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This section will contain any battle tips not included in other sections.

Learn the maps!! Knowledge is power. Ever get Blinded and not know where you are? A true Jedi will sense where he is, even if Blinded. Specifically know the location of all weapons types, Super Shield, Armor Vest, Light/Dark Surge, Force power-ups, Bacta, Health Packs, etc.

Once you know where the power-ups are, learn to control them. Every item has a respawn time. Teach yourself to mentally time the respawns and return to collect the power-up before your opponent does. Controlling items such as Light/Dark Surge, Super Shield, Armor Vest, and Force power-ups will give you an advantage.

To control a power-up that you can not pick up or use, stand over and look down on the item. Use Force Pull to "shoot" it up and out of view. It will fall out of site and your opponent will be unable to get it.

Stock up on Bacta. Use it.

Learn to use Pull without thinking. As soon as you see an enemy with a weapon, your finger should immediately go to the Pull key. Once you have Pulled their weapon, get it! Unless you are standing still (and you shouldn't be), the weapon will not come right to you. Don't give them the chance to run over, pick it back up, and still kill you with it.

Sequencers:  Although you have chosen the Light path, in battle a Jedi must use all means necessary. Learn to place Sequencers (Secondary Fire) in spots you visit frequently. Just remember that you put them there!!

When using the Concussion Rifle, shoot towards the ground. If done correctly, you should be able to damage your opponent even if you don't hit them directly. This takes some practice and requires the use of FreeLook.

Another Concussion Rifle tip is to use Force Jump and shoot down at your enemy.

Visit the Strategon. Although the site is not Jedi Knight related, it is about DeathMatch tactics.

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Respawn times sent in by Trail from Trail's Guide:

Health Pack 30
Mana Boost 30
Shield Regeneration 30
Bacta Tanks 60
Light Surge 60
Dark Surge 60
Full Shield 60
IR Goggles 60
Power Boost 60
Bryar Pistol 30
Stormtrooper Rifle 30
Repeater 30
Crossbow 30
Railgun 60
Concussion Rifle 60
Single Detonator 30
Single Sequencer Charge 30
Detonator (Grenade) 30
Power Cell 30
Energy Cell 30

Thankssss Trail!!!

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From Reid on 12/25/97:

Use the Repeater's Secondary fire (tri-shot) against a Jedi wielding a Lightsaber. Even if he does manage a block/deflection the other 2 rounds may still connect with him.

From VXXV on 1/26/98:

If you are blinded, and are light, hold down the force blinding power, it draws circles around opponents which are easier to see when you are blinded.

You can hit a Jedi who is blocking with his saber. What you do is aim for the very edge of their shoulders or waist. It is a lot easier with the Bryar pistol. Also, try aiming the cross hairs a little bit off the character, if that doesn’t hit, move a little in. OH YEA, IT REALLY HELPS IF THEY AREN’T MOVING.

From DE_Krushr on 2/5/98:

I saw VXXV's tip about aiming for the shoulders: You can also hit 'where it hurts'. I think you know what this means... right below the belt. I can't tell you how many overconfident saberwielders I've waxed with my Bryar using this little trick :). It takes a little practice, but I can usually hit 90% of the time at close range.

From Kurgan on 8/23/06:

"Super" Force Powers: This topic is presented with a bit of caution, since it may lead some to believe you are cheating (but it really isn't, though perhaps it might be considered a game exploit). That is, that any targetted force power can actually be "rapidly" performed (until you run out of mana). Here is how it is done:

1) Assign four Force Stars to the power in question (Grip, Blind, Pull, or Throw).

2) Rather than using a Hotkey (as is usually best), cycle to the power you want, in-game and use the "Use Forcepower" key to use it to target the person.

3) Tap the button rapidly (while they are in view), and you'll do the power repeatedly. This drains your own mana pool in the process, but the effect works.

Its usefulness is somewhat limited, but the first time you do it successfully with Grip it will be dramatic (and you may have to explain yourself since someone might assume you are cheating, but of course you are not).

"Super Grip" (some called it "Sith Grip") is very powerful. It can kill the enemy and almost completely immobilizes them (even if they are using Absorb). It is much harder to counter except by hitting the Gripper or using Protection (in which case you'll waste your mana for nothing). If they are using Absorb, you will charge up their Force pool pretty fast, but they will be unable to move while they are being gripped, allowing you to follow up with another attack.

"Super Pull" might at first seem useful, but it pulls much faster than a person can switch weapons (and normally they automatically switch to fists after their weapon is taken) and so wastes time and mana. Likewise if they have Absorb on, all this will do is charge up their mana pool. Some have reported seeing a glitch wherein multiple copies of the same gun are yanked out of the target's hands.

"Super Blinding" is pretty much pointless. If they have seeing on, blinding them won't do anything, and if they don't have it on, the first hit will blind them, the rest are superfulous and waste your mana.

"Super Throw" this one is very powerful and useful, and probably what the JK team had in mind by allowing this (and probably forgot to test the other targetted powers). Throw becomes much more useful when you can barrage your enemies with debris. The danger however is that if they are too close or the space too enclosed, the debris will not only kill your enemies but also kill you. Use with extreme caution!

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