Exclusive Preview

This Level, named 'Rebel flood gate base ' is very large. Assymetrical in design, it is designed for 4-6 players.

Imp Command

The View across the gorge from the Imperial Control Center.

Imp View

Here you observe the Imperial Base from across the river. There is an access tunnel stretching underneath the river that connects both bases.

Reb Power Reg.

This is the Rebel Power Regulator, which is located in the basement of the Rebel Base.


This is part of the access tunnel, which connects the two bases. The tunnel will prove to be the deciding factor on who wins the battle.

Imp Power

This is the Imperial Power Regulator. Underneath it is the main wiring of the base. If you are unlikely enough to be standing on the glass while it breaks, you will surely face great peril.

Imperial Pump

This is the Imperial Water Pump. If damaged, the river's emergency flood gates will open.

Imp Sys

Here lies the Imperial Computer MainFrame. Located deep within the Imperial base, the MainFrame may prove to be the most difficult of the goals.

Reb Hydro

Finally, we come to the Rebel Hydrualics system. When damaged, the Rebel doors will not function properly, rendering much of the base useless.

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