MotS - Personalities

This section will describe the 4 personalities, their strengths and weaknesses, and tips for playing as and against them. I can't say which Personality is better than the other because this depends on who is controlling the character. Each Personality is different and caters to different playing styles. Thanks to ReidBold for assisting me with this section.

- Personality Shield/Speed Chart -

Personality Shield start Shield Max Speed
Bounty Hunter 125 225 3rd
Jedi Knight 100 200 2nd
Scout 75 150 1st
Soldier 125 250 4th

Bounty Hunter
Equipped with: Stormtrooper Rifle, Flash Bombs, Carbonite Gun
Force powers: Push (3 stars), Defense level 3 (6 stars)
Style: Meant for cunning players who like to ambush

The BH starts with the Carbonite Gun (CG) ready to go and this will be the main weapon used throughout the game. A smart BH will collect a Rail Detonator or Concussion Rifle for distance attacks, but when in close combat, the CG is your best bet. Don't forget about Force Push! Shove those saber wielders out of the way; knock your opponents off cliffs. It's also good for throwing your opponent off balance.

Strengths: High shields, Carbonite Gun, and level 3 Defense

Weaknesses: Slower than most, lack of Force Jump and Seeing. Keep your distance when encountering this character. Use Force Speed and Blind (if available) to keep him off balance.

Jedi Knight (Jedi: Rank 7)
Equipped with: Bryar Pistol and Lightsaber
Force powers: 21 stars to allocate (see Force Star Allocation)
Style: Meant for advanced players able to master the Force

The Jedi Knight starts out with the bare minimum. Use your saber and Force powers until you gain better weapons. From there different sub-styles will appear depending on which Group 4 Force power you have chosen. Force Grip is probably one of the best attributes allowing you to stop any character (except another Jedi using Protection).

Strengths: The Force, able to adapt to any situation

Weaknesses: Too many Force powers to choose from can cause hesitation or confusion.

Equipped with: Stormtrooper Rifle with Electroscope, Sequencers
Force powers: Jump (2 stars), Seeing (4 stars), Persuasion (2 stars), Defense level 2 (4 stars)
Style: Meant for stealth, a sniper

An excellent character for those who like to hide in the shadows and watch their prey die from a distance. The Electroscope is a difficult weapon to master. Scouts usually have to remain stationary when sniping, but the shot will be silent to avoid alerting nearby opponents. When you don't have the scope up, activate Persuasion to avoid close-combat.

Strengths: Has some Force powers which may give him an advantage over the Soldier and the BH, fastest character (except a Jedi using Speed)

Weaknesses: Low shields, vulnerable to attack when using the scope, a sitting duck in open areas or close combat situations

Equipped with: Stormtrooper Rifle, Thermal Detonators, Repeater, Rail Detonator
Force powers: Defense level 4 (8 stars)
Style: A walking artillery (a Quaker's dream), good for weapons masters or beginners that have not learned to use the Force

Anyone who is good with weapons will love this character. You start with many choices of attack and high shields. Snag the Concussion Rifle, some Seekers, and the Armor Vest and you are ready for war. Due to the high level of Force Defense, you are almost assured to be invulnerable to Pull.

Strengths: Weapons galore, level 4 Defense, high shields

Weaknesses: Very slow, lacks Force Jump and Seeing. Use Force Speed and Blinding when fighting this warrior.


From CotF_LSkywalker on 3.10.98:

If you know you are going to be playing against bounty hunters, or even if you're not sure but want to take special precautionary measures, there is one Force power that takes full advantage of the huge weakness of a bounty hunter. Use Force Persuasion. The hunter's Force Defense can't help him against Persuasion (I have confirmed this) and if you can't be seen, you have a big advantage over him. Although it is possible for the hunter to hear your persuasion, it won't do him much good if you use the correct tactic(s). The one thing to keep in mind is that when you attack the hunter with Persuasion on, you better kill him right away or back off. Once you kill him once, you'll get his Carbonite gun, and then be prepared to whine about how cheap it is for him to be frozen when he can't even see you. Too bad :-P

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