MotS - Weapons

This section will be used for explanation of the new weapons in MotS, changes in the original weapons from JK, and any new strategies that accompany these changes/additions.

BlasTech DL-44 Pistol: Similar to the Bryar Pistol but with a kewl new sound and look. It has a charge up Secondary Fire (similar to the Bowcaster) which releases up to four shots at once. This is basically a useless weapon in my opinion unless you don't have a saber.

BlasTech E-11 Electroscope: Add the Electroscope to the Stormtrooper Rifle and you've got an interesting new addition to the JK world. The damage from this weapon is 3 times the normal Stormtrooper Rifle damage. In other words, it hurts. When the Scope is up, it is difficult to see where you are going so you are basically defenseless when using it. So, as you see, there are good and bad points to this weapon. If you use it, make sure your back is covered and don't use it for prolonged periods of time. I use the "get in and get out" technique. If an opportunity presents itself (say, you are looking out a window and see someone off in the distance), take a few shots, switch back to normal view and head on your way. Also don't forget to use Seeing when using the Scope to pick off those invisible (Persuasion) players. For defense against this weapon, whip out your saber and try to face the oncoming fire (or run). If firing on a Saber wielding opponent, aim for the shoulder or crotch (ouch) to prevent the shot from being blocked. "Scoped" shots are silent when you are a Scout.

Flash Bombs: Excellent for making an escape and allows you to blind your opponent. Force Seeing will protect you from the flash.

Seeker Rail Detonator: Probably the best new weapon in MotS. You will know you have the Seeker Rail when you see the red spots (bolts?) on the Detonator (or hit 7 twice); the normal one has yellow spots. If you have your opponent in your sights (keep your distance), fire a couple of these and you are almost assured a kill. I make a point of knowing when I have this ammo in my arsenal. It's also a good thing to check for when picking up a pack. You can also use the Seekers to locate a hiding opponent. Often times you will hear someone, but not see them. Fire a Seeker and watch where it goes. For defense, run (use Force Speed if you have it) around corners to dodge the Seeker or try Force Jump at the last second. Persuasion will not protect you from these missiles.

Manual Sequencers: Great for setting traps when you have set up a good defensive position, but don't get too caught up with it. The Auto Sequencers pack just as much punch and are more effective versus non-Jedi players since they lack Force Speed.

Carbonite Gun: Learn to master this weapon and you will go far. Cover your opponent in carbonite until he freezes (I'm told it takes 4 direct sprays) and then thump him with the butt of your gun, punch him, or slice him with your saber. When you shatter your opponent, the shards of carbonite may damage you if you are too close. Back away as or after you take the swing to avoid this damage. Many thanks to Kurgan for providing this info. Remember that this is a short range weapon. Don't go spraying the walls and waste your ammo. Get close and let'em have it. Best range for attacking with the CG is just outside of saber range. Lag also plays a large factor so it may be wise to put this weapon away if you have a high ping. I believe the Weapon Supercharge will give a faster freeze. For defense, try Force Jump to avoid the spray or back away.


From Kurgan on 08/20/06:

The Sniper Rifle (ST Rifle with Scope) in the hands of a Scout is actually much more powerful than in the hands of somebody else. Even though a Super Shield or Force Protection will prevent damage from the bolts it fires, the Scoped shot will "push" the target back slightly. The Scout's Scope (iirc) pushes the target back moreso than a normal Scoped shot, and thus can be used to push your enemies off of ledges when they think they are safe! Just watch out for saber holders, as a shot bounced back that hits you will kill you in 1 hit (as a Scout) and they get credit for the kill!


In MotS (unlike JK), you get credit for any kills you get from using a trap (such as one that activates Thermal Detonators to fall), so use these whenever possible!

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