How to use Force Powers, Fight in Honorable Combat and some other Strategies



The two sides of the Force have 4 regular powers each, plus one bonus each. But there are Neutral powers that are equally useful. I have the powers explained then the strategy I use for that power.

Neutral Force powers-

The following powers are not Offensive, thus there is no real strategies to put out, however, these powers are extremely useful, I show how to use them throughout the explanation of the powers.

Force Speed- Very good power, good when engaged in combat and you need power-ups or just need to out maneuver your opponent. Use this when someone has a Concussion Rifle or a Rail Detonator to avoid the blast, get behind them if possible.

Force Jump- Nice to have when trying to get into those hard to reach places. Also good for escaping Force Grip and avoiding Force Throw debris. Also you can jump, then look down, play bomber man with Sequencer charges or Thermal Detonators. Takes practice though.

Force Pull- This is the most useful all purpose Neutral power. It's nice during those Jedi battles, when someone is about to pick up a power-up then to yank it over to you just as they are about to get it. Another thing is, you know those Surges, you know how they are the opposite side surges and you don't want your opponent to pick them up? Just Force Pull it and it should disappear in a few moments after being pulled away from it's original position. It's a good strategy when you have a person using a Bonus power and needs mana. It also works on all the other power-ups. Force Pull is also good for taking weapons from those that don't believe in honorable combat (you can't pull the Lightsaber from someone, it's the only weapon that can't be pulled, thank God!)

Seeing- Ah, I think it is the most useful Neutral power of all. Because A.) You can see right where your opponents are on the over lay map(If you have four stars invested). B.) Can see right through Persuasion, which is very important, it's a favorite among Light Jedi. C.) You can use it to prevent being Blinded. Notice how I said "prevent", the only way to stop Blind is to predict that your opponent is going to use it. Thus it is wise to keep this power on when in combat with a Light Jedi(as a suggestion). So here is a power that makes two Light Jedi powers useless (If you have 4 stars that is).

Light Side-

Healing- In my opinion, it's most useful power that the light side has to offer. Considering that most people like using the secondary fire button on the Lightsaber, if you have 100 health. A direct hit by the secondary attack can leave you with only 2 health sometimes (and sometimes kill you in on blow, just hope it doesn't). So if you are low (as in 60 and bellow range), Heal. How much you heal depends on the stars you've invested in the power. One or two is good enough for a game without Deadly Sight, but that means you have to hit the heal button multiple times (not to mention you need a bit of power). If someone is using Deadly Sight, make sure you have 4 stars, because Deadly Sight isn't instant. You really should have Protection or Absorb if you are going to be fighting someone with Deadly Sight, but this is something a little different. So you can Heal why your opponent is frying you (If you do not Heal within 3 seconds of him Deadly Sighting you, you will most likely be dead), when Deadly Sight runs out on his end, get up close and kill him. This takes up lots of energy, so use Absorb with 4 stars instead if you have it.

Persuasion- Very nice all purpose power, can combine it with about anything. Nice thing is that you are in stealth when you have it on, not like Blind. That is the advantage, they don't know you around. Thing is, you choose between Stealth (Persuasion) and a better chance of keeping them confused (Blind). If you are a Disciple, good power to combine with grip. Though useless against someone that has Seeing. Remember, following people that use Protection or Deadly Sight around is all right, remember, no neutral powers for Bonus power users. Just get a weapon or something, wait until that persons Protection wears off (you don't need to wait with someone that has Deadly Sight), them terminate them. You also might want to get ahead of them and pick up all the force power boosts, make sure they can't activate Protection or Deadly Sight again.

Blind- Does what the name says. I like it because of two reasons. 1.) Doesn't take a huge amount of mana. 2.) You can't use Seeing after being Blinded, but you can use Blind before to prevent being Blinded. Blind is nice, but, I like Persuasion better. Because the fact is, when someone is Blinded, they know someone is around them. Thus, they run around and become a harder to hit target. But I like it as a fallback power rather then a offensive power, I Blind someone when I need health, then just run away while they are running around trying get it to wear off and not get hit. Blind is great on The Valley of the Jedi Tower, they can't run around because of the cat walk. Unless they want suicide added to the list of things they did.

Absorb- Extremely useful when combating a Jedi that likes to use Destruction, Grip or any other Dark powers. They are useless against a Jedi with this power. On another note, there have been rumors about Absorb absorbing Blind. Let me clear this up, no, it doesn't Absorb it. Other thing is you can't Absorb indirect attacks (Force Throw comes to mind), plus Grip still stops you in your tracks even though you are absorbing opponent's energy. Deadly Sight, NASTY power, make sure you have 4 stars on Absorb to fully absorb it. If you don't, it will go through partly. At least that's what I've had happen to me.

Protection- This is a VERY useful power, it's a shield that is visible. It's like being a tank, unstoppable to a point. Just keep your eyes open for any force throw objects, that's what can get you. On another note, you have to give up all those Neutral powers to get the bonus powers. Other thing is, all you need is someone with Blind or Persuasion to just follow you around and slash or shoot you until the Protection wears off (remember you don't have seeing, a neutral power). Some of you would say well, I have Heal and Persuasion to fall back on and Protection isn't very easy to wear down. Why don't you say that when a guy with Persuasion and Seeing on and a Rail Detonator in his hand (or Lightsaber), then you might see my point!

Dark Side-

Force Throw- Let's you throw objects at your opponent, though only certain objects can be thrown. It's the only power that can penetrate Protection and Absorb fully. Though I don't like it because it causes minimum damage (In other words, gives your opponent enough time to Heal or Bacta and come at you). Then there is the question, will the debris hit him. The areas that have Force Throw debris are in all the Lightsaber only levels, there is debris level inside the ship on the Battleground Jedi level. The Valley of the Jedi Tower level has Force throw debris all over the place. A lot of areas with Throw debris in the Capture the Flag levels. There are lots of places that have debris, just make sure you can get to them easily. Combine Grip and Throw together and you'll have a better chance of hitting them with the debris.

Force Grip- This is the most useful Dark Side power of them all, it incapacitates you enemy almost completely. They might be able to turn (half the speed of normal), they might be able to shoot you (not half as well as normal, you should have a Lightsaber in your hand just in case). But, they can't walk, or run really well, excellent for a couple of slashes at the back of them. This also can be Absorbed, but, they still are stopped in their tracks. Great for target practice or sword practice. But it's a good idea that you Force Pull when griping your enemy, to prevent any unpleasant confrontation. But this power can be compromised in couple of ways. If someone is using Protection, you can't grip them, won't go through. If someone wounds you, you will release them. If someone Blinds you, you release them. If someone gets out of your sight, you release them. If they Force Jump, you release them. But it's still a great power, even though you can counter it in a handful of ways. Good when you combine Lightning and this together.

Lightning- Great medium range power, reduces 10 health for about every bolt, I think. Good for en-circling you opponent and firing it at them. Use this and Grip together, it works good. But, it too can be Absorbed. It's good that when you have a surge, you fire this in between you're Destruction busts, hold them off just for 5 seconds, then Destruction them.

Destruction- Everyone goes on about how powerful Destruction is and it is, but it's in my favorite. 1) It has a slow recharge time between firing (five seconds to be exact), you can have a surge but still get bushwhacked because of the reload time. But you can fire Lightning in between Destruction bursts, just to occupy them for five seconds. 2) Takes half of your mana pool, so you have to be sure of your shot if you don't have a surge. But it's a great power, all around, has a lot of use in it. You have a Light Jedi in front of you, with Protection or Absorb on, with a cliff to you right or left, what do you do? You Destruction them right off the ledge, firing it to the opposite side of your opponent, just to the right or left of you opponent (depending on where the ledge is). The shock wave should knock them right off, it will be considered a suicide on your opponent's account if he dies from the fall. No points for you, but gives to the satisfaction of knowing you did that. It's also good for firing it behind you're opponent to knock them over your way. That's the thing, the Light Side might be able to Absorb It or use Protection against the damage that the blast makes, but can't block the shock wave. Just knocks them around. Sometimes (let me say 10% of the time), the shock wave can knock them against a wall or into the air. It can give them damage, but only sometimes.

Deadly Sight- This is the most powerful, evil power out of all the powers. It's like having flame throwers that are invisible, that have no range limit. It kills your opponent in 3 seconds average (if they're in your sight that hole time of course), burns them like a Hamburger at Burger King. But, like I stated before, I don't like the Bonus Powers because of two reasons (another reason for this power). 1) Both bonus powers take up way too much power. So if you plan to use them a lot, better have a room full of surges. 2) You have to give up the Neutral powers. Which means a Light Jedi could play field hockey with you with Persuasion on. 3) Deadly Sight is what I call a dishonorable power, it's so cheap. Of course all powers prevent you from showing your true skill. But, if you insist on using Deadly Sight, here is strategy that works better than the others. Become a camper, camper = Person who camps out near a heavily traveled path or place in which there are power-ups. There he waits for a person to pass bye or try to reach the power-ups, then he ambushes that person. Just make sure it's a path that people don't stop on, so you filter out the people you don't want. So look around the levels, for a good spot that people pass bye a lot, but they don't face it. For the power-up part, just make sure you can get to health. Also, if there is a position that has a hidden, that is near a bunch of power-ups, that is the best camper situation. Plus, if you don't want a burning, moving torch, just Grip them if at close range. I myself am a Sniper or Camper at times, when it suits, but people always bash me for it. They always ask "Why don't you come down from your perch and fight like a real man? If you don't, I'm gonna leave!". Well you want to know my answer (I picked this up from a fellow sniper/camper), "Why don't you try to shoot me down from my perch rather then going to a new game, wouldn't that be an achievement?". Usually they leave anyway, but, there will always be someone that is eager to join a game. Make sure you're in that game when they join.



The following strategies are top secret, use these whenever you can, if these strategies suit you people. I might make more.

Fighting one-on-one with Lightsabers against another person- Best thing is to get to the defensive part down. Sure, you can be good at offense, but can you defend against my attacks. Offense is easier than defense, that's the sad truth. So the best tip I can tell you, is don't always try to block your opponents attacks unless you have too. Why do you say that you ask, because the fact is that the most popular attack with the Lightsaber is the secondary fire. I use it too, because if they go to the side of you, you still hit them. But, I don't try to block against it, I avoid it when I see it coming. That's what's different about the secondary attack, it's ranged, multiple levels of attack. Two slashes that are two different levels of attack to be exact. You'll block for your chest, but the second swing will some around and hit you in the side. So, it's best to just avoid it, then attack as they are recovering. If you have a lot of room, move around for God's sake, avoid their attacks, then attack. I see people just sit there and try to block then mindlessly attack their opponent, it's sad. But, if you are on a cat walk, or in a tight spot, that's different. Back up, that will help your defense. That is the only situation in when you should have to block (except when someone has an attack coming and it's too late, that's another situation) . The other swings, are easier to block than to avoid, just be careful when you plan to go on the offense. They are quicker, so you can't really see them coming, so if someone is on an aggression pattern, don't go forward, that will make you defense with the Lightsaber useless. Avoid or block, then find out the pattern. Here is the Offensive part that includes the swings: The best all purpose swing is obvious, the secondary fire. But, it is slow and easy to avoid. I only use it when I am sure that it will land right, because if you miss, you are open big time. The best swing to catch your opponent off guard is the forward + Fire 1 attack. It's the fastest swing available, plus you recover quickly. But your basic swing is just Fire 1, not anything special. The strafe swings are nice also, push Alt + Left or Right + Fire 1. But, there is the triple swings, the same forward attack as I explained before. Just hold down the Fire 1 button, triple swings are all right, but someone can block them. But, when up close and I need to back off, press Backwards + Fire 1, this will give you a stroke that goes upwards. Now that I've told you all the swings here are the strategies for them. Confuse your opponent all you can, Blind him, use Force Speed to get behind him, Force Jump or regular jump over them, then slash away. Be unpredictable, confuse confuse confuse. That is what I use, I make it so my opponent is trying to figure out what I am doing, then you get behind or to the side of him and slash away (secondary fire is the best way to get your opponent). You don't have to be Light Side, this works well with both sides. Now, you're thinking, well, this strategy is great for those one-on-one fights, but what about those Saber frenzies. This is the worst position you can be in, more then 2 people in a all out fight with Lightsabers means trouble. So run to a place that they won't be near, one will die, then you fight the winner. Just look out for the other fighter, back stabers are common, Ninjas, the leader of the Mercenary Clan comes to mind, hehehe, just kidding Ninjas. But, seriously, look for the other players that are not fighting, it can mean death when you have your back turned to a person with a Lightsaber and no honor. Other thing is, if you ask to have no Force during these fights, that is OK, I do it all the time. Because if you have powers and are using them, you never really find out who is the true winner because you or him are using powers that prevent you or him from showing true Lightsaber skills. Why should anyone get close and risk getting killed, so, one of the two just stays out of the range of the other and uses force powers.

Sniping: This is one of my favorite parts of the game, now, there are two types of Sniping (which are the only ones I see). There is type 1, which is a true sniper, he has Force Speed, Jump and Seeing. This type usually is Dark Side because on the Lightsaber only levels, you only have a Pistol, which is great for weakening your opponent. But you need reach, Destruction has it, the reach is unmatched when you are a true sniper. You ask why you need to have all those neutral powers? You need Seeing to figure out the position of your opponent, which direction he is going to run at, then you find a place which has a bird's eye view of his path. Now, Jump and Speed, very important, if you need a fallen guy's ammo, you don't want to stay out in the open for very long, so turn speed on and rush to get and get back where you were. Jump, you need it to get quick access to ledges, then you can snipe quicker. Pull, this isn't that useful, but it's good when you don't want people sniping at you, so Pull their gun and that should keep them from being like you. Remember, if you're sniping, you want a big gap, high position. So they can't snipe at you, or use Pull, Grip, Blind or Force Throw. But ease in and out of sight, Destruction and Deadly Sight, have a big range, so don't give them time to aim or look at you. I am talking Lightsaber only levels by the way, the weapons make snipers more deadly, but also makes the sniper hunters equally deadly. So, if it's a small, open level, use Light side for Persuasion, that works good. But if it's a Large, open or somewhat closed large area, go Dark Side.

Now, here is the sniper type 2 strategy. These strategies are for the Bonus powers, now, let's get down to business. As far as sniping type 2 goes, Deadly Sight is ideal. I personally think the Deadly Sight power is cheap (I've said it before), second cheapest to Protection. But, it has the range and the damage. So, be like a type 1 sniper, but be more careful on how you use Deadly Sight, it's nice for when everyone is in a group. Since you don't have neutral powers, it's best to look at the camper section also, just be careful where you camp, it's not easy getting a good spot where no one will try to get you. Keep a Dark Surge local when you have Deadly Sight, make sure you can get to it in under 10 seconds (5 is best). That's about how much time it takes for someone too completely kill you if you are running from them. That's it for the Deadly Sight sniper, now for the Light Sniper. Hmm, this is harder because you have no reach unless you are in a weapons level, so, this strategy isn't exactly a sniper strategy. It's more like a tank strategy (you need Protection), be like a tank, plow through everything to get to your opponent. Protection is like having armor that can't be penetrated, but, it can be warn down, but don't be afraid to be aggressive. So, keep a key for Heal handy just in case someone gets through. Then, after Protection is down ( I am assuming you don't have a mana patch or something), turn Persuasion on if you have enough mana, then collect force boosts or Light Surges. Then, once you have all you mana charged up or have a surge, activate Protection and return to the fighting. Now, you only have one weapon that will really damage someone, Lightsaber. So, like I said before, this really isn't a sniper strategy, more like a tank strategy. So use the Lightsaber if you are Light.

Camping: Camping is OK in my opinion, not my favorite strategy though. It works for some people, it doesn't for others. Camping is tough in this game (Seeing says it all), I have a strategy that is more sensible. When I am camping, I am a guy that has Disciple status or you can be really cheap and be someone with Deadly Sight. If you have a person that is using Deadly Sight and it is a Lightsaber-only level, then in my opinion, being the Disciple guy is best. Because the Deadly Sight person doesn't have Seeing, the Disciple should have Persuasion, Grip and Heal. Plus Seeing just in case there is another Light Jedi stuffed in there. Persuasion is great when you have Grip and it together. Best thing about it is they can't see you, so you just grip them when Persuasion is on. Now, if you have anyone else (that is smart enough to have seeing on there guy). The Disciple should no doubt have Heal and Seeing, Heal is very useful when you are getting punched around by some guy with Destruction. Just Heal within 5 seconds or get out of sight, or they'll use Destruction. Seeing is must have if you are against a Light Jedi, I don't care who says it, practically every Light Jedi has at least 2 stars on Persuasion. Thing that's nice, is that they will see that you know where they are, they'll try to Blind you, then think you can't see. Here is a fun trick, once they Blind you (make sure you have Seeing on before). Run around like you've been Blinded, but do not lose sight of your opponent. Once he is close enough, hit him with secondary fire on your Lightsaber or whatever weapon you have in hand, remember, they will probably only fall for this once (if they are smart). So make sure you get them. Now here is the Deadly Sight camping strategy, be near a Surge. I don't have much to say about Deadly Sight because I've never really used it, just keep in mind that it takes up a lot of mana. Other thing is, someone that has Persuasion will just slaughter you, Deadly Sight in multi-play is a lot different then Sariss's Deadly Sight. Sariss's Deadly Sight goes through Persuasion because she has Seeing (if you don't believe me, pull out a gun during the fight with Persuasion on, she'll pull it from you). She also had Force Jump, which is just a faint dream to all those Deadly Sight lovers. So, be careful on who you face. OK, let's get to the "Good places to camp out part". First priority, camp near a surge, but make sure you are in front or in a hidden place that is before the surge, so they can't get it. Do not Pull it away or take it, that will just ruin the bait, keep it there so they have a reason to go your way. Second priority, camp near Health or Bacta tanks, remember, do not pick-up or Force Pull it. Third priority, camp near weapons and ammo. You maybe wondering why I said camping near Health boosts is more important. When they go for health, it usually means they need it. So they are already wounded, that means it increases your chances of killing them. That's all I know about camping.

Well, that's my strategy. Remember, this is just a one way I have used my Force powers and other strategies. When I saw the first strategy for Jedi Knight Multi-play, I thought I was going to kick everyone's butt. Guess what, I got beat bad when I was trying to jump in thinking I had a strategy that will work against anyone. Though I might get unlucky enough to have someone come and beat me with my own strategy. If you are going to re-post parts of or my hole strategy, please give me credit.