Offline Training - Saber

"Props" for this idea go to Kurgan

Having trouble finding an opponent online? Did your ISP go "belly up" and you have the urge for a saber battle? This may seem obvious to some but it wasn't to me. Why not test the games AI (Artificial Intelligence) and fight the 7 Dark Jedi??

**If you are currently trying to finish the Single player game normally, do not do this (unless you like reading the ending of a book before you finish).

Start the game and set it to the difficulty of your choice (HARD recommended). Select Single player. Setup your mouse, keyboard, and game configurations if necessary.

The 7 Dark Jedi can be found on levels 7, 11, 14, 16, 20, and 21. Use the level warp cheat (pinotnoir #) to get there. I've found it is best not to jump right to level 21. Fighting Jerec without any Force powers can be very difficult. If you warp through all 7 levels defeating each Jedi as you go, you should at least have Pull, Heal, Persuasion, and Absorb by the time you hit level 21.

Of course you can use other cheats if you want your Force powers early. I must admit that little Pic (level 11) can be a pain to kill with Seeing. Visit Trail's Guide for more information on Console commands and strategies for defeating the 7 Jedi.

If you find that even the Hard difficulty is easy, here is a file that is supposed to change all of that. Get AITweak. I have yet to check this one out, but there is a readme included in the .zip and it seems to be simple.

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