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Last Updated September 19, 2006

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A Note from Kurgan:

Hiss was a great Jedi Knight player, I knew him well.. He has created here with the contributions of his fellow gamers, a wealth of information on two of the best Star Wars games ever created. I have tried recently to contact him via email, but have not met with success. Hiss, if you're out there, email me, and if anybody knows what happened to him, you can also email me.

Though his site is no longer being updated (except in places by me, to fix minor broken links), we could revive it in the future if there is an interest in doing so. For now it will remain, preserved for historical and nostalgia purposes. Of course for first-timers, this is still an excellent site in getting your game up to speed. If this is your first time viewing this site, do yourself a favor and take a look at a piece of Jedi Knight history.

Welcome young Jedi !

You have reached a strategy resource for multiplayer Jedi Knight. If you wish to compete over the Internet as a Jedi, you have come to the right place. Please visit the Knowledge Base for information about the game that may not be included here.

Things I consider basic strategies/knowledge which may not be covered here:

If you are wondering where to find other Jedi opponents, check out my Where to Play page.

Looking for some serious competition? Check the Tournament page.

JediKnight.Net has setup a "Skills and Game Play (or the JK/MotS forum) " forum. Head on over to post your strategy or ask a question.

If you would like to contribute to this site, please email me. I welcome any submissions, comments, suggestions, or links.

* The strategies herein are my suggestions (except Submissions) on how to play (mainly one on one DeathMatch). I am in no way a Jedi Knight guru and have been defeated on a number of occasions. My strategies were gained through game play (discovery) and reading the information given by the sites at the Knowledge Base. Hopefully with these suggestions, you will be able to devise a setup and strategies that fit your needs.

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