Dark vs. Disciple

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From Jodo Kast on 04.03.98:

The main thing here is MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SEEING. This guy can have Healing, Persuasion, Throw, Grip, and all the Neutral powers. Allocate several stars to Seeing to counter Persuasion. Throw is usually not a factor. The tough part here is that he can have Persuasion and Grip at the same time. This makes him extremely dangerous if you don't have Seeing. Seeing will counter the Persuasion. Now for the Grip...there are many ways to counter Force Grip, mainly shoot them or hurt them with Grip, Throw, Lightning, Destruction, Deadly Sight, whatever you want to use. You just have to damage their health and their grip will be broken. Healing just makes him more difficult to kill, because in long fights he can outlast you. However, you can have this power too...just pick up plenty of Bacta tanks. That's pretty much it for Disciple strategies...now go out there and crush anyone who gets in your way!