get fried by someone eventually. These are great situations in which to lay mines all over the place, blind corners and such. Cause everyone is going to be running like crazy. Great games to camp out in, cause your opponent doesn’t have time usually to find an advanced position to snipe at you. Hit & Run moves work well also. Make sure you get your opponent fast and get out. Cause, shooting someone while they are killing someone else is a great opportunity. Make sure in these games you use the Circle & Strafe techniques a lot, cause when moving around your opponent. You also make yourself a harder target to hit, which means it gives you some good mobility. Another good idea to imply in these games is to fire "Lure shots". Doesn’t work real well, though. Cause they are usually busy fighting others. This is the most common type of gunnery game play.

Type 2, ahh, my favorite type. These, are somewhat different, these are more tactical then Type 1. Since you don’t have 7 people running around and going on rampages carelessly. There is more tactical planning aloud, you say "What tactical planning? This is an action game!". Well, if you are smart and want to win at these type games, you will think out your moves very hard. One of the all time tips I can give you is….listen. Sound is everything in this type of game. That is why I don’t urge the use of noisy powers. This group would include Seeing, Force Speed, Protection, Persuasion. You say, "Not urge to use of powers?? Why?". I am a smart player in this field, trust me. Someone that just stays put, listens, and follows the sounds, will nail your ass. Persuasion is all right, depending on your opponent. If they are smart and listen non-stop during these types of missions, I wouldn’t suggest using Persuasion. In these types of games, one would think that Protection is ultimate. But, with a small amount of intermediate level players, it is actually worse then in a Type 1 game. For the reason of not having to focus on so many targets. With the sound and sight that Protection gives off, it’s like painting a target on your body. As for Seeing, Seeing is the ultimate power in these types of games. You just need 4 stars on it to have good use, you can use the overlay map to see the red dots, that mean enemies. But, Seeing is a noisy power. So, depending on your opponent, keep adjusting. Of course you have to use Seeing when they use Persuasion and Blind. Just make sure you have 4 stars, use it to it’s full potential. Plus, when you know someone is near, move with a crouch. Plus if you have Persuasion, use crouch. You don’t need another sound giving you off. Note: Use Blind a lot when in one of these games. It is perfect, doesn’t make continuos sound . If they don’t want to be Blinded, they have to activate Seeing. It’s noisy, just follow the sounds. Of course you will have to use Seeing also, if they do the same. If you are Dark Side, you have it made. Your powers are based on somewhat loud, but, they don’t make continuos sound. Also, in these games, backtracking is really useful. Cause, when you backtrack, you get a good chance in finding them. "Lure Shots" work the best in this type of game. Cause they are listening, they go to inspect, they die. Of course consider that they may consider the trap and snipe you. So, try and find a place that is high, concealed and has a good escape route. Cause if they come at you, you want to do the backtracking theme, then get a chance to kill them.

Well, that is it, that is what I typed up. Hope it does someone some good, I might revise this version, who knows. If I get enough complaints I will most likely do a better version.