Infiltrate is a new Fast-Paced Multiplayer game for Jedi Knight. The game is based around two teams, the Rebels and Imperials. Each team has their own base to protect from invasion by the opposing team. Each base also has three vital points to it. If all of these points are damaged by an opposing teammate's saber, then the attacking team will be awarded points. Note: The term 'base' is used lightly, it will be different in every level...

Game Goals
As stated earlier, the goal of the game is to Infiltrate and destroy your opposing team's base. This will not be an easy task to do, as more people attack, more of their base is left vulnerable for the other team to attack. The concept of teamwork in Infiltrate! is the key to winning.

Scoring methods for Infiltrate are a bit different than normal Jedi Knight. If killed, you will lose a point. The killer will not gain any points. This is becuase the object is not to kill, but to stay alive and destroy the base! Also, suicides will not hurt the team score. Scoring for the rest of the game is as follows:

Action Score
Destroy a vital point 5 points
Repair a vital point 2 points
Destroy all vital points 30 points
Death(non-suicidal) lose 1 point

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Current Status

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Last Updated July 3, 1998