Light vs Disciple

A Disciple is a level 6 multiplayer character who uses both Light and Dark Force powers. If you have never encountered an experienced Disciple, then count yourself lucky. To help you understand their power, I will start by attempting to explain their strategies.

Note: I have only experimented with the Disciple setup a few times, so I urge any true Disciples to submit their Force Star Allocation and strategies.

The player will attempt to Blind you, Pull your weapon, and then Grip you...thereby having his choice of attacks to kill you. Instead of Blinding, he may just use Persuasion first, or both. Have you ever been Gripped, spun around only to find that no one is there? You are facing a Disciple. This player will also use Speed, which will make him hard to keep track of. Now add the fact that he will be able to use Heal. DOH!

Treat this player as if he were on the Light side, only add the Absorb counter for his Grip ability. Force mana conservation is a MUST when battling this opponent. Always have enough mana to activate Absorb.

As always, Seeing is an absolute must at all times. If you do this, you are assured an easier chance of victory. Forget to use it, and wham...good luck.

If Blinded and caught in a Grip, use Speed and Force Jump to make an escape.

As for Force Star Allocation, this is one of the possible setups for the Disciple:

Jump - 1 Speed - 3
Pull - 2 Seeing - 2
Heal - 2 Throw - 0
Persuasion - 2 Grip - 4
Blinding - 2 Lightning - 0

-18 stars available-

As you can see, the disadvantage of choosing a Disciple during a level 8 game is lack of power/stars. The advantage is the option to combine both Light and Dark Force powers to develop an attack.


This was sent in by Dan Thompson (Author of the Force FAQ).

(12/12/97)  As far as my personal Disciple strategies, they're pretty straightforward. Persuasion takes a priority; I try to have it active at all times. With full mana, I can use Persuasion and one other Force right off the top. Usually, I use Persuasion, search for an enemy, Grip them, and secondary fire (of course) saber slash them. I usually also make it a point to try to have Light Surge most of the time. If I do, and I have a rail or concussion, I'll run around with Persuasion and shoot from a distance.

Just so you know, the only reason I use Disciple is for Grip. If I'm not in a Gripping mood, my alternate characters are both Light Jedi (one with Protection, one without). I prefer Light side as well.
- Thankssss Dan!

(12/18/97) After experimenting with this style for a few games, I have come up with the following additions: Playing as a Disciple is a constant struggle to conserve mana. Using Persuasion or Blinding WITH Grip (with out the Light Surge) will drain his/her mana. Because of this, the Disciple may not be able to activate Seeing. Using Seeing will also make him more "audible" if trying to disguise themselves using Persuasion. Blind this Jedi forcing him to use Seeing. This may put a cramp in their strategy and give you an advantage.

Disciples will also be grabbing the Light Surge every chance they get. Make sure they don't get it!

- Hiss

From Wolf on 2/7/98:

It amazes me how many people don't take Force Lightning seriously. When a Disciple or a Dark Jedi uses Force Lightning right it becomes an extremely deadly weapon. When I use Dark side powers (I prefer Light though), I always put a star or two into it. I mean come on, the Emperor attacked Luke with Force Lightning for a reason. Force Lightning when used by a Dark Lord is very deadly because he can keep the Lightning stream up for a good length of time. Don't underestimate it.