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Someone once asked me what my star setup was. My answer, "It changes before EVERY game". When I reach the Load Character screen, I first look at the map. What force powers will be needed for this map? Will the map change? Should I be prepared for other maps? What kind of opponent am I facing? Is he on the Light side? Dark side? Disciple? What attack/defense strategies will I be using? You should be asking yourself these questions EVERY time you allocate your Force stars.

I am not going to go through each character level (Initiate-1 through Jedi Lord-8) and suggest a setup for each. One thing is certain. If you are a Light Jedi, you should avoid playing in Charge (5) and Disciple (6) games. At these levels, a Dark Jedi can use Grip and the Light Jedi cannot use Absorb to counter it. I will however, cover each Force power briefly to show how I perceive their importance.

Neutral Force Powers:

Jump:  Jump is needed to get out of your opponents view if you are being Gripped. I also use it for retreat and getting to those "out of the way" places. -3 recommended-

Speed:  Useful in just about any map with open areas and great for escaping from a loosing duel. Very useful in the Canyon Oasis map. If you know you will be in the Canyon and staying there, allocate four stars if possible, otherwise only two or three are needed. Also useful when used to detonate Sequencers without taking damage and escaping from Grip (when used with Jump). -3 recommended (4 if at the Canyon)-

Pull:  A very important power unless you are playing saber only. Even then, the ability to pull power-ups toward you is a big plus. Learn this power, allocate this power. -4 recommended-

Seeing:  Another very important power unless you are sure your opponent is fully on the Dark side. I constantly use Seeing and allocate as many stars as possible. Seeing not only allows you to see an opponent using Persuasion, it also prevents you from being Blinded. -4 recommended (unless facing a Dark side opponent)-

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Light Force powers:

Healing:  A necessary power. Be careful, it will drain your Force mana. Use Bacta whenever possible. -4 recommended-

Persuasion:  I rarely max this power although I use it every time I pick up a Light Surge. If I play against a Light side opponent that uses Protection (or a Dark side that uses Deadly Sight), I will allocate four stars if possible. -1 recommended-

Blinding:  Similar to Persuasion as far as allocation. If facing Protection/Deadly Sight, max if possible. Remember that if in a Grip, Blinding will break it. -1 recommended-

Absorb:  Counters all Dark side powers (except Throw) and Pull! Even if I face a Light side friend, I allocate two stars for the anti-pull effect. -4 recommended-

-NOTE-  If you add my "recommended" stars they total 24, which would be how many you would get to allocate at Jedi Lord - level 8. "Recommended" star settings are my suggestion if you are playing an unknown opponent.


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Not a submission, but an addition: In the "Loading Terminal" map, I try to allocate 4 stars for Jump. If you have a 4 star Force Jump, you can reach the upper ledge (it's good to avoid the elevator in that map anyway). Just decrease speed by one star and add one to Jump.

From Bond on 1/15/98:

The Light Side offers some great forces to use. Here's a good way to think of it: if your going Light vs. Dark, you will always have a counter force to their's. So here's a strategy...Throw four stars on all your Light forces, and two for all the neutral. Use Force Absorb when in battle and if they do a Force Grip, Destruction, or Lightning, you won't lose much if not any health. While doing this, do a Force Blinding, and when your free of a Grip, if Grip is applied, then quickly do a force Persuasion (you'd probably want the Ultimate Force power-up) and that way they won't see you at all. But wait, what if they do Force Seeing? well, if they're blinded, the Force Seeing will just make it worse. Trust me, this one really works well. Use it wisely.

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