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Preparation:  Being prepared is basically your allocation of Force stars. If you are sure you will be facing a Dark side Jedi, increase your Absorb and Pull to four stars, decrease Seeing to one star. An increase in Speed is also advised. A star for Blinding or Persuasion can be sacrificed depending on the skill level of your opponent.

General Tips:

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Grip Strategies:

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Read Countering the Light Side - by Dr. Lee.

Also read The Art of Escaping the Grip - by Dr. Lee.

Check out Kicking the A$$ of a Grip User - by ReidBold.

Visit The Dark Path for another look into strategy for the Dark side.

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Submitted 04.06.98 by Jodo Kast:

As a Dark Jedi, I've found strategies that are particularly effective against me.

One, Blinding is under-used in comparison with Persuasion. Persuasion is a good power for stealth, but most Dark Jedi will immediately turn on Seeing as soon as they are aware of "Persuading" Light Jedi in the area. But Blinding is a good reminder to always keep Seeing on. It's useless if they already have Seeing on, so listen for the sound. If they don't have Seeing on, you should Blind them immediately. I almost always get killed when I get Blinded, because while you can sometimes escape the blinder, you will often run into someone else in the course of escaping who will take advantage of your blindness.

Absorb is a great power, as it counters most dark powers. However, be sure there isn't much throw debris around, and also steer clear of Grip and Destruction. They can still have ill effects, even if they don't do any damage. Destruction is great for escaping, as it throws the opponent a long way and can confuse them. When you corner a Dark Jedi or are chasing them, be cautious of Destruction.

Grip can be easily countered. However, this doesn't mean it's easy to deal with. You are immobilized, and Dark Jedi tend to be partial to conventional weaponry. I love the Repeater, as it takes down an enemy very fast, you don't have to be any distance away to use it, and the Lightsaber is powerless against it. Yes, it will reflect some shots, but circle and strafe allows most to hit. And even with an opponent that can block extremely well, nobody can block all 3 shots from its Secondary fire at once.

Lightning is probably the easiest power for Light Jedi to defend, since Absorb negates all damage from it and it adds a lot of mana. Still, it has uses against Light Jedi. For instance, it obscures your vision, good for making an escape, when their mana is too low for Destruction. Also, if they can outlast you and they know your Absorb is off, this is very deadly in confined spaces.

I hope you've benefited from these light side strategies from a Dark sider's point of view.

Submitted 12.01.97:

A) The idea of Absorbing is a good one but Dark Jedi like myself will just use the Lightsaber to kill the Light Jedi while they are Absorbing.

B) When Absorbing if the light Jedi is going to pull a gun make sure that the Dark Jedi can't see it or it will get pulled. I have faced people who have used this tactic and watched it fail on them over and over.

C) Any smart Dark Jedi will have Force Seeing on all the time to make sure they can't get blinded.

D) Also with Absorb, it's not a good idea to Absorb in areas with small objects because a Dark Jedi will use the force throw and watch them die and lose a kill.

Other than that, I thought your strategies were valid ones and will work on a lot of players.