Dark vs. Light

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From Jodo Kast on 04.03.98:

As a Dark Jedi, you have a major advantage over Light Jedi in deathmatch: Your powers will allow you to kill them quickly and easily. Light powers are meant to counter Dark powers. However, while they're concentrating on countering your powers, you have them distracted, and they are at the mercy of your traditional weapons. Also, your powers, while they can be countered, still have damaging effects. Take your ultimate weapon, force grip, for example. Let's say you're fighting a Light Jedi, and he's got Absorb on. Grip him anyway! Yes, he will gain mana, and you will lose a little. But he can't move! He's stuck, and circle and strafe will work wonders on an opponent that can't move. Also, Force Destruction is GREAT for an opponent that thinks he can just follow you and kill you with impunity because he has Absorb or Protection on. Nail him dead on! Or right next to him. He'll be thrown WAY off, and you can escape and heal yourself. He won't take damage (probably), but you won't be dead. Also, this is extremely fun for Bespin...I used it on someone with Super Shield on the lower level who thought he could just kill me because I couldn't hurt him...heheheh...One more, extremely important tip: HOT KEY YOUR POWERS. Dark powers are unbeatable if you use them together. Consider this example: A Light Jedi comes into the room you're in. You Force Pull his gun, Grip him, and nail him with Destruction, within the space of 5 seconds. This Light Jedi is DEAD, no matter what.

Okay, specific strategies for your Dark powers:

Grip: This is your ULTIMATE WEAPON. Use it CONSTANTLY. The second you see someone, Grip them. They can't move now, and you can still fire your weapons and/or nail them with Destruction or lightning. VERY effective against Lightsaber wielders in weapon levels, as you can Grip them, back up and kill them with your gun. Also, Lightsaber blocking is overrated. You can kill someone with a Lightsaber with a blaster pistol/Stormtrooper rifle/repeater, though most people will say you will die because of the reflection of their shots. You may get some reflected back at you, but circle and strafe will keep them from hitting you, and it will also hit the saber-wielder from all sides so they won't block many shots.

Lightning: This is a pretty good power, and it's really nasty if you get a Dark Surge, but for most purposes it's a second-choice power. Grip first, then if you want to while you shoot them, hit them with lightning. Chances are by the time you're done with this power, you'll have so little force power left you won't be able to do any other powers for a while. It sucks up Force power FAST. It's deadly in confined spaces though, when your opponent has no way to escape it.

Throw: This is by far the worst dark power. It takes too much mana for what it does, and you have to have TONS of debris for it to do any good. However in sabers only levels there's always lots of debris, so this could be useful then. The best part, if there's enough debris, is that you'll confuse them, and it punches through absorb and protection.

Destruction: EXCELLENT for levels like Bespin where you can kill someone by pushing them off a ledge. It has other uses too: Ever been irritated by someone hitting the airlock switch in Bespin a lot? Here's what to do: Right after they activate it, edge out a door (not enough to get sucked up), peer over at the switch, and fire destruction at the wall in front of them. They'll be shoved backwards, and get sucked up by the airlock! Destruction will REALLY toss your enemies around, and has a HUGE radius where you will take damage. Good for times when you're stuck somewhere and you'll die if you don't kill someone right away, it does massive damage, and you might be able to finish them off before they can kill you...or at least throw them away from you.

Deadly Sight: This is a joke. It's not worth losing all your neutral powers for. It's EXTREMELY effective when you have excellent sniping position, but that's all it's good for.

Well, I hope I've helped you budding Dark Jedi out there. Now go kill some Lightsiders!