Dark Side

Someone once asked me what my star setup was. My answer, "It changes before EVERY game". When I reach the Load Character screen, I first look at the map. What force powers will be needed for this map? Will the map change? Should I be prepared for other maps? What kind of opponent am I facing? Is he on the Light side? Dark side? Disciple? What attack/defense strategies will I be using? You should be asking yourself these questions EVERY time you allocate your Force stars.

- Submissions -

From Jodo Kast on 04.03.98:

This is the allocation I use:
Jump: 4 stars
Speed: 0 stars
Pull: 4 stars
Seeing: 4 stars
Throw: 0 stars
Grip: 4 stars
Lightning: 4 stars
Destruction: 4 stars
I tend to be all-or-nothing. I also always play on level 8, and I usually play Bespin Mining. Different levels will require different allocations. This is just what I find is a good setup of stars.