MotS - Misc Tips

- A grab bag of MotS info -

Shoot at the Thermal Detonators, Sequencers, and Rail ammo laying on the ground and it will explode! The Rail ammo even takes never know, you might get lucky and get a kill!

When playing multiplayer, I advise turning off the Colored Lighting for faster game play (Setup/Display).

- Submissions -

From Press Master on 04.15.98:

You can shoot Carbonite packs like missiles, mines or T.D. and they will explode and freeze people within close proximity.

From Kurgan on 8/23/06:

Chain Lightning tips: Since regular Lightning, which was an aimed power, has been replaced by a targetted power, it has the same limitations as any other aimed power. You can't use it while blinded, or on an invisible enemy. It takes a split second longer to target the person to use it. The high damage and ability to hit more than one person however makes up for it. "Super Lightning" ability also makes up for the slower rate of fire of the "normal" execution of the move, in contrast to the high speed you could spam Lighting in JK.


Force Push is actually more useful than it appears at first glance. Not only can you toss a person backwards to hopefully shove them off a cliff (for which you will often, but not always be awarded a kill if they fall to their death), but when pushed against a wall at the right angle and velocity, they will also get a "smack" against the surface, doing additional damage. This can be another option for trying to counter Grip (unless they are also invisible and you don't have Seeing on), and just generally to throw your opponent off balance. Push can be a fun power as well, allowing you to Push your opponent into traps or into the path of other dangers.


Kill credit is now awarded when you use a trap to kill your enemy (in most cases) so go for it!


In MotS you can collect a weapon pickup even if you have full ammo for it already. This saves wasting mana to pull these particular items in order to deny them to your opponents!


There are no more "Light" and "Dark" Surges, only "Force Surges" (that look just like Dark Surges), and can be picked up by anyone (including non-Jedi).


Super Shields last 20 seconds instead of 30.


Force Protection and Deadly Sight have been "nerfed" in that your mana upon using them recovers more slowly, preventing you from activating the power immediately after it wears off, as was possible in the previous game. Grab a surge to help.


MotS has a somewhat higher learning curve than JK. Make use of the "Personalities" (non-Jedi) classes to "train" and work your way up from no Force (Soldier) to Bounty Hunter to Scout, and finally to Jedi. You'll become familiar with more of the weapons and powers this way, so learning the Jedi will not seem so hard. Combine your previous knowledge from the original JK and it will be a breeze (since the powers have not significantly changed between the two games, only Throw and Lightning have been replaced, and the new powers added on).