Dark vs. Dark

- Submissions -

From LordMinkuS on 03.27.98:

Whenever I play against a fellow Darksider, I'm always ready to use Force Speed and Jump. If they Grip me and I'm low on health...I setup to use Destruction, quickly heal by using Bacta, then whip out the conc rifle or any "big gun" and give em a combo of Conc. blast or Rail and Destruction. What I found that also works wonders is to Force Jump (so your chances of getting hit are slim), then do that combo. But if I'm low on health and Bacta while being Gripped, I force speed away to where the Bacta or health is, quickly heal, then go back to finish them off using the tactics stated above. It works depending on how experienced the player your fighting is, meaning if they know when to Force Pull etc.

From Jodo Kast on 04.03.98:

Facing other Dark Jedi can be tougher than facing Light Jedi. Basically, facing a good Dark Jedi requires a very good knowledge of your own powers. Countering other Dark powers can be tough. Here are some strategies:
Throw: Tough to counter...you usually won't have to worry about this one, though. Basically keep moving and you won't be hit easily.

Grip: Also tough to counter, that's why you like it, right? But being Gripped is not fun at all. The best thing to do is spin around firing lightning. Lightning will release you from the Grip immediately if it hits. Also Destruction can be used.

Lightning: Basically, just back off and fire Destruction at them. It has good range, but you can usually escape it.

Destruction: This is really tough to counter...basically, if your screen turns red, run like hell. To the side of them, preferably, as they obviously can only fire it straight ahead.

Deadly sight: Get out of their line of sight, is all you can do. The thing about this, though, is that if they're using Deadly Sight you know 2 things: 1, they don't have Neutral powers. Pull those guns! You know they can't retaliate. 2, their mana will be almost GONE when they're done, which severely limits their options if they didn't kill you with Deadly Sight. They might be able to Grip, but they won't have enough for Destruction and can't use Lightning very long. Hit them with Destruction and/or Lightning, and definitely Grip them.

Well, I hope you've benefited from this strategy. Now go kill whoever gets in your way!