Level Screenshots

To set the stage for the new combat in Infiltrate the Gangstas level authors have been working hard, creating new MP levels in both new and familiar settings.

Here are some pics of an unnamed 4-6 player infiltrate level. This is a no-frills map meant for pure intense gaming.

Here you see the damaged Imperial Fuel Tank ablaze with fire! Imperial Fuel Tank Fire

Here is a basic view of the map, fighting is concentrated around this area, as the heavy weapons are located here. No Mans Land!

This is an outside picture of the Rebel Base w/active security systems! The Rebel base with security system activated

Ba'gg Varda is back in production and will be released with the level pack!

Here you see the Imperial Control room... Imperial Control Room

When the Imperial hydraulics center is damaged, the security doors will be dropped, allowing Rebels to swarm the base! Imperial Hydraulics

Varda 1 Varda 2

Varda 3 Varda 4

Varda 5 Varda 6

Varda 7 Varda 8

Varda 9

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