Exclusive Preview: Baron's Hed WaterWorks

Here is a pictorial of Matt's Level, the Barons Hed Waterworks. This symmetrical level is large and centers around four piping systems.


This is where all the pipes and walkways converge. The level has three levels of play.


This is the floodgate control room. Below it is a piping system.


Here's a view of the floodgate control room with the piping system to it's right.


The Rebel turbine control room. Below the grate is a turbine that will suck player's into it. When damaged, the turbine is shut off, allowing players to swim past it.

More Pipes

The left part of the picture is the switch that repairs the turbine. This area is neutral, between the two bases.

Coolant Vent

The Rebel coolant pipe. When damaged, an emergency flood door closes.


This is simply a view of the attention of detail in the level. Almost all of the ceilings have arches or something distinguishable to them.

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