JK Gangstas Personnel

It's only right to give credit where credit is due, and the JK Gangstas wouldn't be anywhere without the talented members of the editing team.

Jason Burton Level Design / 3do Design
Mark Jones Cog Script / Level Design
Al MacDonald 3do / Skin Artist
Patrick Mulnix Level Design
Dan Rubado Level Design
Marc Sauve 3do / Skin Artist
Eder Silva 3do Design
Brian Taylor Cog Script
The Tynar Texture Artist
Alex Wallace Cog Script
Jeff Walters Level Design
Matthew Watkinson Level Design

The JK Gangstas are not currently accepting applications from prospective members at this time. As the need arises you'll find "Help Wanted" type ads posted on the main page with information on who to contact.

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Last Updated June 13, 1998