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We apologize for such a delay in updating the page. Sadly, we cannot say that it is becuase we have been working so hard on JK projects. We have no new projects in development at this time due to time constraints. Don't worry though, we have not died off completely, we are merely taking a long overdue vacation after the intense amount of time we spent on Infiltrate. Thanks! :)
- Mark
Some good news folks! Jeff Walters is now an official Gangsta! Jeff is one of the most experienced LDs out there, having made arguably the best DF level made (Mt Kurek), not to mention The Great Escape and Cardia. Welcome aboard Jeff!
- Mark
The Infiltrate Level Pack has been completed. Included in the file is:
1.) The 3 original Levels with minor modifications
2.) 2 new gangsta levels by Dan Rubado and Mark Jones.
3.) The 3 contest winning levels by Snipe. One level is rather large, and based around a castle, the other 2 are identical levels (saber and guns versions) meant for 2-4 player matches.
Enjoy the pack and happy infiltrating! Download Infiltrate LevPack! 2.5meg Note that first time users must also download the resource files.
- Mark

Anyone who is creating a custom level for the Infiltrate add-on pack contest must have it submitted by August 12th. That is in 10 days. Make haste if you are still interested and good luck!
- Mark
I added some new pics of Dan Rubado's level, and 3 new pics of my new level. All at the Screenshots Page
- Mark
Well, with Infiltrate in the public, and it's level pack (with minor fixes) in the works, it is time for me to pass the torch over to the head of the next project, Jason Burton. For the few of you who don't know Jason's work, he led the famed DF96 project and has created 4 superb JK levels, so he knows his stuff. This new project will be Singleplayer and have some cool new features. Check back here at a later date for indepthed information on the project.
I Updated to include a new game script and a list of templates needed (in the author setup.txt), complete with minor bug fixes. If you are an author please include the new file in your level. If you have any questions at all regarding setting up a custom level, I would be more than happy to help. Just drop me a line, my addy is below. :)
- Mark

Well, I took down the Welcome Message but linked to it at the bottom of the page. Also fixed the that some folks were having trouble with. Hey!! We now have a .plan file over at JediFinger, so check out all our ranting and raving over there!
- Dak

Evening Folks! We have a little contest starting up. In a few weeks, we plan to release a level pack for Infiltrate. This pack may have one new map, or many more. This is where you guys come in. There will be a contest held for custom levels. We will accept the best custom Infiltrate level(s) and put it in our pack. If you are interested, I suggest that you work fast, because you only have a few weeks (6 or so, nothing is concrete though). So authors, download that, and good luck!
Updated the file to include the new tutor for creating custom Infiltrate levels. Just hop on over to the files page and check it out! :)
- Mark
Well the initial response is very positive. I will be away for the next ten days unwinding after the past 3 days of work (i worked 18 hours in the past two days to finish the mod before i left, that is way too much!) Anyways, Curtis has a tech support mailer set up, just Click here if you have a problem setting up infiltrate, or if you have a bug to report. Enjoy!
- Mark
The day has come! Infiltrate has been released! We have been working feverishly hard on this mod for about 6 weeks, and it is finally finished! We all hope you have as much fun playing it as we did producing and designing it!Download Infiltrate! 1.9meg If gamesnet is slow, try here. Mirror courtesy of Curtis Williams, our beta tester. Enjoy the mod! Some notes on Infiltrate: Unfortunately, team mines only worked for the server side of games, so they had to be scrapped. P.S.: The files page now has an author setup pack, and broken up zips for people with slower connections.
- The Gangstas
I just got the mirror server up 5 minutes ago courtesy of Curtis Williams (our Beta tester). He has a Simplenet account with a blazing fast server! When we have files to download, I will post the URLs at this page, hopefully the mirror should disperse the traffic. :-)
We made a lot of progress today on the project. Everything is starting to come together. Keep checking back over the next couple of days...
- Mark

Gangstas .plan file Why are we called the JKGangstas? Read our Welcome Message and find out!

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