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Listed below you will find various links to other Jedi Knight sites. I originally had planned on calling this section "Beginner Links", but as you will see, some of the content is far from beginner. Please follow the links and read the sections to learn about the various things that may not be covered here. This knowledge is essential in your quest to become a true Jedi.

MultiPlayer FAQ by David "Target" Moore located at is full of great strategy, including map descriptions. I especially like the section on Honor which is something that some of us "win-at-any-cost" players tend to forget about. I did, and I thank him for reminding me how to really enjoy this game. This is a must read for any skill level.

Force FAQ by Dan Thompson located at will tell you just about everything you need to know about the Force.

Trail's Guide hosted by is full of necessary information. Trail goes into more detail than any other site you will find. His sections on Weapons and Force Powers are excellent. Be sure to check out the section on the Console too. He is also working on some Multiplayer sections, so check back!

Visit the Jedi Knight Academy and head to the Master's Study. The Academy is also the home of Countering the Light Side - by Dr. Lee.

GamesMania's JK Strategy Guide has a good Force Powers section and Light Saber Dueling Tips.

Another strategy site, GameSpot's Guide to JK has some decent tips, but it is a pain to navigate through it. The link I gave you will take you right to the Multiplayer Tips section.

The Jedi Knight Outpost has a Strategy Archive full of submitted strategies. Go check it out!

August 20, 2006: Special hanks to (the "Way Back Machine" for letting us
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Is all of this really confusing to you? Looking for some training with an accomplished Jedi? Visit The Stormtrooper Training Facility.

- Submitted Articles

The Art of Escaping the Grip - by Dr. Lee

How to use Force Powers, Fight in Honorable Combat and some other Strategies by HadesOJ

Stalking with Projectile Weapons by HadesOJ

Stalking with Projectile Weapons (2nd Edition)

Guns - by Allegro

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